Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The great gate stand-off

Millie's choice of the Curved Heel model from Country Gates

This house not far from us has a gorgeous Curved Heel gate

The Man-of-the-House's choice from Farmweld

The 'enlarged' gap in the Laurel Hedge

The Fairy House travels down our country lane to it's new home

Off through the gap in the Laurel Hedge

The boys wished they had paid more attention during Knot Tying Class at Boy Scouts!

The Fairy House at the bottom of our garden

With our 5 sons in their twenties/thirties very slow to give us grandchildren, we really had no use for the little Fairy House at the bottom of the garden that came with the house when we purchased 2 yrs. ago. So we thought it should go to a good home & donated it to my best friend's young grandchildren. The only issue was that they live on a large property in Victoria, so getting it transported to the farm presented a slight problem. Always the innovative farmer, their dad Rob drove his trailer over & with a few beers for strength, the 'boys' lifted the Fairy House from the garden & loaded it onto the trailer.

The photos of the big move are great, & the Fairy House riding high on the trailer for the 500km. trip home apparently got many second looks from fellow highway travellers! However, to get the trailer through the Laurel Hedge on the day, we needed to remove a small single gate and enlarge the hedge with a few 'trims' of the chain saw. So we now have a large gap that needs a new gate & so the story of the stand-off begins.

The Man-of-the-House wants the metal model from Farmweld, but I just love the look of the traditional wooden Curved Heel beauty from Country Gates. So who will win out? Your support please my blogging friends!!


  1. Millie,
    I think I recognise the gate in the second photo as a house down the road from my parents in Crafers!!! How lovely to see a touch of home all the way across Australia. I love reading your blog as it is all so familiar to me having lived there for the last couple of years...and the winter looks lovely...
    You might like to look at my blog, I talk about similar interior design type things and it is nice to make a new blogging friend xx

  2. Good Morning Millie,
    Not to side with you, but I do think that your white gate matches the countryside moreso than the Man of the House's much manlier looking gate. Yours is more inviting and his is more grand and well, manly, lol!

    I love the fairy house. How sweet that you gave it to neighbor's children.

  3. Oh stick it out and go for the wooden one. Men, as adorable as they are, don't know what's good for them. He will thank you when its up and looking beautiful! Thanks for your advice on my lights... I had a sneeking suspicion that they were wired differently. Rats! A-M xx

  4. Thank you all for your support - there is power in numbers!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Millie, just wanted to let you know I have passed on your link to my lovely Mum, she will be a devoted follower too I'm sure - she will likely ask you over for a cup of tea.... xx

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