Friday, June 27, 2008

La Villa des Orangers

All images Hotel Villa des Orangers except last Image Commons

Last weekend I suggested that in the middle of a demolition/renovating weekend, a dream teleport to the lovely Villa Gallici in Aix en Provence was in order. It was a great success, with many of my blogging friends wanting to join me!

With another weekend of brick & plaster dust, hammering, drilling, etc. coming up, I feel another teleport destination is definitely in order! So please join me in Morocco, to be more specific, magical Marrakech. La Villa des Orangers is an oasis of beauty in the Medina (the old part of the town) so peaceful & tranquil - a place where time slows to a leisurely pace behind the heavy old wooden doors that lead from the street.

Firstly, a few hours relaxing by the roof-top pool, followed by a refreshing drink in the elegant shaded courtyard. Then a wander through the Marrakech souk to soak up the bustling atmosphere & all the sights & smells of this amazing markeplace. We make our way back to our riad through the winding, narrow passageways, knowing that a couple of hours of pampering in the Spa awaits us before a delicious dinner. With the heady aroma of orange blossom drifting through the air, let this teleport begin!!


  1. Count me in! I dream of arriving in Morocco across the Straight of Gibraltar on a ferry ... imagine that!

  2. WOW... great things beyond that basic door!

  3. Oh Emma, what a great thought about the Ferry arrival!

    Fifi I had exacting the same thought. In fact I almost didn't post the first pic 'cos I thought, oooh not the best! But the old adage 'You can't judge a book by its cover' came to mind. What lies beyond those plain doors is pure magic.

  4. Oh it sounds just heavenly. I will join you too. I have a weekend of 'doing the books' for the end of financial year... hence the reason I am blogging and not working! A-M xx

  5. Having just spent the afternoon at a soccermeet I could use some Moroccan sun and shopping. So I'm sure to join you!

  6. A-M - yes, I'm just about to go down the end of the FY nightmare for the Man-of-the-House's business myself - yuk!!

    All Things Blue - so happy you are able to join us. With 5 sons I've spent many weekends @ the Football field, so you truly deserve a Moroccan escape!


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