Monday, June 16, 2008

Let him eat cake!

MOTH's reward!

Progress being made by the Man-of-the-House

This is definitely a work-in-progress!

As well documented in this blog, our current project is a major re-do of the dark cavern that masquerades as our upper level hallway! The Man-of-the-House (MOTH) worked very hard all weekend putting up framework & new plasterboard to give the area a new ceiling. With only one small fitting to light the entire length of the hallway when we bought the house, we've just about had to wear miner's lamps on our heads each time we needed to go up there. And to think that it had been like that for 36 years beggars belief!!

So by lowering the ceiling slightly, we now have enough clearance to put a row of down-lights along the corridor (previous raked ceilings disallowed this) - so we will have light like other normal people! Due to the MOTH's last off-the-scale cholesterol count, cake has been banned from his diet, but as reward for all his efforts I cooked up a Pound Cake with a recipe borrowed from the wonderful SUNDAY BAKER. Thanks Tanya, it was delicious & he loved it! Think this will be impetus for more Hallway work from him next weekend.


  1. Oh to be married to a handyman! A big job and it's going to be great with all the downlights. You both sound like you have great vision. -2 degrees!!???.. I would not be bounding out of bed at 5am to do my blogging if that was the case up here. I do envy your fireplaces and coat wearing though! Our block was dry enough for the footings for the back retaining walls to be done last Friday. We all stood where the pool is going to be and squealed with delight... the builders are going to be swapping a few stories about us at smoko that's for sure. A-M xx

  2. I must say that the work you have been doing on the house is wonderful, so much brighter and airy! Lycky you who "has" a handyman, I certanly havent:-)

    Hugs Gunilla

  3. I can't wait to see it when it's finished. I'm flattered that he liked the pound cake! What a guy!


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