Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday's Wish List

Today I'm wishing for.......

a beautiful grey French commode to store my linens

this stunning English mahogany Bureau Bookcase c.1790 for my precious books

a giant English convex mirror with the original gilding c.1850 to touch up the war paint in

a simple Walnut side table to rest these 2 gorgeous lamps on

a big Fruitwood table to plonk all the extra Christmas food onto

a big beautiful Walnut Armoire c.1850 to hang my clothes in

this delightful carved wood unrestored Rocking Horse c.1900 to run my hands over & dream

a scrumptious complete boxed set of French Chemist Scales & Weights c.1820 to keep MOTH occupied for hours

this English mahogany serving table c.1810 to place my silver drinks tray on

a quirky French Pewter Supier c.1900 for fun

an adorable English George 111 leather-topped mahogany Library Table just because I've always wanted one

oh, those filigree details close-up - yum

French Glass Bon Bon Jars for some oh la la

and this beautiful vintage black lacquer chinoiserie desk to sit my laptop on & blog to my heart's content.
Images 1,4,5,6,8,10,13: Sally Beresford Images: 2,3,7,9,11,12,14: Ros Palmer


  1. Oh that desk Millie... heart stopping! A-M xx

  2. Millie...You have such good taste in antiques! If we were at the same auction, I'd be bidding against you for photo #2. It would be perfect for my books too. ♥Rosemary

  3. Love the glass bottles! I'm sure you would look very glamourous blogging on that gorgeous desk! Tracey xx

  4. the black chinoiserie desk.....
    i love.
    and i want!


  5. I'll send the English pieces over next week for you, Millie. I know just where to lay my hands on them. Just hope I don't get arrested. !!!!
    Isn't that French Commode lovely. ! XXXX

  6. Hi Millie,

    I loved your wish list!
    Especially the French commode, and the little black desk to do your blogging ~ wonderful!

    I hope that you are having a wonderful Wednesday.


  7. Great taste. Timeless. I do think that all of us gals are in love with the Timeless not so much of the Trendiness. Love all of them Millie. Heidi

  8. Yes please, I'll have one of each too! Gorgeous, gorgeous antiques. Lee :)

  9. It will be most difficult to buy these without that operational cc Millie ;)....xv

  10. Hi Millie
    Just that first french grey commode will do me..gorgeous. in fact I think you have inspired me to makeover my La Maison french commode. Wish me luck.. haha if it doesn't work out i'll let you know!

    Nearly did a MOTH.. i thought i had an amount on my card I didn't make.. was just about to call the bank and thought...stop! what did MOTH do... of course then I found I knew which shop it was.. hahaha MOTH and your post saved me from certain embrassment. Have fun with those roos xx Julie

  11. Oooh, I'd like the commode, the scales, the supier, the desk.... ok.... I'll have one of each.

  12. I would be fighting you for the chemist's scales and rocking horse, Millie! Abd I am very impressed you are thinking about Christmas food already!
    Clare x

  13. I love the Georgian Book bureau and Library table, I can imagine them in a private library with well worn tomes of ancient paper and the smell of comfortable leather chairs and red wine.... David.x


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