Monday, September 14, 2009

Send In The Clowns

Most of the adverse events in MOTH's life are tinged with a certain sense of irony. Friday was no exception.

Traffic Expiation Notice from the South Australian Police.
Line 1 - Using a hand-held cell phone while driving. Fine $300.
Line 2 - Disobeying red traffic light signal. Fine $350.
TOTAL $650.00

I would never be so bold as to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the 1st fine would never have occurred without the 2nd. I can almost see the guys in the Fines division of SAPOL reviewing their camera images & observe MOTH cruise through the amber/red light. 'Hold on guys, go in tight, I reckon that Clown is talking on his cell phone - bingo, another $300!'

I hasten to add that I don't condone MOTH's actions for one nanosecond - he deserves everything coming to him. However I have offered him a solution that hopefully will keep him out of any further trouble with the law. Out of the blue, one of MOTH's mates made me an offer for my lovely car last week. MOTH & the Accountant forced my hand, as it really is time to 'let it go', so I reluctantly (cue much wiping away of tears!) accepted. After seeing Not Dr. McDreamy on Friday, I went & ordered a new car. This new Millie-mobile has bluetooth for me to tune my cell-phone into, so I've told MOTH he can have the hands-free kit from my current car to put into his work truck. He gave me his best shy-Di look from underneath his fluttering eyelashes & said 'Er yep, that might be a rooly good idea Mills.'

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  1. Oh poor deserving MOTH!!;)
    You're going to love bluetooth Miss Millie!

  2. Oh Dear...Poor MOTH! How nice of you to offer a remedy for this.
    YIKES...that's a steep fine.
    Do tell us about your new wheels!

  3. MOTH a bad boy, I don't believe it!! $650....yikes!!!

    I guess it's true though that every cloud has a silver lining....


  4. Good morning Miss Millie,

    Looks like we need a new car this week as well, our 17 year old son Thomas got his "P" plates on Thursday and we haven't seen him much all weekend. Today he has asked to borrow the car to drive to school. (I remember the same years ago when I borrow Mum's car). He also has advised that he will pick up his sister from school this afternoon. I know it's only to check out all the girls.

    P.S. Don't forget to take a photo of your lane way with all the blossoms this week. It's the only season that's missing on your blog and I can't wait to see what it looks like.

    xxxxxx Have a great week, Coty

  5. Oh you guys make me laugh! I was just off to get a coffee and saw this heading and just had to click and read. Okay I'm really going now ....
    ps new car sounds good Millie.

  6. how sweet.

    i am guilty of moths bad habits.
    if only i had 3 or 4 hands....


  7. I continually tut tut at VIN over the phone thing. What a horrendous fine! ouch. I do feel sympathy for poor MOTH tho.

  8. My husband would have found a way to blame me for his indiscretions. He was on his way to buy something for me. Or, if I hadn't done this he would have done that a long time ago. Never fails.

  9. Poor old MOTH! Hope the use of your hands free kit saves him from the red lights too. We are getting a new car soon too - need another seat to fit the baby!
    And a belated message to say how pleased I am that your results were all fine - make sure those boys still spoil you though!
    Clare x

  10. Hi Millie,

    Oh dear ... poor Moth.
    From November they are bringing the no using of mobile phone in cars, rule over here.

    A new car sounds wonderful!

    Have a great week

  11. Whoops !!! A double whammy for naughty MOTH...I bet he loves you,Millie, telling us all out here of his indiscretions !!!! Mind you... a good way of getting a new set of wheels!! although, you sound very sad to loose your old car.
    Tell Moth that you're taking the fine money out of his beer allowance !!!! XXXX

  12. Sorry MOTH, no sympathy from me. Mr A-M came home with the first one last week, while driving with my 2 angels in the car, I was furious... still am. Congrats on the new car Miss Millie. A-M xx

  13. It is definitely a good idea.


  14. Oh my, MOTH has been in the wars a bit hasn't he. That hands-free set will definitely come in handy. Enjoy your new car Millie! Lee :)

  15. I know the perfect punishment for Moth lock him in the BATHROOM.
    Kind Regards

  16. Quite interesting, this post. I don't know how these fines compare to our fines in US Dollars, but it sounds expensive.

  17. Such a sensible solution! Wow - those are steep fines. Believe it or not, the banning of cellphone use in cars is only coming in here as of Nov this year. Brunnel is a dead cert to be caught using his - it is permanently glued to his hand!

  18. Too much talk always gets a boy in trouble...xv

  19. Oh dear! Naughty MOTH
    I've only ever had 1 fine in ?? 29 years of driving.. someone warned me there was a new speed camera installed in my local area.. was driving along.. looking for camera and YEP... click... bugger.
    Well Millie I want to see your 'Millie Mobile'.. what did you buy? c'mon share! xx Julie


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