Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beautiful Friends

A huge thank you everyone, your delightful messages were just fabulous. MOTH, the boys & I feel a very real sense of relief at Not Dr. McDreamy's good news. So much so in fact, that MOTH went straight into the Bathroom From Hell & has been working feverishly in there ever since! Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Hi Millie,
    Bit late in leaving a comment, but wonderful news to you!! I hope you have taken everyone's advice and treated yourself to champagne and lobster. I'm sure it would go a long way in MOTH finishing the bathroom!!! Two celebrations in one. I along with everyone will be waiting to see photo's. Must go - hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Take Care

    Love Janine
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  2. Oh yeah Millie, glad that the bathroom is back on track!
    You are a beautiful friend and I am so happy for you.

    Hope that your Sunday, is a happy day.


  3. Hi Millie
    Again such great news... and the bathroom too!! this is your week.
    PS I agree... our mums are somewhere living it up and cheering us on.. perhaps having a bit of a celebration of their own!
    Have a great weekend. x Julie

  4. Hi Millie
    Have only just caught up with your fabulous news! What a relief! Go MOTH go, to get that bathroom finished. Actually, I really like that 'medicinal' bathroom that you featured earlier. Happy rest of weekend!
    Amanda xx

  5. What a girl has to do to get a good bath!! Great news Millie, luxuriate with some bubbles (and not the bath variety) in your relief,xv.

  6. Hi Millie,I'm a little bi in late in leaving a comment, but I am so happy for you!!! And the bathroom is simply great!!!!
    I wish you a great sunday

  7. Oh~ Blessings to you dear Millie. This is such good news. I have kept you in my thoughts and prayers.
    As for MOTH- he's a "keeper". I think by now it's...Happy Monday for you. Such good nws!

  8. So happy to hear that MOTH is back on point and the bathroom will be finished in no time ;)! Yay MOTH! And YAY Miss Millie!
    xo, j.

  9. Woohoo MOTH, good job!!

    I hope you have had a great week-end Millie.....I am sure all your boys have after your good news....a huge sigh of relief for all I bet.

    Take care :)


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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