Friday, October 2, 2009

My Mum's Pink Post

Darling Mum

21 long years have gone since you softly smiled, closed those amazing deep brown eyes & left us to be with Dad. It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month & so this post is for you. You weren't really a Pink girl, but you loved pretty things & I'm sure you'll find these images fun . Even though this horrible disease had ravaged your body, you quietly supported newly-diagnosed women through the Breast Cancer Network, and I know by the letters we received from so many of them after your death, your gentle & loving care helped them more than you ever realized.

Even though we knew you were struggling in your quiet & dignified way, the end of your life came suddenly, you were too young & we weren't prepared. For 3 years we thought all would be well, you decided that radical surgery was your best option when you were diagnosed, so we supported you as best we could. I know the disfigurement & subsequent discomfort was far greater than you'd expected, but you accepted it & continued on. You embraced life & developed a spiritual pathway that bought you incredible enlightenment & strength, although remember us worrying that you might go all 'Alternate' on us & move onto an Ashram!

Then the disease came back with a vengeance & all that invasive & debilitating treatment began again. You didn't want us to come with you, saying you needed to do this alone. Although we respected your decision, it broke our hearts to see you so ill again. Your quiet acceptance that the inevitable would happen & that you were prepared, has given me the strength to carry on without you. It wouldn't have been your style at all to rage & fight until the end, your beautiful soul had reached a place of tranquility & peace that allowed you to let go with such dignity & elegance, just as you had wanted. You always laughed when I introduced you to people as 'This is my Mum, she's a class act!' - but oh you were!

You would be The Hedge's biggest fan, encouraging me to write & express myself at any given opportunity - always the school teacher. So enjoy this Pink Post my darling Mum & if there are any spelling errors, I'm sure you'll let me know.

Image 1: KMH Image 2: Angel at my Table Images 3,8,20: Architectural Digest Image 4: Robin Stubbert Images 5,7,19: Southern Accents Image 6: Villa Anna Image 9: Brides Images 10,16: Coastal Living Image 11: Debi Treloar Image 12: Victoria Image 13:Yanconyung Image 14: Decorpad Image 15: My Life as A Reluctant Housewife Image 17: Prairie Roses Garden Image 18: Crowson Fabrics Image 21: Moberg Gallery Image 22: Mulberrry


  1. Hi Millie that is a very moving post which has moved me to tears. The ravages of cancer are universal and yet so individual and insidious in their impact. I am sure your mother would be so proud of you if she were still with you...

    (and why doesn't Blogger have a spell check function?)

    xoxo J

  2. Oh Millie... tears to my eyes. She would be so proud of your beautiful soul and your loving nature. You did her proud girl! A-M xx

  3. What a lovely post Millie, brought tears to my eyes but also a wee smile at how beautifully you remember and honour your mum.
    Oh and the pics are very yummy! x

  4. Such tenderness.
    A wonderful tribute to a beautiful Lady.
    You must have lovely memories of your dear Mother.

    Sending love & hugs
    Carolyn xo

  5. Millie,
    What a beautiful tribute to your mother. She was a stunning woman. That last photo is so full of love. I am so sorry that you lost her so young. She sounds like an amazing woman.
    I think your mum "is" your biggest Hedgie fan!! Wouldn't she have loved the MOTH?!!

  6. Hi Millie, what a beautiful post in tribute to your darling mother. I am having an event tonight to raise funds to research womens cancers and i hope one day we can find a way to beat this terrible thing. Beautiful pink images. Mums are so special.
    Mel xxx

  7. I loved this tribute to an obviously beautiful woman ~ your mother. Thank you for sharing what is so painful in such a graceful way. Truly beautiful.

  8. Millie, what a gorgeous post. I am sure thet your Mum is looking down on you smiling so proud of you.

    Your post also has made us all more aware of the suffering that this horrible disease causes.

    Leeann x

  9. Millie, what a moving tribute to your amazing Mum. How proud she would be of you and your family. Putting the timeframe together, I'm assuming your boys were all very young when she passed doubt their fame has travelled to the gates of heaven and beyond and she gazes upon you all with such love and pride.

