Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recipe for Relaxation

Find one old country farm in need of renovation. Add lots of white paint & pre-loved furniture.

And glass doors in the living room to let in lots of light.

Place an abundance of magazines & books everywhere.

And have fresh flowers from the garden in every room.

Chop lots of wood for the new combustion fire.

Ensure there are plenty of cups on hand for good coffee.

Give the old kitchen a face-lift, but don't be too precious.

Browse the local antique stores for some interesting pieces & add to kitchen.

Use white linens in the master bedroom with just a splash of colour.

Add warm cashmere throws for those chilly nights.

Repeat in the guest bedroom.

Add good side lamps for snuggling in bed with a favourite book.

Update the bathroom with some simple cabinetry & tiles.

And place some fresh lavender lovingly on the sink.

Make a simple deck, add a barbeque & table & chairs.

Find an amazing view.

Mass plant in the garden.

Make sure original old trees are carefully tended.

Add a bench to the garden for contemplation & replenishment of your soul.

Give Daisy & the girls from the local Feed Store a new home.

And a little house where they'll reward you with lots of fresh eggs.

Finally, most weekends, add family, friends, good wine & great food. Mix well. Serve immediately.


  1. Sounds like a lovely little retreat to me!

  2. Millie, is that you in my head or do we both have a one track mind? I know, Great Minds Think Alike! Love it. Heidi

  3. What a delightful post Millie.
    Everything looks so charming and comfortable.
    I love the chookies.


  4. Then could you make me one !!!
    Just to say Millie that I pressed the post button before I wrote any text, so I don't know if you've read it with text or not. You might have only seen the pictures. Regarding the 'lady-in-waiting. It took me so long to work out how to put words on pictures and after I posted it I did think woooops.!!!! Sorry about that.Also, it's 4 a.m. here. and I'm falling asleep over the computer and I'm not very good at removing photos and putting them back again !!! I'll go back and edit it with a disclaimer !!! If you didn't read it with any text, please go back, as I did write a little thank you. XXXX

  5. SO....your pregnant .... just joshing! Blog rumour-mill.

    I love the bedrooms and the chooks. I saw the cutest chook the other day called a Chinese Bantum, it's backside looked like a flower - a dahlia.

  6. This is all made with love, such a welcoming retreat. Can I come visit soon?

  7. I could feel myself exhaling as I read through this Millie....just perfect.

    PS Loved Jackie's award to you.....I knew immediately she meant the bathroom but I did have a chuckle over your response :)

  8. I would feel relaxed there for sure. Those pictures have made me want to go out and plant masses of lavender here at my place, and re-do my kitchen, and refresh my deck, and.... and... and...!
    Clare x

  9. What a gorgeous setting- what a fabulous host- Do you have room for all of us???

  10. Hey Millie
    This looks very relaxing and just what I need. I am greedy though and want just this.. with the beach at the other end of the view. Not asking too much is it? to have both? hehe.. Love the chair in the guest room.
    Have a great week. x Julie

  11. Just found your blog through Jackie's and she's right! your blog is lovely! i'll add you to my favourite blog list and will be following it,ok?!
    Thanks and have a lovely day,
    Rosa from Portugal

  12. I've just discovered your blog and it's delightful.

    I was mostly taken with this post. It's my dream home. Chooks and all!

  13. Oh sounds wonderful- what a great post, lovely photos so beautiful put together.

  14. Now that sounds perfect to me!

  15. Lovely, Millie :) Really lovely. You know I'm new to the blog and trying to get the lay of the land. Are those images all of your house? Is that your amazing view? I clicked on the Flickr link, but couldn't figure out if they were photos from your family or no.

    Thanks for the beauty :)



And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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