Monday, June 2, 2008

Kitchen Hocus Pocus

Image New Old House

Image Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

Image Connecticut Cottages & Gardens
They (whoever they are!) say you should always live in a house for 2 yrs. before you start to renovate. Some wacky story about listening to the house and letting its inate soul lead you down the right track of renovating. Well, have I got news for them! This new-age psycho-babble is rubbish - I grew very tired of waiting for our house to 'guide' me to the architects office. Apologies to the soul of our house, but we couldn't stand living in your circa 1972 kitchen a minute longer! So now we are about to start turning our dreams into reality.

These are some of the pics I included in our brief, they are stunning and have been dreamt over ad nauseam.


  1. Love them. I am remodeling too and I was also thinking of doing an inspiration kitchen blog. Make sure you take before and after photos so we can all see.

  2. Oh, Oh, Oh, they are divine and just my taste! I have also planned a white shaker style kitchen... maybe not as grand as these beauties though! A-M xx


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