    Coincidentally, it is exactly eight years today that I lost my Dad, so my thoughts and heart is very much aligned with yours today. Thinking of you, Meredy xo.

  10. Dearest Millie, what a wonderful, heartfelt tribute to your beautiful mothher. No doubt she would be extremely proud of what you have achieved with your own family. Lee xx

  11. Oh Millie, what a really beautiful post, you absolutely moved me to tears. What a lovely photo of you and your mother together....and how sad to have lost your mother so young.....

    Your post is particularly meaningful for me today since it is my aunt's funeral this afternoon and she spent over 8 years fighting an especially aggressive form of breast the end there was no cure or help for her.....thank goodness she is no longer suffering.

    You don't need me to tell you that your mother would be terribly proud of you, although I will do so are clearly a woman who has just got it right.....good job Millie xoxo

  12. Hi Millie
    What truly wonderful tribute to you darling mother, she would have been so moved. You brought tears to my eyes. I am currently battling that horrid disease and know only too well what she must have been feeling. I totally love all the beautiful images.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Take Care.
    Best Wishes... Deb ox

  13. Oh Millie, this is a lovely tribute to your Mum, and a poignant message to all of us who have had a connection with this (shudder)disease. As a lucky one who caught things in time I say please please dont hesitate in having your checkups.xx

  14. Oh Millie What a lovely post I lost my mum in March to alzheirmer's so this post touched a raw nerve (she was too young as well). But I love your posts even though I don't always comment I check your blog every morning. I'm sure your mum would have loved your blog so keep up the good work.
    Kind Regards

  15. Hello Millie. You write so beautifully and sincerely that any spelling errors your Mum may have found would have been overlooked...Regards Anita

  16. What a sincere and loving post to your Mum, Millie and so moving. I can tell that you miss her, so much. I can imagine that she had a great time with her grandsons, as she seems like someone who made the most of everything...'a class act'.
    Both of my parents are gone now and, I can honestly say that I think of them everyday.
    Your pink images are fitting and appropriate and a heartfelt tribute to your loving Mum........ Much love to you Millie and I will be thinking of you. XXXX

  17. Hi Millie, such moving and wonderful post!I haven't many words but I have many tears to my eyes!!!
    Big big hugs

  18. Oh Millie, I got goosebumps when I started to read your post. Very moving. x

  19. How loving! What a beautiful message. I'm so sorry that she had to die so young. But what a wonderful way to honor her - your photos a beautiful, and I'm sure she would be so proud of your writing and who you are today.

  20. We share a story~ I can hear how much you miss your Mum in your words. Oh how we would love to know her-the woman that raised such a beutiful, joyful, and much-loved Millie. I know your Mum is smiling down on you always. It's such a void loosing our Mums so young. Forever in our hearts.

  21. This post just made me cry. I am so sorry for your loss but so appreciate you sharing your moving words with us. Indeed, your mother would be your biggest fan.

  22. Lovely post. Clearly, your mother was a very special lady who is dearly missed. Great tribute, your mother is smiling down on you :).

  23. Dear Millie,

    What a beautiful tribute. Your Mum would have loved this post.

    Twelve years ago one of my younger sisters battled cancer. She won the hard fought battle and for that I am forever grateful. I am not a pink girl but I will wear it this weekend when we get together in honor of her battle. (I have a couple of scarfs that have been sold for breast cancer awareness.)

  24. Dear Millie
    What a moving tribute to someone most dear to you, your mum. It is tough to watch someone fight cancer and the confused feelings of your own imminent loss. They are the brave ones and without a doubt your mum is very proud of you and your achievements. I love this picture of proud and happy. I am sure she is smiling upon you now from that ashram with my mum.. hehe Sensation pink post! xx Julie

  25. Well you've done her proud, Miss Millie!
    What a gorgeous photo of the two of you ... just beautiful Millie.
    Have a great weekend!

  26. This is my first time in your blog, i'm surprise for your post, i love it, nice words to your mum, sure she would be very proud.

  27. Beautiful post....your mother sounds like an amazing woman...!! Lovely photos too! Have a happy weekend!

  28. Millie - such a great post. I lost my mother 18 years ago to breast cancer as well. She was 52. Thanks for posting pink.

