Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Man of Simple Tastes

'Don't go to any trouble Mills, but as you asked what I'd like for my special dinner I wouldn't mind one of these....

and then a couple of dozen of these.....

a glass or 3 of this......
and if you really want to spoil me one of these.....

and of course, this to finish the meal off perfectly.'

I didn't know you when this pic was taken (I was still in Kindergarten!) but I reckon you were gorgeous then & you are just as gorgeous now!

Image 1: Not On The High Street Image 2: Unicorn Brewery Image 3: eFish Image 4: Pikes Image 5: Ferguson's Image 6: BBC Images 7 & 8: Millie


  1. Oh that is really sweet. He hasn't aged a bit. By the way I love that white skivvie. That is a hard look to pull off and he does it with style.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to the delightful, funny and very handsome (then and now) Emperor MOTH!! Hope your day is filled with everything you wish for! Your special meal request sounds perfect, I wouldn't change a thing myself;)

  3. Happy Birthday MOTH!!!!
    Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. Have a great one with your wonder wife. Heidi

  4. And would it all be cooked by his lovely girl from Masterchef....her name escapes me!!! ;)

    MOTH is a I allowed to say that....hope so!! He looks very doubt a reflection on his gorgeous wife :)

    Happy Birthday MOTH :)

  5. Many Happy returns MOTH...I think that you should be Man of the Week on Millies sidebar...forget Johnny Depp !!!!
    Have a great day with lots of liquid refreshment. XXXX(Castlemaine XXXX)

  6. Well I think that is a fabulous line-up of goodies for the birthday boy! What a handsome devil he is! I can tell that Millie takes VERY good care of her mate! Happy Birthday from me & The MR.

  7. Happy Birthday MOTH. What a handsome fellow he is - and what a lucky fellow to have you, Millie.

  8. Happy Birthday, MOTH!!! (what does moth mean, anyway?) Love that birthday dinner. Cheers!

  9. Have great fun celebrating and a very happy HB to MOTH, xv.

  10. Happy birthday MOTH! So lovely to see your face, rather than your back as Millie so often photographs. You look pretty damn good for 61! Hope you enjoy the day with your gorgeous man of the house Millie. Lee x

  11. Happy Birthday Moth have a wonderful day.But really Millie could have given you another guest spot on her blog.Flattery is not enough.
    Kind Regards

  12. Happy Birthday MOTH! Now that I know you're a Virgo (like me) I can understand the extra detail needed in the bathroom from hell.
    By the way - I'm with Jane - the white skivvy is very special.

  13. So you married a Virgo !!!know wonder he still good looking...I know all about Virgo men I married 1, my brother is 1 and my dad is 1... this time of year is very expensive...Happy Birthday MOTH ( the perfectionist)

  14. A very big birthday wish to the wonderful MOTH - may the next year be filled with lots of football, great food and a completed bathroom! Leigh

  15. Happy Birthday MOTH! A lovely virgo - looks like a nice catch Millie (but we wouldn't want it to go to his head so no need to tell him!). Hope he has had a lovely day. Leanne

  16. To the


    I don't know if I was writing that you had a Wonderful Wife or a Wonder Woman Wife, either way same difference. Hope it was a great one. Birthday that is. Heidi

  17. Really sumptuous...Happy Bday!!!

  18. Hope he has a happy birthday! I am sure you will treat him well.

    Can you tell me about the earrings on the blog? I am so in love with them. I usually wear the same pair of diamond studs with everything but those have me wanting something new.

  19. Happy Birthday MOTH
    Sorry I was late to the party. Hope your birthday brings you love, joy... and beer! Julie

  20. Sorry I'm late but Happy Birthday MOTH!

    p.s psst Millie, MOTH is a BABE! Great catch matey :)

    Anna :)

  21. Happy Birthday MOTH!! I see I'm a tad late but hey you can keep celebrating for a few days yet.
    That meal request is one Mr DJ would have exactly.

  22. Happy birthday Moth!
    Sorry I am a little late for the birthday wishes.
    Hope that your day was great {going by the line up of delicious food and drink} and a year ahead filled with all the very best that life can bring, to make you the happiest.


  23. Ooooooh what a handsome devil in his white polo. You lucky girl...

    Happy Birthday Moth

    xx Coty

  24. Happy Birthday to MOTH! Quite a gorgeous hunk of man you have there Millie!

  25. Ah Happy Birthday to your man, my man's birthday was today, fathers day the 6th of September and I too kept him happy with a nice glass of white wine, some oysters and soft shell tempura crab at a nice fish restaurant in Potts Point called Sardine...
    Definitely nice to celebrate a birthday in style with a nice glamourous (yet simple at heart) meal


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