Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Table Talk

I'm having a nostaligic moment today. A table in the kitchen - no free-standing large swish bench/prep. area, just a simple table for dining at, spreading the morning papers on, rolling out pastry for a pie, study assignments, the monthly accounts & coffee & conversation! Some of these kitchens are quite stylish & sophisticated, others very simple......some are large & roomy, others cute & cosy. Whatever, I really like each of them, I hope you do too.
And for more fabulous kitchen table images, my dear blogging chum Leigh over @ Brabourne Farm has posted on the same theme today! It had to happen one day in BlogWorld & today's the day - I couldn't ask for lovelier company.

Image 1,9,12: The Kitchen Designer Image 2: Country Style Image 3: Tim Davis Image 4,5: This Old House Image 6: Country Home Image 7: The Kitchn Image 8: Country Living Image 10,11: Trends Book


  1. Just heavenly...I could picture myself in aaaaaanyone one of those delicious spaces...xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. ah, i knew it... great minds think alike ;-) i just wrote a post a few days ago about another feature of my dream house...a large farmhouse table smack down the middle of the kitchen. no island. the table is used for eating (even christmas dinner), crafts, and games, etc.

  3. Hi Millie, just proves the old adage, great minds think alike. Love your choices - would be very happy living with any of these lovelies. Now what shall we post tomorrow ...... Leigh

  4. Hi Millie,

    There are some lovely kitchens there and I would be so happy to be rolling my pastry out there and baking biscuits.


  5. Mmmm! I would soooo love one of those kitchens!! That's half our house gone! lol.

  6. All lovely. Makes each kitchen feel warm and inviting. One of the greatest treats of home-life is to spend hours lingering around the table...eating, drinking and talking. Yum.

  7. I love the first one, reminds me of innercity living, very stylish in a low-key way.

  8. I have looked at them all and I could have any of these in my house...mine looks nothing like any of these !!!!I do love the white one but think it might be impractical...kitchens are greasy places...well mine is anyway !!
    I love the really big ones but, being realistic ( most of us don't have kitchens that big in the U.K !! ) I like the 'industrial look' one with the aluminium(?) table. Feeling envious and inadequate now !!Think I'll go and clean my kitchen!!!. XXXX

  9. I'm totally with you on this Millie! I love a kitchen table instead of an island bench.


    Thanks for your idea yesterday on my post about our dream house! Such a great idea to leave them a little note...xx

  10. Hello Millie,

    Alas and alack, I have a small round kitchen table in a diminuitive nook in my all-too-small kitchen which ,by neccessity, must accomodate my cat's feeding dish to keep it from being "savaged" by the household dog! We eat in the dinning area of our living room.:( Under ideal circumstances I love a large, wooden kitchen table around which I best love to have guests and family for a festive holiday meal. We once lived in a house where that was possible, before the adopting of Polly Dee, cat and Charlie D. Dog. AS much as I loved it, I wouldn't trade it for the love and companionship of my beloved pets, but I can dream that it might be possible again, one day in a house where kitty can have her own, protected place to dine! By the way, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am sure your man-of-the-house will enjoy the gingerbread recipe, if he is anything like my hubby. Do serve it warm though, as that is, in my way the best way to present it, both in terms of taste and the incredible aroma that wafts through the entire house.


    Scone Queen

  11. What a beautiful post ! I love your blog, thank you so much for sharing it, & hello ! It's lovely to meet you

  12. Beautiful images Millie....I would love any one of them to be honest!!

    And those beanbags are quite something aren't they....never seen anything like them!! Just we get to choose who we would like to share them with us.....that's a whole other post I guess ;)

  13. Love every single image.
    In my next house live in kitchen is the must. Bye bye open plan.

  14. suddenly, I am feeling the urge to chop onions and whip up something delightful for a band of hungry guests, or better yet, what about a pot of coffee and some hot cross buns, pop over and we can "chew the fat" at any of those fine tables.

  15. why is it that kitchens just evoke love to me!?

    i guess a kitchen really is the heart of the home.
    i never understood a home without an eat-in area, or a place to hang out while the mom is cooking.
    haven't some of the most important conversations taken place there?
    mine have.

    xx miss you
    take care



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