Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shall We Dance?

Thank you darling Willow for your kind invitation - I'd love to be part of the 2nd Annual Manor Ball!
I found the perfect evening gown, a vintage Balenciaga of untrimmed faille and satin. I adore the small train that of course, can be detached for dancing. My minions will whisk it away before I step onto the floor once Bryn gives the Orchestra the nod. Oh, I think I hear him sharpening his baton right now!

And Manolo is such a love, he designed the perfect shoes for my gown - light as a feather, I'll positively glide across the floor.

The Smithsonian have been ever so kind & lent me this divine diamond necklace. I actually think they may a little bigger than your Cartier diamonds & rubies, but of course I'd be far too polite to even suggest that.

And as they know how much I love earrings, they couldn't resist suggesting these. Don't you think they complement the necklace beautifully?

Do let your Valet attendants know that I'll be arriving in the maroon Bentley.

Oooh, the upholstery is so soft & comfortable, I just know I'll snuggle down with the boys & fall fast asleep on the way home.

Oh & talking of the boys, Jon of course, will be my partner for the evening.

And Clive.

Oh & my personal Physician Dr. McDreamy too. I just couldn't bear to disappoint any of them, so I'll try & give them equal time on the 'dance floor', if you know what I mean! Our mutual friend Valentino has been so ever so kind & has given all 3 boys a tuxedo from his very last collection to wear. I know they'll all look just scrumptious!

You know how I love caviar & anticipate that you'll have loads on hand for us all to enjoy.

I only drink Billecart-Salmon, & as the most gracious Hostess in Blogland, I'm sure you'll have been stock-piling crates just for moi.

And as the perfect guest, to thank you for the most wonderful evening imaginable, this pretty little hat-box of roses will be delivered to the Manor in the morning. Enjoy!

Image 1: Svenskamobler Image 2: Neiman Marcus Images 3 & 4: Parisatelier Image 5: Automoto Image 6: Car Body Design Image 7: Inside Social Image 8: Visualize Image 9: Listal Image 10: 911 Caviar Image 11: Madwine Image 12: Southern Accents


  1. Hi Millie I couldn't top that for a dream night. You and I have identical taste in men! Love the dress too. And the diamonds. And the flowers. And the caviar. BUT the Bentley is a bit flash for me. I would probably attend in my navy blue 911. xoxo

  2. Just one more thing though you know how everyone bitches about botox on women well I think Clive Owen has had it - remember he had a Most Disconcerting frown line and in recent photos it is much smoothed. There, that's my superficial comment for the month!

  3. You will undoubtedly be the Belle of the Ball, Millie. This post had me totally entranced. I could just hear the orchestra and the tinkling of champagne flutes. As for the gown, the shoes and the diamonds....perfection! Will you be taking MOTH or is he barred until he finishes the bathroom? Meredy xo.
    p.s. that Jon Hamm.....

  4. What a romantic evening...just like Cinderella. How wonderful!

  5. SENSATIONAL!. You have a great time...and give "the boys" a peck on the cheek for me...especially Jon, he's my dreamy.


  6. I must say I adore your diamonds!!! just feel the earrings would go SO well with my silver grey, jet-encrusted Dior dress but never mind, I think perhaps you will just be delightful and I do look forward to meeting you. Do you think they will park all the Rolls together I do get a tad concerned about my dear old 'blue' but if she's next to your bentley all will be well. It's such a wonderful 'do' don't you think. Must say some of your escorts, well dare I say, phew!!!

  7. Oh yes please! Love the dress, the jewels and the fellas .. sigh.

    Noticed Clive has a new movie coming out that he shot in Australia, recognised some aussie faces.

  8. Oh how the other half lives !!!!
    Whilst you are dancing with the stars, my nose will be pressed up against the computer screen, hoping for a crumb to drop from the table and I'll be sitting in my torn and tattered dress drinking tap water !!!!....but I hope you all have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear what it was like.....don't you worry about me......... Cue violins playing !!!! XXXX

  9. Those shoes are HEAVEN! and don't even start me on the boys - sheesh! And the champers?! Oh the champers! x

  10. Oh Millie, what a beautiful evening! Thank you for sharing all the dreamy details.

  11. ...and you look marvelous Millie. While you enjoy your perfect evening- I bet MOTH will get to work on that bathroom and not stop until it's completed!!!!

  12. Millie,
    What a fabulous night - Love the dress and the shoes - Its an night to drink lots of champagne!!

  13. A Ball...how wonderful...and men how gorgeous...and the Diamonds I think you are right about the size thing...he! he!

    :) Cate

  14. Too much, too much!!!

    Never mind that fabulous dress and those amazing diamonds.....just look at those boys....YUM!!!! I think my computer is stuck on that photo of gorgeous Patrick...swoon!!
    Mind you, since you introduced me to Jon Hamm....lord, that man is delicious :) And Clive....Botox or not, he is very handsome....even better in the flesh :)

    I really do think that you need some of us girls along with you just to help you handle those escorts of yours, I'm worried about you just wearing yourself out dancing the night away....you know where we are if you need us :)

    Great post Millie, love it :)

  15. Oh my goodness, exquisite taste!

  16. I saw you and Tom Hanks over at the caviar table! Although you were actually enjoying yours...him?...well, not so much!

    Those shoes are to die for!!!

  17. Oh-oh-oh! I am sooo envious of that exquisite gown. And the long gloves are just perfect.

    I've been following Clive around all evening like a lost puppy. I must have a dance.

  18. I love your shoes Millie! You will have to come by Linda#53 for a dance with them and if you would like to bring a long that McDreamy doctor, I won't complain. You look just beautiful in your gown and those eye popping diamonds!=D

  19. What a fabulously divine evening...give kisses to Clive and Jon for me darling. xo Trina

  20. Your gown is so lovely. And your date is just as charming. I was at the Smithsonian this summer and saw the Hope Diamond. Your choice in jewels is so tasteful!

  21. Oh, I am in love with your vintage Balenciaga. Simply stunning!

  22. Oh my, I do think you had the most escorts at the Ball, and everyone crowding around Jon! Luckily Dr. McDreamy was there when I swooned - sorry too much champagne! Your taste in jewels and shoes is stunning, my dear, and your gown was a vision.

  23. Wow...you looked incredibly BEAUTIFUL!! :) I heard the ball was incredible.

  24. Hi Millie,

    What a wonderful night you had!
    Everything looked amazing and lovely to see how the rich and famous live.

    The new Millie-mobile is great and you must really be enjoying it.

    Have a happy weekend

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