Monday, September 28, 2009

A Wrong Turn

I honestly think Spring has taken a wrong turn on its way to South Australia, as this weekend we didn't wander away from the fire for more than a couple of minutes before scurrying back. It has been bitterly cold & wet here in the Hills & on Saturday afternoon we experienced a huge hailstorm. MOTH had been given a leave pass to sit in front of the fire & watch the Footy Grand Final on the telly. He needed to break the glass on the emergency Scotch bottle cupboard at about 3p.m., due entirely he said, to the inclement weather. A quick walk around the garden at half-time revealed not much is happening except in the culinary Herb Dept. So hurry up Spring, we need you desperately!

A quick dash outside to capture all the hail on the garden path down to MOTH's wood pile on the old Tennis Court.

The Mint this year is the best. We've enjoyed many yummy Little Lamb Choppie Casseroles (as the boys call it!) full of fresh Mint during the cold Winter months.

The Rosemary has also been prolific. Always wonderful with the boys favourite Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Smashed Potatoes.

Flat-Leaf Italian Parsley in mega amounts. Great in the Veal Ragu MOTH loves so much.

The Kaffir Lime tree is still doing well despite the freezing conditions. I always pop a couple of crushed leaves in with the Jasmine rice as I steam it. It adds a wonderful dimension to the rice when served with a Thai curry.

Coriander is my second favourite herb (after Basil), & I adore using it fresh from the pots.

I struck a cutting of Vietnamese Mint from a friend's garden last week. I'm not holding too much hope that it will strike after being pelted with all these hailstones on Saturday.

All is well with MOTH's famous Christmas Lillies. These are just a few of his many pots. I spent one icy cold Winter's Sunday in July transplanting all the 'Pup's' as MOTH calls them, from the Parent's pots into their own. You can see some of the new babies in the foreground.

Image 1: Chesneys


  1. It has certainly taken a wrong turn here in Sydney as well Millie - as you well witnessed during the week. We have had a windy and cold weekend - I had already put away the winter clothes and had to go dragging them out again!! We should be back to high 20's by the end of the week so hope your weather improves as well. Leanne

  2. Wow, very impressive herbs Millie.....I think coriander is my favourite herb, I absolutely love the taste and smell of it, delicious!

    Sorry to hear about the cold and the hail....I thought you would all be in flip-flops not wellies by now :)

    Any bathroom progress.....and did you find the perfect bed yet....I think you were looking at fabrics last I heard....hope you got what you wanted :)

    Have a good dust-storms at least!

  3. It's just so funny to me to hear you talk about winter when I'm over here having a heat stroke. I've got to ask. What's it like at Christmas??? Is it warm then? Do your images of Santa include him at the beach? I'm dying to know.

  4. Well, Mills, what fabulous herbs you have grown. Basil is my absolute favourite, although not the easiest to grow..... and MOTH's Christmas lilies look so healthy and fingers, all round.So...the Lime leaves survive the cold weather..are they hardy, or do you have to protect them from the frost?.... gardeners question time !!!! Hope that the weather perks up, although, a night in by the fire with any one of your culinary delights, sounds pretty good to me. Keep warm XXXX.

  5. Oh your herbs are divine Millie.... so green and lush. I just can't keep them alive up here. Forget to water them one day and they drop dead. Can you please send some rain up here to wash of my red roof... just does not fit in with the intended grey and white colour scheme. Wind is still blowing and dust it still settling. It's got a funny taste too..... haemachromatosis here we come. A-M xx
    Love hearing about the emergency glass situation. MOTH you are a scream!

  6. This is fun! I love my new Aussie friends and thinking about your different weather- I added Adelaide to my weather page so I can keep up with you!
    Your herbs are wonderful, I'm so impressed. My favorite is basil too! Although coriander is a close contender- we call it cilantro. I have found it is an herb people either love or hate... there is no middle ground. I feel sorry for the haters;)!

  7. It is no where to be seen where I am, freakin' freezing weekend, may as well have been up Falls Crk.

    I love the herbs Millie, I really want to do all that when we are on the new place.

    Thanks for the tips in cooking too, need all the help I can get.
    ps MOTH is just so funny, pups and breaking into the cupboard ... well the weather was an emergency on it's own.

  8. Wierd-arama. Herbs are on my brain too. Don't worry its also freezing, hailing and windy in Melbourne we had the fire going all weekend. Yesterday at 4.30 pm my barometer told me it was 9 degrees but WITH WIND CHILL 4.5 degrees. Spring has definitely hidden itself in a horrible cold coat.

  9. SNAP! well almost, my post today is pondering the poor weather, and considering herbs too. Your herbs are magnificent, and as for MOTHs christmas lillies, I am so envious. What an amazing display you're going to have.

  10. Your herbs leave mine looking a little sad...

  11. The Fresh herbs are just the best aren't they? Your recipes sound pretty delish Millie, xv.

  12. We had a very wet summer in the US and my hubby took a new job so it felt like a wrong turn as well...but the end of summer shaped up nicely and we all settled into the new path nicely. Our herbs were plentiful too.
    You have the right green thumb!!

  13. I sure wish we were heading for spring instead of winter! Your herbs look wonderfully lush!

  14. It's back to boots and coats here too Millie. Any ideas on how to stop your dog burying his bones in the middle of all the herbs? I think he must like coriander as much as I do! Those lillies must be so gorgeous come Christmas. That delicious fragrance - reminds me of my grandmother!

  15. I'm impressed beyond belief at your herb growing abilities. They're not only edible, they're thriving and abundant! I'm not allowed to garden anymore, under strict instructions from Dave - he says I may as well take $200 from his wallet and burn it in the backyard, as it will have exactly the same effect. Unfortunately, he has plenty of evidence to back this up. Hope things are warming up in the Hills. Meredy xo.

  16. The fireplace looks like perfection - we always want what we don't have! Beautiful herbs - I wish mine looked so lush! Tracey xx

  17. millie,
    it is still stinky hot where i am!

    you are looking for spring and i am begging for a florida winter day.
    50 degrees F.

    your herbs look terrific, and we have the same favorites.

    thanks for your super comments. xxx's

  18. thank you for your kind words on my blog, I appreciate it. Gorgeous herbs -they look fake so full!

    stay warm...


  19. I can't believe you have a kaffir lime tree! It's one of those things I have to go to a special market for. How fabulous that you have your own fresh supply! I bet it smells heavenly. :)

  20. wow, a gardener as well! Impressed!

    xoxo, Cathleen

  21. Wow Millie what a wonderful her garden...I'd say that basil and coriander are at the top of my list too!!! I think Spring took a wrong turn here on the Coast too...Have a great week, Dzintra♥x

  22. Well, here in Queensland we skipped spring and went right in to summer - sorry I can't send some of the hot weather down! All that sun and very little rain does terrible things to the garden though. I think I could handle a bit more cold weather if my herbs looked like yours.
    Clare x

  23. Millie - your herbs are the bomb!!! Nice work.

    What is with this weather?! - hope all things are well up the hill xx

  24. Millie
    My mouth is watering any chance you might like to share your recipes for all the meals mentioned in this post.
    Thanks Carolyn


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