Monday, March 16, 2009

A Memo from Millie

Images J.K. Place

TO: Best Western Hotel/Motel Group.
FROM: Millie.
SUBJECT: Your Rooms.

OK, here's the go guys - times are tough & I'm sure you're feeling the fiscal pinch as much as everyone else, but I've got an idea that will turn your business around pronto. Hire uber-cool Italian architect Michele Bonan to redesign all your rooms & you'll have those Chevvies swinging off the highway & into your establishments as quick as lightening. Take a leaf out of the Kafri family's book who did just that & commissioned Michele to design the fit-out of their 2 new Hotels, the JK Place boutique hotels in Florence & Capri. Granted neither of these stunning palazzos have oil-stained parking bays outside each room, but I'm sure Michele can even do something amazing with those. Oh, & those hatches in the wall for the tacky breakfast tray to be noisily slid through..... they'll have to go - not cool boys.

So, what do you say, the quicker Michele puts his designers pen to paper the better - after all you've got 303,888 rooms in 4200 hotel/motels located in 80 countries, so he's going to be 'As busy as a Gaza bricklayer!'


  1. I stayed in Florence many years ago for a week, but the decor in my accomodation was a little less appealing than these lovely images....probably because it was full of backpackers!

  2. Could you imagine the cost of the rooms? I'd have to sleep in a camper in the parking lot!

    Gorgeous and so regal!

  3. These hotels are so gorgeous I think I'll pack a bag and just disappear for a few weeks!

  4. Oh Millie,
    you always show us such lovely places. You make me feel like going away!!!
    Kisses Mate

  5. I have stayed in quite a few Best Westerns in my time Millie and I agree totally. The whole 70's brown theme they still have going is much to be desired. I hate those breakfast tray slots...eeew!
    Ness xx

  6. So very sleek and sophisticated. Let's hope Best Western execs are out cruising blogs tonight!

  7. Now those are hotel rooms! I'm not sure I'd want to venture outside.

  8. just gorgeous..I only wish I could stay in a place that..Maybe someday!
    a girl can dream, no?

  9. I wish I could stay at the JK at Best Western prices! Amanda x


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