Friday, March 13, 2009

True North

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MOTH announced last night that we'll be spending the weekend continuing on with the Main Bathroom renovation. He's wanting to enlarge the external wall opening ready to place the new window - that means brick cutting equipment, a massive amount of brick dust & much noise. So that got me thinking, where could I quietly mooch off to avoid all of this. As I just love the spectacular & rugged wilderness of north west Western Australia, a few days on the incredible True North luxury cruiser should not present a problem!

With a guest limit of 36 and a crew of 20 - I suggest we charter the whole boat - Hedgies only allowed. Now wouldn't that be the best! The True North comes complete with its own Bell 407 helicopter & we can request to be taken anywhere we'd like to go on-shore. How does guided scenic walks & exploring, jet-skiing, snorkeling & swimming in the pristine waters of local billabongs sound for starters? And then a heli-picnic lunch (that means that the helicopter will be flying in the lobster salad & French Champagne to our chosen spot!). Then there's the amazing ancient rock art at Eagles Falls, reputedly the oldest known to man. At King George Falls we can fish for barramundi and mangrove jacks, swim some more or just relax with a drink while eating fresh oysters off the rocks! Then back to the boat for cocktails on the deck all the while watching a magical north west sunset. Oh and there is an internet cafe on board if you absolutely must skype home or prepare next week's blog posts!

So who's interested?!


  1. Where do I sign up? All aboard the good ship Hedge :)

  2. I am putting my hand up. Cost would “probably” ruins my plan to reupholster my sofa !!! But … isn’t it such a magical place! Have a very lovely productive weekend, Millie.

  3. I'll fly to meet... count me in!
    A nice, relaxing weekend upon the sea suits me to a T. Spa treatments, wonderful breakfasts and an early cocktail hour sounds like the perfect weekend to me!
    See you in a few.

  4. The world is an AMAZING place! I soooo want that shrimp dish!

  5. Sign me up Millie!! What a way to spend some "me-time"! Sigh!

  6. Millie- you could come spend the weekend with me for some peace and quiet.... oh wait, we'll be doing what Moth is doing- dust, construction, noise,etc.. never mind. I'll meet you on the 'boat'!!

  7. Count me in. I've been dreaming of taking one of those cruises for quite some time, and I think it will be quite some time before I can afford it! It does seem THE way to see Northern WA though doesn't it.

  8. I'm in, although I might have to give the helicopter ride a miss as I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to very small planes and helicopters. Hope your weekend isn't too noisy. None of my preparations were needed for your bathroom post - my overall impression was how good a catch you have in MOTH. My new place has a dire black bathroom so I might need to borrow him when his 'operation' down there has finished.
    Clare x

  9. If only MIllie...wouldn't that be heaven, xv.

  10. Poor MOTH, at home in all the dust and bricks, whilst we are off having a wild time!

  11. Oh how fun that would be!!! The views and the accomodatons could really help you rest and renew!! Try to go there in you mind!

  12. Well, it's a given that I'm coming, right? :) Gorgeous!

    Hope the brickdust weekend goes by fast!

  13. OK

    I AM PACKED !!!

    XX have a sweet weekend

  14. Millie, you are a genius! I will be there in 24 hours. The wedding and funeral flowers will just have to wait. I do fear that I may never return, but that is OK. Love ya, Heidi

  15. Me! OMG that would be incredible!
    Just beautiful.

  16. Pls. bring me there, NOW! §:-))

    I need this...

    Lovely place that I really can die for.

    Have a nice week-end to you & MOTH...

  17. For goodnesssakes~

    dont forget your good friend at the coastalnest:)
    xoxo for a great remodeling and I!!!

  18. Looks like a fabulous way to spend the weekend.
    Lovely boat, good friends, scenery and great food.

    I hope the work is going well back home.

  19. I'm so there! Lovely idea!! Come over and enter for the Project Create a Home giveaway!


  20. An absolutely stunning post Millie...if only!!! Have a lovely week...Dzintra XX


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