Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Delicate Issue

Simple, elegant & altogether very nice!

Love the flax coloured padded headboard here.
Images: Maxima Interiores
Now I've thought long & hard about posting this for a number of reasons, the main one being if MOTH ever reads it, I'll be seriously looking over @ The Short Wedding Dress Club, for Version 3!!!

You see, I've a confession to make - for the past 4 years I've been faking it in the bedroom! Now, before you all jump to the ENTIRELY WRONG conclusion, let me fill you in. On this occasion it's all about compromise, something honestly I'm not very good at, but 4 years ago I felt obliged to do.

MOTH had let me have my way on a pretty significant financial decision & for that I was very grateful. Totally unrelated, but at the same time, our bed needed a face-lift & so off to the sales we went. Now as I've mentioned before when MOTH was made, somehow his shopping gene was missed big time. So I knew if we were to achieve our desired goal, it would be a shopping campaign akin to a manoeuvre the SAS would have been proud of. Hit them fast & hit them hard!

Marching into the first store, I uttered the following words (keeping in mind this statement would then even up the compromise score) "Darling, you can choose this time." And before I could say '800 thread count', MOTH went straight to the first display bed he came to, called the store assistant over, whipped out the plastic fantastic & we were carrying the whole set to the car!

While his choice wasn't too bad, it wasn't really too good either, but I've bit my lip & faked my liking for it as best I can. But on Sunday, while up a ladder in the bathroom, MOTH astounded me by yelling out "Millie, I reckon it's time to get new bed linen. Oh & while you're at it, why don't you look for a new bed as well!" I honestly thought the aliens had entered the bathroom, whisked MOTH away & replaced him with one of their own. I can understand replacing the linen, but a whole new bed, HOOLEY DOOLEY!! For ultra conservative MOTH this is ground-breaking stuff. So our old bed can go on ebay ASAP & them I'm off to shop, although still somewhat incredulous!

Current look with MOTH's choice of linen. The blank wall at the foot of our bed will have a door in it which will lead to a new dressing room. The plans have been drawn & it's been placed in MOTH's building queue.

I love the curtains, they are so beautifully made & are very good at keeping the bitterly cold Hills nights at bay. They also match the roman blinds on the other window pictured below, so I'm going to work them into the new look.

My favourite view from bed. Our bedroom sits high off the ground at this end of the house & I look down at our small meadow & my favourite tree. Our much-loved bow-fronted antique dresser was our wedding present to each other.


  1. Whowzer! What I would give for my husband to tell me it's time to go shopping! Lucky you. I, by the way, like the padded headboard look.

  2. What a view outside of your bedroom window- GREEN TREES!
    Do you think maybe it's the fumes getting to him? That's what I would have to think if J. said that to me!
    Hey, have fun shopping- be sure you share with us!

  3. How fabulous! Both these rooms are beautiful - always love fabric on a bed head. I am sure you will have no trouble working with those gorgeous curtains. Amanda x

  4. What a beautiful view! How fun to get a peek in the bedroom, can't wait to see what you will pick for the new linens..... don't keep us waiting too long....


  5. *** Coming here is as restful & rejuvinating as beautifully lazy days by the water's edge, with not a worry! THANK YOU~~~ THANK YOU~~~ THANK YOU!!! Warmly, Linda ***

  6. What a lovely project - new bed and linen. So many choices, so much fun - enjoy!

  7. So many things to comment on in this post...
    1. What a man! My husband wouldn't care if we slept on hessian sacks for 10 years. MOTH is worth bottling.
    2. The view from both your bedroom windows is simply beautiful.
    3. The curtains look very elegant.
    4. I love the bedhead and valance in the second image posted - I have practically identical bedhead & valance and with white bed linen.
    5. What fun you're going to have choosing the bed and the linen. Can't wait to see the results.

  8. Oh it's nice to look at the Adelaide Hills through your window!

  9. OK! WHAT did you feed him that day...and where can I get some?
    Live it up Millie, you may not get another offer like that for a while!
    Love your curtains. What exactly are they made out of. I am on the hunt for material to make French door will have to keep out our cold nights here.
    Ness xx

  10. How fun! I love picking new things for rooms. I absolutely love that window and also the painted brick. I would love to see the whole room.

    Looking forward to seeing your choices!

  11. If my husband said something like that, I would be out the door and in the car before he had a chance to get down from in the roof!

  12. Maybe MOTH has come to his senses! Hehe. I can't wait to see what you get!
    I love the view out of your window, it's as if you are in a beautiful treehouse!
    xo Isa

  13. Millie- Your view is lovely! I love the image with the padded headboard- I'm thinking of something very similar myself!
    Can't wait to see what you find! Is Moth aware he has a fan club?!!

  14. Pat - I'm with you on the headboard - yum!

    Debra - I can't blame the fumes, he's nowhere near the painting stage!

    Amanda - yes, the padded headboard option's looking good.

    Catheleen - yes, I'll take your advice & strike while the iron's hot!

    Linda - thank you for your lovely comments & a very warm welcome. You are now a Hedgie!

    Leigh - yes, too many choices I fear! I'll be asking you all for your advice.

    Lee - yes I've drooled over your gorgeous padded headboard! MOTH wants to be pickled in a wine barrel after he's 'left the building' - so you are spot on!

    Lexy - yes, the Hills views are fabulous & I never tire of them.

    Catherine - this type of shopping is always fun!

    Ness - we used a Manuel Canovas heavy natural cotton fabric with a gorgeous slub which much to my horror is now discontinued!

    Tanya - I'll definitely have fun thanks!

    Rachael - yes speed is of the essence here!

    Isa - how lovely we think the same! I always feel like I'm in a treehouse in that lovely room.

    Joan - yes MOTH's vaguely aware of his personal following via The Hedge. But I need to keep a lid on it or there'll be no living with him!

  15. Good luck with your bed shopping. When we treated ourselves to a new bed a year or so ago I couldn't believe how boring and predictable most of the beds out there were. I could find some lovely photos of beds in magazines and on blogs, but there was nothing close in the shops. Hope SA is better on that front than Qld!

  16. You must be overjoyed. Shopping for a new bed and new linens will be fun. Can't wait to see what you pick! ♥Rosemary

  17. lovely....classic...aaaahhhhh thank you for the lovely post.

  18. Wow.. I love your roman shades.. I'm trying for a look like that in my kitchen but am not sure on the material.. I thought linen might not give enough coverage as my window faces the front of the house. Any suggestions?
    Beautiful work!
    x Trina

  19. You have a LOVELY room! I soooo hope you are ENJOYING your weekend!

  20. Your room is beautiful Millie.
    That few looking out to the green tree is beautiful.

    Have fun shopping for a new bed and linen.


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