Tuesday, October 27, 2009

White House Squared

2 speccie white houses for your enjoyment today.

Firstly this old 1900's villa in the lovely suburb of Freeman's Bay in Auckland. Brown Day were the architects & Paula McIntosh the Interior Designer. With sweeping harbour views, I don't think this house really needs anything more except to be owned by me!

Love the soaring ceilings & huge skylights here.

Interesting scalloping on the dining chair slip-covers & once again those soaring ceilings add to the wow factor in bucket loads.

Such a pretty outdoor setting & terrace fireplace for those chilly Kiwi evenings.

And a gorgeous vacation house in Fiji. Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects were responsible for this beauty. I used to take the kids to Fiji with TOH (That Other Husband), haven't been for years, however this house has definitely renewed my interest (in Fiji not TOH!).
Ni sa bula vinaka (wishing you happiness and good health!)

Images 1 -4: Brown Day Images 5-11 Crosson Clarke Carnachan


  1. Millie

    If you're unable to find enough spare cash to buy the first house, let me know as I think this could well be my dream house! Leigh

  2. Oh Mills, I love the first house 'cos it's my favourite period, with that late Victorian charm....and those wonderful high ceilings.....and the one in Fiji....a little bit of heaven. I was a little worried about the name of the house, until I looked at it properly !!!! Feeling very inadequate now in the house stakes.....you made me a little envious, but, I remembered your last post and felt better. XXXX

  3. One thing I miss about NZ homes is the absence of ugly insect screens... being able to fling open all the doors and windows and not have an insect invasion! Ouch, just having a homesick pang. We have family visiting this week from the Adelaide Hills. Must show them your blog.

  4. Which one should we take? I was just admiring the garden retreat on your sidebar...then I saw these. I'm so very fickle.

  5. Hi Millie,

    I love both houses ~ the Freemans Bay house is not far from our office ( we are in Ponsonby)

    Thanks for sharing these dream houses with us.

    Happy week

  6. In both cases I think it's all about the light. Gorgeous.

  7. Miss M-
    So fresh! I love both of them!!

  8. Gorgeous homes, both, Millie. All that white...looxury! Just screaming for my children to run their vegemite covered hands along the walls and furniture. I just loved yesterday's post too. Brought a tear to my eye and made me feel a bit of a brat actually. Thanks for the reality check. Hope you and MOTH have a great week. Meredy xo.

  9. Can you say gorgeous, Millie!!?!?! Wow. I love the first one the best, and all of its architecture.

  10. I'm not a fan of white but these are GORGEOUS!!!

  11. I love both the houses. Great pictures you have got .

    Thanks for sharing with us .

  12. I love the clean contemporary look that has been injected into the villa. The skylights and ceilings are amazing. Haven't been to Fiji for a long while either, that accommodation looks very tempting.

  13. Love the pristine clean lines of both homes Millie! I'll probably never own my own home, but it is fun to dream . . .

  14. Oh, where's the bucket of white paint? You make me want to white wash the entire manor. I've said this before, haven't I?

  15. I see the attraction Millie - to Fiji, not TOH! Both stunning homes. And I've just caught up on your post from yesterday. How right you are! Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  16. What is it about all white? I love both of those houses. Although the first is my favorite.

  17. I found your blog on Cote de Texas and I see that you are a Millie too!

    Love this dining room. I am plotting now how I can make mine look architecturally similar.


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