Friday, March 20, 2009

Wake me up when it's over!

Image Catherine Colebrook

It's the weekend! I've had a challenging week at work, with my 2 new Accounts both deciding they wanted to start-up this week - bless them! Installation problems, application issues - & so it went on. I feel as though I've lived in my car, driving constantly between both locations. And I won't even mention the mobile phone calls, I'll have to go into hiding when the Boss receives the next account. And I've got a trip to Western Australia next week which I've not done a thing to prepare for! Anyway, I think I'm over the worse, everyone seems happy, so I'm really looking forward to a bit of a lounge around in bed tomorrow. MOTH's been making noises about feeling neglected & I've been a less than involved mother, so I'd better make amends, as Mother's Day is not that far away & I may be off their distribution list!

Reading all your lovely comments this week has been wonderful, thanks to everyone who's stopped by. I've been less than the perfect host & not had much time to visit you all, looking forward to redeeming myself over the weekend. Relax & enjoy, it's home time!


  1. Millie,
    Take some time for yourself!! A long bath, great meal and try to rejuvenate! Looking forward to your next post - whenever it may be!

  2. Oh Miss Millie, don't feel bad about not visiting. Give MOTH some TLC this weekend and you too! A-M xx

  3. Relax and enjoy your weekend Millie - as they say here, 'profiter'. xv

  4. Hope you fit in plenty of lounging around this weekend Millie, it sounds like you've earnt it! Tracey xx

  5. I hope you have a very relaxing weekend Millie! Amanda x

  6. I love that image! Hope you get plenty of R&R over the weekend Millie.
    Catherine xx

  7. Have a wonderful, relaxing, sloooowwww weekend, my dear!

  8. Have a nice relaxing weekend. You deserve it!

  9. Millie,
    You don't worry about us, we will always be here for you. And go ahead and be good in bed. Sleep for days. Have a great weekend. Love ya, Heidi

  10. that sounds it.

    you sound as though you need it.


  11. Hope your weekend is long and slow - enjoy!

  12. Hi Millie, I hope you have a great weekend, you deserve it!

  13. Hi Millie,
    Loved reading through your blog, and your stunning "posts" - I'm just a learner! Sth Australia is a beautiful part of Australia. I hope to enjoy your BLOG in the future - have a beautiful weekend.

  14. On the same page Millie. Had no time for comment leaving, which is SO not me, so I am sorry, it's just been busy here too. Mic is having the same issues as MOTH (lol) so this weekend is family time. Enjoy your weekend rest.
    Ness xx

  15. Ah yes, Millie, I feel your pain!!
    It was a trying week at work for me as well. I hope you give yourself and MOTH some uninterrupted TLC this weekend!
    Also, thanks for the comment on the beet truly is delicious!!

  16. Beautiful image.

    Take care of yourself and Moth.
    Life can get very hectic, so you really do need to relax.

    Enjoy your week


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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