Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to the 21st Century MOTH!

MOTH is by his own admission a Neanderthal-type of guy. He rails against new technology, new gadgets, new thinking, really anything that was invented, produced or marketed after 1965. We are the laughing stock of our kids because according to them 'You are the only parents in the world without a flat screen TV.' Well, as MOTH says 'Why would we need to spend money on some new fangled thing when the old one works perfectly fine thanks.' So we have continued to watch our faithful 16 year old small screen Sony TV & MOTH's been very happy, that is until Saturday night.

'Millie, Millie come quick, the telly's on the blink & I need you to fix it.' Nurse Millie arrived pronto, & after a detailed examination, sadly had to break the news to MOTH that the telly was unable to be resuscitated & it was over & out for the Sony. However, it only took a few moments before MOTH realized what that really meant - yes, we'd have to do the very thing he hates the most - SPEND MONEY!

So after getting some product advice from the kids, LCD vs. Plasma, off we went into David Jones yesterday arvo (the only Store that still let's MOTH through the door!) to do the deed. Most of the time MOTH spent in a chair being attended to by the Store Nurse, as opening his wallet induced an episode of syncope that left him unable to stand, so I had to do the wheeling & dealing.

After 10 painless minutes, I became the proud Mother of new Sony. He's absolutely beautiful, all 40" LCD HD of him. I had to drive home as MOTH was too distraught & all he kept muttering was 'New car, new TV all in one week, new car, new TV all in one week.' I feel an urgent call to his Therapist coming on, he's not coping at all well. Oh & as this is a Long Weekend, the new telly can't be delivered until next Thursday. MOTH did suggest that we fire up the Scrabble & Wordrop last night, but I politely declined, as frankly I couldn't think of anything worse than having to put up with him yelling 'I won, I won!' all night.


  1. He'll love it and wonder why he didn't get one sooner. MONT was the same, but loves watching the Flat screen LCD we got. Loves it.


  2. You're gonna love watching movies on that new baby! I'm still in awe every time I see a film for the first time on our "big" TV.

    Hey, thanks for promoting the Manor Ball! :^)

  3. How fun Millie - a new toy! MOTH will soon be unable to remember how he lived without it (just think of those matches - now in high definition!).

    And now you can design your living room without contending with a 85 pound cathode ray tube!


  4. OH Millie
    I am so jealous!! Really!
    I still have the old Sony...[sounds familiar] and have been waiting for it to go on the blink so I can get a new one.. part MOTH I think! I really want a new Sony [sounds familiar] but am so glad I haven't bought it yet.. it would be covered in all that red dust.

    So I will think of you when I am watching the 'greenless' big monster tonight..

    Have a great day... and pleasant viewing!! xx Julie

  5. Are you married to my husband? I work in a very technical field so when I'm looking for idea's for his birthday I ask the guys that I work with. They always suggest the latest technical gadget that's out.That is so not my husband.

  6. Oh dear, you are so funny Millie.
    You will enjoy your new TV and everything looks so much clearer and better, been bigger.

    Have a great week with all your new purchases.


  7. I suspect that soon MOTH will be proclaiming that he had wanted to get one of these thing-a-me-jigs for ages but you wouldn't let him! Brunnel has serious issues with getting his wallet out also!

  8. my darling is a GREAT believer in 'DELAYED GRATIFICATION'...thank God I'm not.
    :) Cate
    p.s he will LOVE the new remote control - I hope he is getting someone to install it for him?

  9. Will MOTH have to have lessons on 'How to use the Remote Control' ?
    My husband is absolutely useless. If I leave the room, when I come back, ther's a black screen and the words 'I never did anything, I just pressed this button', and the whole thing is up the shoot and I have to fix it !!I even get phone calls when I'm out.
    Not a clue !!
    You'll both enjoy watching it though, Millie....happy viewing. XXXX

  10. We got one of those last year for Christmas and it's lovely. We enjoy it ever so much! Television viewing will never be the same!

  11. I really giggled at this Millie, very funny. Has there been any footie on yet...surely that will have revived MOTH a little? ;)

  12. Dear Millie, I totally understand your MOTH. I'm one of the few in my area that loves all things old and analogue. We've had 4 flat screen TV's over the past 8 years and each lasted no longer than 2 years. The last one died last week and I can't bear the thought of wasting any more money on another one. My Sony TV I bought in 1992 may not be digital, but it still works perfectly and has much better colour and contrast than any of the digi TV's had. As a photographer I also still shoot film and just love the magic of traditional grain. These days things are not built to last. Take a look at this short and very interesting movie at
    Oh dear, I'm rambling...! Millie, I love reading your blog and I'm sure you'll all love the flat screen TV, and the car ... and I'm sure MOTH will happily and quickly get used to new the modern comforts. Enjoy.
    Creatively yours,

  13. Yes...I bet you won't be able to peel MOTH away from that new TV soon! I see MOTH and my husband have a few things in common... And do tell us- how is the new car? WOW-what a week.

  14. When the US went digital last year we ended up getting both a new TV and a DVD recorder. The converter boxes that were sold did not work with our combinations of products. I could write a very long post about all the issues we had getting the problems solved with the changeover.
    We now record in DVD and watch in digital. Our reception is great except when they have some transmission problems and then we lose both voice and picture. We still have a small set by today's standards. I do not want to give up our custom made TV cabinet. With only one living room I like being able to hide the ugly electronics.
    Someday MOTH will again say 'Why would we need to spend money on some new fangled thing when the old one works perfectly fine thanks.'

  15. MOTH will be in heaven, even tho he may have taken a while to get round to this. VIN on the other hand is a mad keep-up-with-technology freak, so its up to me to put the brakes on.

  16. Poor old MOTH is having a bad week and the football season's over as well. All you need now is for the fridge to breakdown! Leigh


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