Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Name Game

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In a previous post on Table Settings, I mentioned the 3 client Dinners I am organizing & they are starting to loom very large on my horizon! The invitations are done, table settings almost complete & now I need inspiration for place card holders. As often happens, the who-sits-where dilemma has happened & rather than let chaos reign, I figure it would be wiser to have allocated seating. There are a few 'feisty' personalities amongst the different groups, so discretion with seating is the better part of valour at this time! If our guests want to wander between tables as the night progresses, then thats perfectly fine, but lets start on the right foot - if only to preserve my sanity!

I love the idea from BV Weddings of buying little chalk board pots, filling the pot with herbs or a small plant & writing the guests name & table # on the front. Wouldn't they look spectacular all lined up on an entrance table as guests enter the room!

Fairman Studio's suggestion of filling cute little cardboard boxes with gold chocolate coins & then tying a tag with the guests name & table # to the box with a smart black ribbon is also inspirational. I could use our Corporate logo ribbon for added oomph.

The little pots of herbs with guests names written on planter sticks are gorgeous. Guests then match up the herb in their pot to the seed packet holder on each table to discover where they are seated - just so cute. This gal would definitely be on the Basil table!

But the overall winner for me is the small pear with an elegant name card fixed to it with a simple pin - the less is more principle comes up trumps again!


  1. We had similar pear name tags at our wedding and I too love the simplicity. But I quite fancy making some of those gorgeous little pots for dinners at home. And I love the slate place mats too..any idea where you can get them? Can you just go some sort of tile shop?

  2. Oh Clare, you really do have eagle (read as younger than me!!) eyes - I didn't even notice the slate placemats!

    I guess you could go to a flooring store to get them. The little chalk board flower pots are from Pottery Barn in the U.S. They don't ship to Aust., but I've had some success painting other things with chalk board paint, so I reckon you could do it with terracotta, as long as you sealed it first. A craftsperson I'm not!!
    Millie ^_^

  3. I love your blog...so many pretty pictures and inspirations for us all... Take care Cathy

  4. Hi. I am in love with your blog. We have a old 1860's home here in Tassie in a small town, Beaconsfield (where the mine collapse was) and you have the same taste as I. I will add you to my favs list for sure.
    Ness x

  5. Now, how did you know that I'm hosting a bridal shower and needed some elegant and fun ideas? Thank you my friend :)!

  6. Loving the little blackboard pots! Mum and I are always thinking of ideas for place cards...once we even cut out puff pastry letters and baked them! Looked fab if I do say so myself xx


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