Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paper Talk

All images Tracy Kendall

I've been a Tracy Kendall fan forever - these vibrant & eclectic pieces are amazing. Her wall coverings (the new description for wallpaper) are designed to be pasted in single strips or blocks rather than applied to whole walls or rooms.

Her new collection features 3D pieces like the incredible silver piece hung over a mirror - truly outstanding! And what about that piece of prose! You just want to trace the outline of the words with your fingertips immediately. Her work is not available in Australia, but I'm sure if a savvy Distributor here negotiated the rights, the demand would be phenomenal. Her pricing is good, around US$80-100 per roll, & I think that's very realistic for such statement pieces.


  1. I've never seen her pieces before. Very interesting! I do like that prose piece!

  2. Miilie! You've completely pipped me to the post! I had a scheduled post on those giant spoon drawings next week ... your photos are much better though I must say!!! Loving the blog, hope your toes aren't too cold in the icy Hills at the moment xx

  3. Tanya - good to know I've been able to introduce you to Tracy's work!

    Miss Emma - scheduling your posts, how amazing & organized you are, I stand in awe!! If only I could be so disciplined & amazing that we were on the same wave with post material. Toes were so cold last night I had 2 pairs of socks on - how daggy!

  4. Millie, I adore this Kendall wallpaper idea. Nevermind being a distributor - I think you and Miss Emma should go into business doing your own version! I will be your first purchaser.


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