Monday, October 19, 2009

I Have Iss-ewes!

Thank you all for your lovely comments & words of encouragement re: MOTH's proposed sweater hand-knitted by moi. However there were a couple of comments that disturbed me greatly & well, quite frankly I'm gropeable & I need to clear those up toot sweet. There will be NO MATCHING SWEATERS a la Kath & Kel! !

And to Jac who left this comment 'When you finish it, could we see MOTH modelling it in true '70's knitting pattern style...e.g. looking at watch or pointing at something !!!!' too late Darlin', the gorgeous one is already guilty of that! From his days living in Tassie, when the weather was too rough to dive for abalone, he earnt a few bucks doing this for Glasser & Parker, that well-known Hobart establishment for the distinguished man about town.......

Image: TV3


  1. MOTH the model.....we should have known!!!! Love it!!! Looking good MOTH :)

    And I am laughing so hard at the photo Kath and Kel....that show was on here for a while!!!! Brilliant!!

    We should have known we couldn't keep MOTH for ourselves ;)

  2. Just catching up on your posts! great photos. Have a good week,

  3. You couldn't have set that up any better if you tried. Perfect!

  4. and doesn't MOTH cut a very fine figure? I'm impressed. my dh just said: does this make him a model husband????? lolol.
    Just gorgeous!!

  5. AAHHHHH hilarious. That is priceless!

    That really has come back to haunt hom hasn't it.


  6. Oh how freakin fabulous, who knew MOTH was ... Man About Town. That is so hilarious.

    Hey if I need a cheer up, on go the Fountain Lakes girls and guys, has me laughing in no time.... mind the gumnuts Kel

  7. A handknit sweater by beloved wife~a labor of love, matching sweaters~NO, MOTH the gorgeous model...priceless.

  8. Fan-fairy-tastic! (as my girls would say). MOTH truly is the blogland pin-up of long as the man-bag stays at home. Meredy xo.

  9. Oh how wonderful Millie...
    Moth the Model and how neat is that!
    He looks very dapper.

    Glad you are not going down the Kath and Kel road, there jerseys were a bit too over the top! (It would be funny though)

    Have a great week

  10. What a catch that man was! (I mean is!) Was he wearing classic grey or taupe I wonder?

  11. Oh Millie ... what a 'spunk' you have there!
    OMG ... I haven't used that term since I was a teenager!
    We have got to see a new post jumper shoot!!
    Can't wait!

  12. oooh
    Sort of like Ken doll.. but a MOTH doll [in a good way of course!!!]

    WEll he looks pretty snazzy and dapper. Have a great week Millie!! xx Julie

  13. Hilarious! MOTH you dark horse you! Hubby laughed his head off at your ad. He is always doing the old 'looking at my watch while flexing my muscles pose'. Ha! A-M xx

  14. Bet that's one paper clipping you're glad you kept! What I want to know is... how did you find it at a moments notice, are you really that organised? I'd be hunting for days!

  15. Oh My God, Mills...if I'd known, I would never have mentioned it. MOTH might not have wanted to be reminded of those days, but, even though he is doing 'the pose', he does look very handsome. .... and it paid the bills !!!! Little did I know that my comment would turn out to have been a 'been there, done that' moment.... so funny.
    Also, as Simone said, we had 'Kath and Kim' and I LOVED it. I hope that they have made another series.
    Well Mills, when the now infamous, Aran sweater is finished, it is a must that MOTH, replicates the pose that he made, all those years ago (sorry MOTH) to show us the finished article !!!! XXXX

  16. What a HUNK that MOTH!!!

    But I'm still envisioning you and MOTH in matching sweaters!! You can re-start the trend!!;)

  17. I love it! I'd have that thing blown up life-size! What a dashing man your MOTH is...does he still strike the pose? Maybe if you throw on Madonna's 'Vogue' hit wonder, you'd get some MOTH modeling action! xoTrina

  18. YOOHOO Millie, I found your blog via trawling Glasser & Parker sites! Could you do me a huge favor and ask your MOTH if he knew another G&P model from "ye 'ol days" named Billy please?
    Thanking you in anticipation of a reply,


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