Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clotted Cream

Image Hearst

Image Home Companion

Image Hearst

Image Southern Accents

While MOTH continued bashing more bricks out of the bathroom wall on Sunday arvo (photos now too shocking for anyone to see!), I spent a couple of hours sanding & painting a couple of old picture frames. As I was giving them a final coat, I noticed the colour I was using from an old sample tin was called Clotted Cream. I started to think how fond I am that colour, and so here's some of my favourite cream images.


  1. What a beautiful serene colour. No doubt exactly what you need given MOTH's banging around. I particularly love the image from Smart Blinds - it looks so inviting. Have a great day. Lee :)

  2. Clotted cream - good enough to eat. Love these beautiful monocolour images. As much as I love colour I always come back to neutrals and whites.

  3. Like the soft color scheme!
    lamaisonfou blog

  4. Love it all! Confeeion~ sometimes I purchase paint colors just because I like the names!!!

  5. Dear old MOTH, he's given that bathroom a bashing hasn't he! Clotted cream.... even sounds delicious... rich and smooth.... just like these gorgeous images! A-M xx

  6. How could I not visit a post called clotted cream, one of the most wonderful indulgences in life? I enjoyed this post very much, and am thinking about the Muffin Man in London, one of the most reasonable and perfect places to get clotted cream and scones in the world.

  7. so pretty and so calming.. thanks for the comment on my site and for all of the lovely details regarding your beautiful window treatments!
    Have a great week!
    x Trina

  8. Poor MOTH, he's still at it!
    Loving your cream creation Millie.
    Ness xx

  9. love these photos... and you are my inspiration for my recent post... thank you!!!

  10. this post is like diving into rich french vanilla !



  11. hmm rings a bell, think that is the colour we used on our trims ! Not to mention the real thing - yum. Sorry i have been MIA from your lovely blog Millie - i am having a giveaway over 4 weeks so pop on over when you can, Mel xxx

  12. So pretty. Whites & neutrals will be in, always.
    Have a great week , Millie.

  13. Beautiful colour and I painted our bedroom that colour and looks so rich and lovely.

    I love all the fabulous images.

    Enjoy your time away ~ I hope there will be time for plenty of relaxation on the blue sun lounger.
    Looks a lovely place.


  14. Clotted cream is not something that I was particularly fond of, before coming across your blog and this post...I ADORE your version :)

  15. Hi Millie, I am so in love with cream and all natural tones. Thank you very much for this visual delight.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Pretty Pretty photos!!! Sooooo creamy!!!


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