Monday, September 21, 2009

Ahoy Me Hearties!

and MOTH......

who's struggling with the worst case of conjunctivitis I've ever seen! He eventually donned the eye patch on Saturday to try & keep the light out of his poor, afflicted eye & he looked so realistic, the only thing missing was the parrot. He said he needed some medical attention from moi, so I wrote him out a prescription for a weekend working in the Bathroom From Hell. Though not quite what he was expecting, he was a real Trooper & spent a productive 2 days in there, eye-patch & all. Quite by coincidence it was International 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' on Saturday so he was in his element. But let me tell you, I'm keeping my distant from Pirate MOTH until the eye-patch comes off & he stops with the 'Aaaarrrrgggghhhh, c’mere, me beauty'.


  1. How funny. Our cat just got over that the other week, he could have used an eye patch. Wanted to let you know that I was so envious of your weekend that decided to explore the Adelaide Hills myself, via Street View on Google Maps. I could not believe all of the agapanthas that lines the streets there. All of the estates are like secret gardens hidden by the hedges. I had the best time driving around Stirling, it seems a lot like our Texas Hill Country. Hope you had a great weekend. Love ya, Heidi

  2. Great how men can turn something like that into a game, whereas we would be hiding out, not wanting to be seen with an ugly old patch, but guys, yep its just another excuse to play, c'mere me beauty indeed!

  3. You are too damn funny Miss Millie! Actually I thought the photo of the soap star looked just like MOTH. You can tell him that, or not... wouldn't want the poor blokes' (it that correct lingo?!I'm trying to speak Aussie now;) to swell along with having an eye patch!!!
    Poor MOTH, but I'm thinking I would giggle every time I saw him! That bathroom must be 'almost' finished with all of the time MOTH has been giving it latley??!

  4. Poor MOTH... Tell him to put on the patch and then go to town with the new bathroom-I bet it will be fab. Did someone say agapanthus???
    We have pots of those here- they are such a favorite of ours! We must winter them over inside- but those flowers are soooo worth it-they last forever.

  5. Yikes, poor MOTH!

    Was just watching Jon Hamm on the Emmys red carpet....looking very smart it just me or does he actually look a little like MOTH.....there is a definite similarity in their my in opinion....without the eye patch obviously ;)

  6. I was just wondering, Millie, if MOTH wore his eye patch on your date to The Loca Vore.!!!! This old land lubber would loved to have been a fly on the wall!!
    Wish MOTH's eye better and hope it hasn't slowed down progress on the bathroom me 'arty. XXXX

  7. I just saw Simone's comment, calm down Millie ..... is MOTH looking like a whole new man!!

  8. `Men' they are just really big BOYS!!!

  9. How funny! He may never lose that patch! Well good to hear he still worked on that bathroom.. after all he doesn't have a peg leg and hook! Have a great week Millie x Julie

  10. hmmm, my cat must have been playing with heidi's. she just got over her conjunctivitis. poor moth. hope it clears soon! pam


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