Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Am I?

  • I have no supporting frame.
  • I'm shaped by a cover available in a wide range of fabrics & leather.
  • I'm made with 5 separate chambers containing expanded polystyrene pearls.
  • Each of my chambers is made with a zip equipped with a safety pocket.
  • Because of the specific characteristics of the expanded polystyrene, which does not assure a constant density, it is not possible to guarantee that I will have the same volume.
  • With the daily use, my expanded polystyrene pearls might lose volume.
  • My original volume can be obtained by adding new expanded polystyrene pearls to one or more chambers.

Although Verzelloni calls me a Divani, it's pretty obvious that I'm the FUNKIEST range of Bean Bags you'll ever see!

Images: Verzelloni


  1. Oooh brings back strange memories of the original days of bean bags. Although I must say these are quite swanky.. Some look like they are posing for those shots! Have fun x Julie

  2. Yeah....I was thinking bean bags too! Just goes to show you if you hang on to things long enough...!
    Thanks for the comments about my ankle...I laught about your experience in the delivery room. What were those nurses thinking??? It gave me a good laugh! Happy week ahead, Millie!

  3. Leather for me or the blue ones by the pool please Millie.
    I made one of these once in the '70's....bit of a disaster and quite hilarious when I was trying to fill it with those polystyrene pearls...there were more in the house than in the beanbag. We were still finding them years later !!!! XXXX

  4. OOh_La-La, pretty snazzy girl!..they do look comfy don't they! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. Hi Millie,

    They really do look very comfy and better than the old bean bag.

    Enjoy your week

  6. What a fabulous idea - I bet thet athey are really comfy :-)


  7. Those look like heaven...especially that cowhide one! Reminds me of those beautiful ligne roset couches in the same style...the name of course escapes me but I spent a good year obsessed with the orange one.

  8. Somehow these bean bag chairs look SO much classier than the one we had in the college dorm.

  9. Oh, Millie, what have you done? Now I want a bean bag chair! They just look SO comfortable! I could see myself sinking into one and never getting up. :)

  10. Those look very comfortable!!!
    Hope all is well with you and you are relaxing as much as possible!

  11. Wasn't going to guess bean bag! That may have something to do with my memory of the bright yellow faux leather one we had - they've come a long way! Trina


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