Friday, September 11, 2009

A Bathroom For Not Dr. McDreamy

I'm off to see Not Dr. McDreamy first thing this morning for what will hopefully be my last visit. Had a series of final scans & tests during the week, which I'm taking tucked under my wing. And as I'm very preoccupied with bathrooms at the moment, I thought I'd dedicate this post to him. He's got a wacky sense of humour (thank goodness), so I'm sure he'd appreciate the odd little medical touches in this one. I feel really well, in fact compared to how I was earlier in the year, I feel absolutely sensational. So here's to nothing but good news from the not so gorgeous, but very talented one!

Inspired by the Owner's medical career, this compact bathroom injects serious function with a dose of hospital humour. A vintage steel hospital cabinet was sourced from a supply Company that provides period prop. pieces for films. Wall mounted taps and square white basins add to the doctor's office feel.

How about the use of x-ray viewing boxes as art work on the bathroom walls! Very quirky & clever.


  1. Here's to good news Millie....will be thinking of you and waiting to celebrate :) Take care xo

  2. Tests and doctoring are not very nice, Lucky you have one with a sense of humour. Best of luck. Love the bathroom too!

  3. Best of luck Millie,
    will be thinking of you.

  4. Thinking of you today, dear Millie.
    I have my fingers crossed and hope that it will be good news for you.


  5. I really like the splashes of red in this bathroom.Your results will be fine I'm sure Millie, so glad you are feeling much better.

  6. Dear Millie...will be sending 'good vibes' to you from thr U.K.and will be thinking of you.
    Your positive mental attitude will win the day.I have always believed in that.
    Lots and lots of love. XXXX

  7. Hope all goes well with your appointment Millie. I hope you have cause to pour yourself an enormous glass of wine and celebrate with your lovely ones tonight. Meredith xo.

  8. Hope everything was A okay Millie.

  9. You know....I have to say that the bathroom with the cabinet reminds me of a scullery/morgue!
    Only a single male surgeon would enjoy a bathroom like that. I don't know a gal that would set foot in it unless it belonged to Mr. McDreamy.
    By now your visit is probably "behind" you & I hope you and MOTH are toasting to the weekend!
    Warm hugs to you Mills.

  10. Fingers crossed the scans will look as good as you feel Millie, xv.

  11. wow, millie !
    this is great news.

    big hug


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