Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conference Call

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OK, OK, it's a tough life but someone's got to do it! As you can see I'm going to be working very hard (blue lounge chair, 2nd from left!) over the next few days, attending a Scientific Conference in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia.

These are my favourite clients, a small but fascinating sub-specialty group. They do incredibly precise & exacting work using the most challenging of microsystems & at times produce results that leave me breathless. They're often called upon to attempt last-ditch salvage work & when things don't go well despite their extraordinary skill, the results can be devastating & catastrophic. So they work in very stressful, tense environments, but when they relax, they relax big time! Some of my most 'fragile' early mornings over the past 20 years have been caused by a previous night out with these guys!

The Scientific Programme looks fantastic, with the International faculty presenting some really good research papers, but with presentations commencing at 7.30a.m. & conference dinners stretching far into the night, they'll be very long days. So I'll have to show some unusual Millie restraint & pace myself accordingly. Be good & I'll see you all next week.

Oh & if you're reading this MOTH, I have been noticing that you've been sneakily stocking the beer fridge with extra supplies over the past couple of weeks. I really didn't give it much thought as the footy season starts this weekend. But you totally gave yourself away by offering to drive me to the Airport today, not your usual style my darling - I get the feeling you want to make extra sure I board that plane! Miss Millie's sure you & the boys are up to something!


  1. Have fun Millie.

    MOTH, you're busted!


  2. While the cats away...... ENJOY yourself Millie and we want all of the details upon your return.

  3. Happy conference MIllie - may the presentations be short and the cocktails long! xv

  4. Have a great conference Millie - it sounds incredibly interesting! And, I hope you get a bit of down time to spend lounging by the pool. Lee :)

  5. Hope you find a happy balance of work and play. That pool chair looks soooo goood!

  6. Have a terrific time dear Millie,

    I wish I was there with you. Somedays I do miss the wonderful corporate lunches and dinners from my past jobs. Meanwhile, dressed in simple jeans and a long shirt I'm just about to find something to feed my family for dinner. Ho hum...

    xxxx lots of hugs Coty

  7. Hope you have fun Millie. 'See' you when you get back!

  8. Don't get up to too much mischeif Millie!!
    Ness xx

  9. Ooh lovely lovely well Moth can have his beer and surely you will have time to sample those lovely Margaret River wines! Have you entered my giveaway yet Miss Millie? Mel xxx ENJOY

  10. Ur lucky, Lady... I need to have a conference too.

    Hope you had a great w/end.



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