Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Emperor's New Bed

Dearest MOTH,
You gave me the go-ahead to find us a new one (bed that is) a few months ago & I've been a bit slow getting organized. But today's the day, I'm off to do the deed, so I really hope you like what I choose.
Love your girl Millie xx

P.S. Wearing your grotty old Melbourne Footy Club socks in this new bed will of course, cease forthwith.

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  1. Hilarious! Happy shopping Millie! A-M xx

  2. Good morning Empress. That bed is fantastic. Isn't it hard getting bed decor to match the other one's tastes? The type of bedroom I really want I fear is never going to happen. Maybe I could do a 24 hour quickie renovation and then he would be stuck with it.

  3. Oh Empress Millie I hope you have a wonderful day searching for your new bed - such fun to have a project! Leigh

  4. Absolutely hilarious.....LOVE that bed....very MOTH ;)

    Would love to hear his views on it....I think it is fabulous :)

    Still giggling at this after 5 mins Millie :)

  5. Oh that was so funny about the socks Millie, still chuckling!

    Good luck in the bed hunting dept, hope you find just what your looking for.

  6. This bed looks fit for...a manor! I'll take it!!

  7. Oooo, this is going to be a fun one to watch. Let the games begin! Meredith xo.
    p.s. congratulations on blitzing your sales targets - hope you are suitably pampering yourself.

  8. you are funny!

    can't wait to see what you find on your shopping trip!

  9. Good afternoon Empress Millie,

    Much luck for the search, for the perfect bed.


  10. The bed is fabulous, I can just see you sitting in bed with MOTH at the side of the bed complete with silver tray with tea and toast!

    Happy shopping....

    Leeann x

  11. how I missed your funny posts xx

  12. Oh you make me laugh Millie. Still chuckling at the socks!
    Amanda xx

  13. Sooo funny Millie! Email me your address and I shall send MOTH something so he will always have toasty toes- without the said socks..... You will share your new bed with us, won't you?

  14. Hey Millie
    I see you even have a royal crest on the top of that bed!! King MOTH and Queen Millie. Nothing but the best for you!! x Julie

  15. Hi Millie,
    Thank you on your opinion on an image free blog I'm going to compromise and keep that one photo free and then start another totally visual with no words should be interesting !
    Love the bed!!!

  16. Just had to thank you for the lovely comment you just left on my blog, you brought a tear to my eye...thank you so much Millie.

    You were one of my first followers and happily yours was one of the very first blog I started following....thank heavens for that!! Your blog is always a pleasure to read....who can forget the Russian bride(that story still makes me giggle!)....MOTH's guest post (is there going to be doing a follow-up anytime soon?!)....your hot chocolate post....and so many more.

    Best wishes to you....keep us posted on Emperor MOTH's new bed :)

    Simone xo

  17. Oh a difficult one this...a little bit feminine for you, a touch of masculinity for MOTH...what will it be and what will it look like...can't wait to see.
    I remember that we had friends to stay and when I took in a cup of tea in the morning there was the husband , hairy , naked body draped with a piece of Victorian lace, Not a pretty sight. !!!! I don't think that he realised that it was more for show than warmth, but many a can of beer had been drunk the night before!!!
    Good luck with the bed search Millie

  18. Gorgeous and completely over the top: so me! Hope whatever you end up getting is as comfy as it is stylish. David.

  19. Oh David - you are a hoot! I thought you'd like this. And whoever said comfort rules over style needs to be expunged from the Earth immediately! Hope you are both fit & well.
    Millie ^_^

  20. gosh you always make me giggle Millie. xx


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