Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks from MOTH!

My Dear Public

What a lovely surprise from ALL of you out there in the parallel universe of Blogland! All your birthday wishes added up to about 11.5 years off my biological age & at 61 the time machine needs to be cranked up in reverse BIG TIME. Your lovely comments concluded what was a work day concentrated into 6 hours, whereafter a birthday ale or 2, followed by a Millie-produced array of my favourite bivalves & crustaceans, all washed down with a Adelaide Hills Savvy Blanc. And that was just the entree portion.......I jest!

Millie has conveyed your misguided requests for an encore MOTH Guest Blogger spot. However I don't yet have permission from the Powers That Be (PTB) & a subject. I had thought of a comprehensive tour of the World's Most Absorbing Breweries but it has been suggested that this may not be of interest to The Hedge's usual devoted Readers. 'Why don't you write a synopsis of the World's Greatest Interior Designers?' came the reply from You-Know-Who. So perhaps a combination of the above 2 subjects might be a good choice. All suggestions will be considered.

Cheers & thank you from MOTH.


  1. Moth it doesn't matter what the subject will hang off every word.
    Kind Regards

  2. Most of the great interior designers I know about seemed to have had favorite breweries or vineyards at least. I think you'd do a bang-up job.

  3. I love you two!!! I know that there is an ocean or two between us, but do you think you might just consider adopting me....balance things up with all those boys etc....I'd be no trouble ;) Think about it.....I spent today shopping for a wedding outfit accompanied by my 3 yr old son.....let's just say that I am still recovering......and all I have is a new new outfit just a fabulous necklace. And the wedding is on Saturday. So I could do with a change of scene. Please consider me!!

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday MOTH.....and I am thrilled to hear that our guest blogger may be back....anything you think we could bribe Millie with?


  4. I think that an Interiors post, whilst drinking a beer from each of the breweries in the world !!!! Could be a rather confused post but will give us all a laugh.
    Thanks for joining in MOTH but now get back to that bathroom....birthday's over !!!!

  5. Hi MOTH
    I was going to ask Millie to pass on this message to you but I can tell you myself.
    In case Millie doesn't regularly check out this blog: - there is an update today all about your girlfriend Justine, from Masterchef.
    Thought you might enjoy it.

  6. Moth, I think you should do a bathroom completion post (just looking after my girl Millie, here). Also, if you include any shots of you in your workclothes, you know we just love that!! You'll be the blogland pin-up of 2009. Meredy xo.

  7. look at that, i went out of town for a few days and missed wishing MOTH a happy birthday. so, happy birthday, MOTH! and if your next post has 1/10th the amount of humor as your previous one, i will be in stitches. pam

  8. Oh my Lord, MOTH is that really you ~ I thought you were banned from blogging at the Hedge!!

    I guess it's your birthday, so Millie is being a bit leniant with you.... and maybe a post in the works too!

  9. I am so glad that our favorite guest blogger will be back...I am sure you will come up with something fabulous for us!! Happy belated birthday and I have to agree with Jacqueline - Millie needs her bathroom finished pronto! Ax

  10. How about a post on how quickly you can finish a bathroom...

    :) Cate

  11. Who is it that thinks any request for an encore guest blog spot is misguided?
    Just one little post with a little editorial guidance would be lots of fun (for us!)

  12. Ooooh, I love Meredith's idea ;)

  13. you two are very funny! definitely young at heart - i missed the birthday entry so...Happy Birthday! hopefully that's another year off ;)

  14. How about a little porn for women for your next post? Check out my blog, you'll see. Sorry to make you choke, spill your beer and have a heart attack MOTH, you can do it. Maybe a picture of you in the bathroom, yeah that's what we all want, right ladies? Have a great weekend. Heidi

  15. I expected that after the 'meet the parents' episode that we would be seeing pictures of a completed bathroom Sir. Happy Birthday MOTH, I hope you had a great day and were loved to death by your family. A-M xx

  16. You two are wonderful!
    I look forward to our favourite guest blogger as I am sure that you will come up with something witty and very clever.

    Good luck with the completion of the bathroom.

    Have a fabulous weekend

  17. Dearest Millie and Moth - i'm baaacckk , well sort of, i have a lot of blog catching up to do but hope you are well in that lovely part of the world! Mel xxx

  18. MOTH, a post from you on any subject will be entertaining. Sounds like your birthday was sensational. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  19. Dear Millie

    Hope you are well and the house is evolving in the right direction for you. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog of late :)

    Hope Moth has a relaxing Dad's day tomorrow.

    Best wishes

    V xx

  20. as one of those great interior designers- I certainly have my favorite vineyards -some here locally in Newport RI-others not so locally in France -Happy Belated Birthday. so enjoy your mutual love with Moth..


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