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I have long been a fan of the Aman Group. Their 23 resorts are small & intimate, situated in remote & often exceptionally beautiful locations. Aman-i-Khás is an exclusive wilderness camp set in the rugged hills of Rajasthan on the outskirts of Ranthambhore National Park in northern India.

A natural watering hole nearby lures smaller wildlife & twice daily safaris into the National Park are offered for those who want to see the tigers (tragically numbering only about 35 today) in the Nature Reserve.

The Lounge Tent is furnished with banquettes, reading tables and chairs.

And the Dining Tent serves Indian cuisine and a range of Western dishes with vegetables and herbs from the camp's organic garden.

There are 10 luxury air-conditioned tents which have soaring 6m. canopies and draped screens of fine cotton, which separate the tents into different areas for sleeping, dressing, bathing and living. The bathing area includes a shower, tub and separate loo & the dressing area contains cupboards with hanging space and twin dressing tables. Cotton screens provide complete privacy.

The bedroom area is fitted with a king-size bed flanked by twin writing desks for daily diary entries.

Entry to each tent is through a screened area that contains an armchair and a dining table with chairs. Beyond this is the centre of the tent under which lies an oversized daybed, ideal for lounging. Each tent has a dedicated attendant who sees that you have everything you need.

The step-well pool is designed in the traditional Indian style of a series of squared, concentric steps that converge deeper into the pool.

The Spa Tent has two separate areas each with two massage beds. Treatments include massage, scrubs and traditional henna art using local herbs and spices.

The Camp is set in a quiet rural area that borders one of the finest tiger reserves in the world. Operating only from October until the end of April, it lies on a gentle slope against a backdrop of dry, brushwood hills. Aman-i-Khas is set up for only those seven temperate months of the year and is packed away in the hot summer.

As dusk falls, enjoy a rustic Rajasthani thali featuring fresh produce from the resort’s organic gardens.

Dinner is often concluded around the outdoor fireplace which overlooks the Aravalli Hills. Then sit under the stars with the other guests around the communal fireplace before retiring to your tent.

Ranthambore is a natural habitat for tigers in the core of the park, but on the outskirts where Aman-i-Khás is located, visitors are encouraged to join a guided nature walk through the low hills.

The morning safari starts with tea or coffee at 6am, with the vehicles leaving camp by 6:30am. The guides take guests on a range of routes through the park, and snacks and drinks are provided. The morning excursion returns at around 10am, after which breakfast is served either in the Dining Tent or in the privacy of your tent. The afternoon excursions depart from the camp at around 3pm and generally return at 6:30pm.

India is a country famed for its exotic colour and vibrant cultures.

Images : Aman Resorts & Flickr


  1. What a timely post Millie! We are about to spend 9 days camping...I am definitely taking notes of all the furniture I need to pack in order to make my tent as comfortable as these! I may need to hire a removalist! Gorgeous post! Tracey xx

  2. Oh wow, absolutely stunning.....wonderful post Millie :)

  3. Now that's my kind of camping! The lounges, air conditioning and all of the amenities one could possibly need and want. Sign me up!

  4. How totally beautiful, the photo's are just perfect. I love the little writing desk among many other things.

  5. I'm not a camping girl, but this is definitely my sort of camping. I think the guided walk to see tigers in their natural habitat (from a distance fo course) would be an amazing life-affirming experience. Great post Millie! Lee :)

  6. Oh my goodness....what an amazing looks like Utopia.
    I don't really think that you can call it's not quite like the two man tent my husband and brother-in-law take to France when they go to watch Le Mans and end up crawling over eah other and having a backside thrust in their face !!!
    Sorry, Millie, I've brought your beautiful post down to my level!!
    If I was contemplating a safari, this is how I would want it. Luxury all the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and the photography is fantastic.. XXXX

  7. So beautiful. Sad that the tigers are almost gone. But a beautiful place.

  8. Hi Millie,

    What an amazing place, the perfect camping holiday. Really it would not be like camping, as we know it.
    So unlike my Family holiday camping trips, in a big old white and green tent, growing up as a child.
    Thanks for sharing.


  9. Hi, Millie :) Tonight was the first time I've read your blog. I followed the link in your comment on Joni's blog. I enjoyed reading your posts - your guest room is lovely! We're surrounded by brown paneling and yucky 1983 details right now, too, so I understand the need for pretty photos to inspire and encourage. You've already done such lovely work (with MOTH, of course!!!). Thanks for the enjoyable reading :)

    Jacci in U.S.A

  10. I'll have a tent for two please, first available vacancy. Leigh

  11. What a wonderful post! Now that is my kind of camping, looks so peaceful! Have a sweet day!

  12. Now this sort of camping I could do :) Its beautiful Millie, what's more romantic than a glowing tent!

  13. I'm there - maybe we could have a bloggers get together in one of those tents!!!

  14. We are off to India this Christmas so I just emailed your post to my friend who is organising it all. This would be so great....

  15. Wouldn't it be fun to have one of those tents for your very own? I've always wanted one to use for a guest house. Seems so romantic.

  16. Beautiful! I think we should plan a "Hedgie" retreat there!!;)

  17. Just stopping into say hello.

    We have the Tim Tams in the frig waiting for the Tim Tam slam. We have been so busy lately that getting our daughter and family over for a relaxing dessert of cookies has been pushed aside. My intentions are to cross this off my bucket list soon.

    At least this item on the list is less costly than an India vacation. What a lovely holiday spot.

  18. steve wants to camp. i don't. i need water and electricity. i could SOOOO do this camping. pam

  19. This is what I imagine Heaven looks like, oh yeah but the animals won't eat you. Heidi


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