Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clive O. Said So.....

Dear South Australian Tourism Commission & the Adelaide Hills Regional Development Board

In an interview 10 days ago with Ellen Degeneres to promote his latest movie 'The Boys are Back' Clive Owen described the Adelaide Hills (where a good part of the movie was filmed) as '....so stunningly beautiful, that part of the world' & '....it's amazing, there's such a sense of space & wildlife, it's really stunning, you should go.'

Since then, the silence from you mob has been deafening. You guys need to grasp hold of Clive's fantastic unsolicited endorsement immediately & run with it at lightening speed in your promotion of our wonderful Region to the rest of the world. If I don't see any evidence of that very soon, then I may be forced to enact a bloodless coup at your next Meeting. A take over as Marketing Manager & maybe even Chairman, is on the cards here. And as MOTH calls me his 'Little Pirhana Fish', that thought alone should galvanize you into immediate action to avoid the infamous Millie Death Stare around the Board Room table!!! MOTH reckons it can freeze boiling water in a second, so be very afraid.

Oh & as I come from the Private Sector, I'm used to getting things done pronto & with a minimum of fuss. No Committees, Sub-Committees & Sub-Committes of Sub Committees as so aften occurs in the good old Public Sector. I'm sure there are no politics, no hidden agendas, no factional in-fighting & no self-grandisement within your Organizations, but just in case I get a whiff of such nonsense, be prepared for some whip-cracking Millie-style. I deliver what I promise.

Apart from being renown as Australia's premier cool climate wine region, the Adelaide Hills has sooooo much going for it.We know we live in one of the most spectacular regions in Australia & we're ever so friendly & welcome visitors & tourists with open arms. You've been given an amazing opportunity, so please, please, please do as you are mandated & promote us until you can promote no more. 'Cos Clive said so!

Millie (A very passionate & parochial local - all fired up & hot under the collar!)

So my friends, can I tempt you with ......

Mt. Lofty House at Crafers - accommodation in an elegant Country House

Apple Tree Cottage at Oakbank for a wonderful stay in a stylish country cottage

Cladich Pavillions at Aldgate for a striking modern Aussie experience & all fully self-contained

Henry's at Basket Range - life in an apple orchard, the house is all yours

Breakfast amongst the trees on the deck at another of Cladich Pavilions fab houses

Panoramic vistas of glorious countryside dotted with our amazing cold climate vineyards

and more vineyards

A meander down back country roads dotted with lush green dairy properties

And a picnic high on the hill overlooking Apple Tree Cottage

A round of golf at Mt. Lofty - but you may need to step around the wildlife on the Course

Lunch on the deck of one of Australia's most acclaimed (& my favourite!) restaurants Bridgewater Mill at Bridgewater is an absolute must

Or dine inside & experience impeccable service in elegant surrounds

Mr. Gorgeous Himself aka Chef Le Tu Thai conjures up magical dishes using local Adelaide Hills produce

And of course all enjoyed with a bottle or three of the restaurant's flagship Petaluma white

A long leisurely lunch at The Lane Vineyard Restaurant at Hahndorf is a must

But do enjoy a glass of Helen & John Edward' s fabulous wine in the tasting area before moving into the snazzy dining room

The restaurant's elevated setting let's you take in the the stunning views of The Lane's vineyards while enjoying your meal

And what about rounding off the day with a pint at my local Pub The Stirling Hotel just around the corner from Casa Millie de MOTH

And of course, dinner back at the Pub in the evening to enjoy the great food in MOTH's favourite eatery, the Mallee Room Grill
A relaxing lunch the next day on the verandah at the Norton Summit Hotel And a late afternoon glass in the sun of one of my favourite Savvy Blanc's at Shaw & Smith Wander over to see Kris at Woodside Cheese who produces wonderful artisanal cheeses like this
and this
and this
and this

And a slight diversion over to the little village of Summertown to pick up some yummy chocolates from Just Bliss

I could a full week of posts on the many fantastic attractions of my Adelaide Hills. All contained within a compact 70 kilometre area, & only a 30 minute drive from the Adelaide Airport - I hope to see you all really soon!!! Oh & to the SATC & AHRDB - GET CRACKING the clock's ticking!!!!

Image1,2: Flickr BrentMid Image3: Adelaide Hills Country Cottages Image4,6: Cladich Pavilions Image5,19: Bishops Image7: The Age Image8,9,10,11,12,21: Please Take Me To Image13,15: Bridgewater Mill Image14: Lifestyle Image16,17,18: AGFG Image20: The Stirling Hotel Images22,23: Shaw & Smith Image23,24,25,26: Woodside Cheeses Image27: Just Bliss


  1. Oh Millie, it looks absolutely AMAZING!!!

    Watched the CO clip....glad you put that in....any chance Clive will be there if we visit?

