Friday, June 20, 2008

La Villa Gallici

All images La Villa Gallici

In amongst another weekend of labouring, plastering, sanding, etc., for the Man-of-the-House, I'm going to teleport myself to the gorgeous village of Aix en Provence in the South of France & in particular the lovely Villa Gallici. While it is a little OTT (can't quite see MOTH tucked up in those very feminine beds!), it is nonetheless sublime & relaxing - perfect for this very tired renovator!


  1. Oooo, if you go, I'm coming with! That looks divine..pure bliss!

  2. Imagine sipping a lovely warm red in that courtyard...or better still, that bath! Heaven xx

  3. Oh that table with the waiter in the 2nd picture. I can see myself sitting there, enjoying the beautiful food and French hospitality. France is my most favourite country in the world. I have travelled most of it and can't really decide my favourite part... but ok.... yep the the Loire the Riviera...hmmm! Thanks for your kind words over at my place. I am up and about and missing my blog friends so I am catching up this morning before my hubby brings me my coffee! Sounds like you are making great progress on your house transformation..... my kingdom for a handyman! A-M xx

  4. Dear Tanya, Emma & A-M,
    Thanks for all your fun comments - I think the Courtyard has won hands-down as everyone's favourite place at the Villa.
    I'm sure there would be lots of conversation & laughter at our table.
    Ah, its lovely to dream, now back to the sanding!
    Millie ^_^

  5. PS I have tagged you over at my place. Play along if you want to. It took me a month to summon up the intestinal fortitude to follow through with it! A-M xx


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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