Monday, March 9, 2009

Playing Hookey!

We enjoyed a relaxing drink here....

......and here

.......and here

.......and here!

Son #2 & girlfriend

If I didn't know better, I think MOTH was indicating that he's happy to have his boy standing along side of him!

Images Shaw and Smith

Well, the best laid plans & all that! Not as much progress as I'd hoped for this weekend, but for one very nice reason - Son #2 surprised us by arriving late Friday evening from Melbourne with his girlfriend. They'd decided to make a big weekend of it here catching lots of Adelaide Fringe shows & spending a day soaking in the sight & sounds of world music at WOMAD.

Yesterday he wanted to show his girlfriend who is Dutch the gorgeous Adelaide Hills & as it was such a beautiful day, we downed tools & went along as well. So back to it today (a public holiday in South Australia), I can hear MOTH smashing the last of the tiles from the wall in the bathroom as I do this quick post, so I'd better scoot off & start labouring for him!


  1. Photos look lovely and it sounded a wonderful day.
    MOTH forgot to use his spray tan around his ankles....LOL - you can tell a true labourer!!!!!

  2. Oh Millie, sounds like you had a lovely weekend....
    I love the Adelaide Hills, so pretty and green, almost like you have stepped into a postcard.
    Enjoy your day working with MOTH today...

  3. MOTH looks like a very proud Papa!
    What a nice weekend that must have been. Lovely cocktail spots. They do go quickly don't they?
    The weekends...not the cocktails!

  4. I am gelous. Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful country. I am back to brousing real estate down there. Who knows what the future holds

  5. Beautiful pictures. Is this Italy or Australia?

  6. Love the photos and we all need to play hookey now and then - call it a mental health day someone told me, enjoy your lovely family, Mel xxx

  7. Couldn't think of a better reason to play hookey than drinking wine & spending time with family! Looks like you had a wonderful day.

    P.S. My husband's a builder and he has the 'white socks' look too. V. cute.

  8. Millie, you always make me laugh!
    I think I know that route in SA. We did it a few times (when we lived in Adelaide) and we had visitors from Europe. I am not surprise I don’t remember everything!! Too much tasting.
    Have a very lovely week!

  9. It really sounds like the perfect weekend! Your country is so beautiful and sophisticated. I would love to visit someday!

    And, you have very handsome men!

  10. I went to Shaw and Smith and Nepenthe about a year ago and had a great time. Such gorgeous views from each winery, makes you proud to be a South Aussie!

  11. Wow! Beautiful, beautiful countryside! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! What a perfectly lovely reason to take the weekend off! Such a handsome son!
    I'm excited for you that Moth is in the bath smashing! Ah, progress!

  12. thanks for the 'peeks' inside your world.

    good looking fam.

  13. Your men are very handsome! What a LOVELY day... sounds divinely FUN!!!

  14. You must be so proud of your beautiful family. Doesn't MOTH look as proud as punch! Glad you took some time to enjoy them! A-M xx

  15. And a perfect reason to play hookey Millie, amongst that gorgeous scenery, MOTH looking so very very proud and to top it all off a surprise visit from your Son. A perfect weekend...I love visits from my children, especially spontaneous ones like your one...Have a lovely week...Dzintra XX

  16. What a beautiful place you live in Millie and I am so glad you could down tools and have a lovely family day out.


  17. I use to work at Nepenthe! Can you imagine a better job then where you get to chat to people, drink wine and gaze over that beautiful view all day!!


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