Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Old Rockers

.....no MOTH doesn't feature here in full Air Guitar mode, so you can relax! Although during Sunday night's Idol episode, a certain un-named person did do a shockingly bad version of Mick doing Jumping Jack Flash when they thought I was out of the room!

Brigette and Robin Buchanan from Odd Limited have turned the humble garden swing into something quite extraordinary. These fully upholstered swinging sofas called Old Rockers, are hung on a frame made of stainless steel & beechwood. The roof and sides are covered in fabrics such as velvet, hopsack, voile, wool twill & canvas. Then you can layer & add accessories such as African Tribal Rugs, Moroccan Kilims, pom-poms, fringing, tassels & wooden ball finials until you can get just the look you want.

With fat upholstered rounded backs, fully padded arms & squishy feather down pillows, comfort is high on the design agenda here. Odd have developed an all-weather cotton canvas material that allows the Old Rocker to be left outside during Summer (although probably designed for temperate English summers, I'm not sure how they'd go in the searing Aussie Summer heat that sucks the air right out of your lungs!). Now which one would you like to Rock On with!

FADED GREEN Old Rocker with Maud velvet inside walls & 3 extra velvet cushions.

The same Old Rocker in a different light.

WHITE SAIL canvas Old Rocker with Rock loose covers & a selection of Llama wool scatter cushions .

FADED RED Old Rocker with Maud hopsack on the sofa cushions & inside walls. Stripe Dream hopsack and Maud hopsack fabric cover the extra feather cushions.

DREAM ON White Old Rocker with old french linen used on the bolsters & round feather extra cushions. African Tribal Rugs have been used for inside walls.

MAROC Old Rocker in Elephant canvas. The sofa, inside walls, gaiters & bolsters are covered in a soft woven kilim fabric. The fringe is handmade from old sari silk. Large faded old tassels, velvet cushions with pompoms & painted hardwood ball finials complete the story.

FRENCH LINEN White Sail Canvas with old french linen used on the inside walls, with bolsters & round feather extra cushions & ball finials. An African Tribal Rug covers the back of the sofa.

THE CITY Old Rocker sofa in faded red canvas has Baby Elephant canvas roof and outside walls. Feather scatter cushions in Angus woven wool. Ball finials on the roof.

ROCK Old Rocker has white sail water and rot resistant canvas with Odd's Rock woven cotton fabric on all the cushions, inside walls, scatter cushions and spring gaiters.

POOLSIDE Old Rocker in White Sail canvas with extra bolsters and round cushions, ball finials and woven Alpaca Rug.

And when Summer's over why not move the Old Rocker indoors and use it as a 'special' sofa? Odd can supply loose covers in velvets or hopsacks to change from canvas if that's what your Old Rocker came with originally. Add some extra feather filled cushions, string up some fairy lights and the Old Rocker will look fantastic for the winter months. With a fire blazing and fairy lights twinkling, it is the best place for hiding away with a book, although sensibly, fire retardant liner fabric is required when the Swing is used indoors

MAUD Old Rocker entirely in Maud velvet with Maud velvet pouffes. For indoor use.

Images : Odd Limited


  1. Faded Red and Maud are absolutely me!

    I love these Millie, we should all have one in Australia.

    I would love to be relaxing on one right now. I'm a bit tired this morning.

    xxx Coty

  2. Millie~ I hadn't thought of these in years. My grandmother had one and we would rock and talk for hours. You always add something so special to my day. Thanks once again for the sweet memories.

  3. When I saw the title, Millie, I thought it was going to be about me!! Hahaha. MOTH and I could do a mean air guitar duet.!!! Not a pretty sight (on my side, not MOTH's )
    I digress. These old rockers are sumptuously fabulous. My favourite ? French linen, I think although there are many favourites
    Love them and loved this post. XXXX

  4. I would definitely go for one of the white/linen ones (the faded look on one side from the harsh Qld sun has never been one of my favourite looks.
    I think my girls would love one of these - a nice quiet place to escape the boys and chat away.
    Clare x

  5. Hi Millie,

    How lovely the white French linen would suit me please.
    They were comfortable rockers and a fun way to relax.


  6. i love the white linen one....
    if i had one i might never ever get out!


  7. They look so retro but with a new spin. More cushy.

    Glad that you got a good report. My little boy made a white square with a red cross in the center out of Legos and I thought of you.
    Love ya, Heidi

  8. I think I could hide out in that first one for some time actually.

  9. I'm feeling drowsy just looking at these delicious things - I think every home should have one, no make that two, because I wouldn't want to share! Leigh

  10. Gorgeous, I think that this is what we need in France. That said, the french way of life is already pretty laid back here so maybe it is not a good idea :-)

    L x

  11. Wow Millie you find the most interesting yet gorgeous things. You would think someone down here would've already tried this... Love a few of these styles.. can imagine if I put this on the balcony of my apartment? The neighbours would know I had finally gone over the edge.. haha
    Just fabulous. Have a great week xx Julie

  12. Wonder if Mick Jagger delivers? I would be happy with any of them, they are divine....J

  13. I think these are fab MIllie...how ingenious to groovy up an old rocker like that, xv

  14. Fabulous!

    And yes, I did think you were talking about MOTH with the title of your post.....I thought a hidden side was about to be revealed ;)

  15. OMG, wow, those are simply gorgeous! I WANT the one with the old French linen!!!

    :) T

  16. I want one of these on the veranda of my holiday house (when I get one)for a different kind of rocking. I must say it wasnt the first thing that came to mind when talking of old rockers. I do love the musical variety and am right there with MOTH when it comes to a sneaky rock session.

  17. Would you believe a get dizzy in these.

  18. Amazing! I'd love to have the grey one. I imagine it would get lots of use here.

  19. Jeanette SimmonsJune 2, 2010 at 8:32 AM

    The old designs are just divine...our family had one during the war in England ....so many memories!

    We couldn't stretch to one from Odd but we had one shipped over to Melbourne from another English company called Wilverley. They aptly called their swing seat 'The Idler'.....we spent last Summer Idling all day!

    Jeanette - Australia


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