Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time for a Hottie!

Image Anna Campion

Image Lillie & Agathe

Image Lark

Image Mole and Cheese

Image Igloo

Image Samantha Holmes

Image Roost Living

Image Dotcomgifts

It's finally that time - the weather in the Hills has turned positively icy today so time to drag out the Hottie! I've had a lot of fun looking for Hottie Cover inspiration tonight - when I Googled 'Hottie' I can't tell you the sites that came up. Believe me not a lot of them had anything to do with something as practical as a Hot Water Bottle cover. I can see all my boys doing a collective rolling of eyes & uttering yet again "Mum!!!" Yes I do recall now being out with them all & hearing the words " Hey, she's a hottie!' as some gorgeous creature saunters by.

In deference to our garden inhabitants, I did decide not to feature a photo of the most gorgeous Brushtail Possum Hottie Cover from New Zealand. I did come close though, as most nights we are kept awake by the possums in our garden taking a flying leap from our Oak tree onto the roof over our bedroom & preceding to do an 'interesting' dance for at least the next 3 hours! I could threaten them with the Hottie Cover fate when next I have to thump the bedroom ceiling with the broom handle to get them to move on.

My favourite is definitely the Noddy & Big Ears Cover - brings back many feelings of nostalgia!


  1. Ok, I've never heard of a hottie, well with the exception of the other kind of hottie that you found on google, lol!!

    These sure are cute!

  2. Mole and Cheese is my pick. I am still addicted to baby blue, years after my babies in blue! A-M xx


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