  29. overthehillbutgreatviewOctober 3, 2009 at 5:55 AM

    What a beautiful moving post. Denise

  30. Millie - such beautiful things for a beautiful lady. So sad that this wonderful person was taken from you too early. Leigh

  31. oh Millie, you have said it all.

    *this was a beautiful tribute to your mom.
    love xx

  32. Funny, doesnt feel like 21 years ago she left us. Not even close.

    Funnily enough, I still remember her vividly. As a kid, I never even knew she was sick, she kept that special demeanour about her the whole time so us kids didnt realise anything was wrong and had no need to worry.

    As far as grandparents go, she was as good as they come.

    I liked that piece, very touching.

    I'm sure she'd be very proud of you, spelling mistakes and all ;-)


  33. To my sweet boy - what a lovely comment. As her first grandchild, you held a very special place in her heart.
    Love Mum xx

  34. Oh Millie, just beautiful. Your mom raised a very special girl!
    Thanks also for stopping by and looking at the Halloween post. They really are quite creepy, but taste so good...just close your eyes! HA!

  35. As little girls we think that our Mums will always be there looking after us. They are our biggest fans after all. Your tribute was so heart felt and I felt compelled to tell you how much I appreciated your words. I am so lucky my precious Mum survived Breast Cancer and is living a full rich happy life. I am so thankful my daughter has her Nan, my Dad has his wife and we all learned to value each day we have. xx Lyn

  36. Dear Millie, the last photo is just beautiful, I'm sure you treasure it so very much. You have such an amazing way with words, and so very personal and gentle.

  37. What a beautiful tribute to your mum. Truly beautiful. She would be so proud of you!

  38. What a nice post this one is. Patty, my wife of 54 years, has had breast cancer twice. Ten years apart. And we hope the last time was it. So we live day to day. She is a wonderful lady for me and I am thankful to have her.

    Thanks for allowing us to read your post about your mum.

  39. Millie - you have such a beautiful way with words. An incredible tribute to whom I can only imagine was an incredible woman and mother.

    A family friend of ours commence chemo for breast cancer this week,a timely reminder to be aware and pro active against this terrible disease.

    Happy long weekend to you Ms M x

  40. i feel as though i'm intruding.....this is my first time here, and I cried......
    besides listening to coldplay's 'trouble' while reading that.....

    oh man, that post was beautiful...
    have you thought of helping others like your mother did?

    submit that beautiful testimony of your love..........truly touched.

  41. this post gave me chills...what a beautiful love letter to your mom. such a touching post. i want to share this with my mom too!

  42. So touching. I couldn't stop thinking of your Mother and my Father meeting and introducing each other in Heaven and looking down on us beaming with pride. Unless you have been through it people don't understand when I say that it is the most horrible and wonderful thing you can go through. Love ya, Heidi

  43. What a Beautiful & very Loving tribute to your Mother! My Mom went the radical route too... Hoping & praying someday there will be better treatments & Hope of all Hopes.. a cure for this devastating disease!!!

    Thank you for sharing this tribute with us..
    Blessings ~ Teresa

  44. Millie,
    Your mother sounds like a class act,as are you. Sad but moving, you must be so proud. Lovely pictures for her tribute.

  45. hi millie... what an AMAZING post... wow... i am sure she is looking down upon you and wrapping her arms around you.... sooooo lovely... x pam

  46. Millie beautiful tribute to your mum .
    Very special.XXX

  47. Dear Millie, What a beautiful and moving post. What a tribute to your amazing Mother. Much love and hugs for you, Trina

  48. I had to come back and read this again was so beautifully written and again brought tears to my eyes.

    I love the photo of you and her....gosh, wouldn't she have been so proud of you xx

  49. Oh chills up my spine, Millie. So eloquent and moving. Yes, like Simone, tears in Hobart, too. J x

  50. Oh Millie such a moving post....tears....I'm sure your Mum is with you in Spirit...

  51. Beautiful Millie. I have a friend just recently diagnosed with level 3 breast cancer so its all a bit scarey. Fiona


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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