    So....how's this going to work.....when do you and MOTH start taking bookings? :)

  2. GO MILLIE!!!!!

    You have my vote...
    Don't you realise what you have just done in this fantastic looking and glorious post. I will be planning one of my holidays down there soon.

    The only catch, I must have a glass or two or three of that famous wine with you & Moth!!

    xxx Coty

  3. Millie....I'd like to reserve the Apple Tree Cottage and box of those chocolates! :)

  4. I now have this on my bucket list! I hope you don't regret this post some day when we start calling with date requests. I definately want to knock down a gin and tonic with MOTH.

  5. I'm packing my bags now. Save me some chocolate.

  6. All I want for Christmas is to go to South Australia. My intuition somehow lead me to it, a force I cannot explain. For the last 2 years I have been hell bent on living there. Guess what? Hubby is finally 100% on board. Now it is all about time and money, really just money. I could drop everything like Ellen was about too and jump on the plane with only the clothes on my back. I get so excited when you share the Adelaide Hills with us, but I do admit, I could quite by the Hill's biggest fan. Heidi

  7. Hi Mille you would do a great job but you would last about 5 minutes it would be SOOO FRUSTRATING and so political they would probably spend hours and hours debating the pros and cons of blue v green in their logo. Nice that CO liked the area. A man of taste but we knew that didn't we. I had a meal at Bridgewater Mill 9 years ago which I can still remember clearly it was that oyster souffle (I think) think that the chef does. Amazing. I have been there three times and every time some SA politian like Alex Downer has been there!! xoxo

  8. Hi Millie,
    I just had a lovely walk down memory lane... so thanks! I lived in the hills as a child, and would dearly love to go back. I miss so many things about SA, but really enjoy your blog, and love how you love it too!

  9. haha Millie - you don't understand!!!! We DON'T want the world to find out!!! As for those flatlanders ... well they could drive up, but they are all scared that the tollgate is still operating!!!! But thanks so much for the virtual visit - I ache to see home whilst sitting here in Delhi.

  10. Clive is not only gorgeous he is very clever as well....You have sold me...I want to come right now, xv.

  11. MIllie, Todd and I have long wanted to visit your fabulous country. God willing one day we wil have the opportunity! You make it look even more fascinating and beautiful than I had previously thought!

  12. So beautiful, Millie.

  13. Why havent the Australian Tourism Board got YOU on board... Miss Millie!

    None of this Lara Bingle ... Where the bloody hell are you .. crap!
    We want Millie ... we want Millie!!!

  14. WOW....How lucky are you, to live in such a wonderful part of the world.....the outskirts of London cannot match up to that glorious part of South Australia that is your home. My daughter has travelled and worked all over Australia. I'm not sure if she was in your neck of the woods.
    It is now a destination on my travel wish list.
    Thanks for showing us this beautiful part of Ausstralia, Mills and , I'm sure that you know how lucky you are to live where you do. XXXX

  15. Love it!!! I want to move!!!!
    Thanks Millie and take care,

  16. overthehillbutgreatviewOctober 20, 2009 at 9:09 PM

    As an ex-SA girl "The hills" for me are a very special part of the world. So beautifully put Millie. Denise

  17. Sounds like a perfect place to visit! Who wouldn't want to spend time there. If I had the funds I would jump on a plane tomorrow.

  18. Hi Millie,

    Thank you for showing us your neck of the woods, it all looks amazing.
    You have me sold and would love to come and spend a few days in the Appletree Cottage, looks so quaint.

    Happy Wednesday.

  19. Absolutely lovely, and of course you may tempt me..... BUT dear Miss Millie- I'm stayin' with you!!!!!!!!!;););)
    Rut-row Millie- After reading all your comments, I'm thinking you're going to have to break the news to MOTH to hurry and finish that bathroom as you'll be having LOTS of guests soon!!!!!

  20. it looks so beautiful, and i am sure IT IS!!!

    but, i must tell you....
    i might follow clive owen to hell if he asked me.


  21. You know....my daughter & I were just talking this evening over dinner about the idea of heading your way. What is it like in April? I reeeeealy don't like cold temps & would do just about anything to get out of town around then.
    I just love going on tours with you Mills. This was the best!
    xoxoxoxo Lisa

  22. One more thing...I need to go to Google Earth to see where you are in relation to Coty.
    If we came over we would have to see you both!
    xoxo Lisa

  23. lovely place. I hope to come again to OZ, one day. hugs

  24. Dear Millie,

    You have been much in my thoughts up there in the Adelaide Hills - hope you are safe from the terrible fires.
    Sending love and best wishes to you and your family for a fabulous 2015


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