Friday, October 9, 2009

Unleashing the Genie

Well wasn't the genie well & truly let of the bottle yesterday! I think Jac summed it up beautifully - 'Great post that brought back brilliant (but unsavory) memories!' So because the devil made me do it, here's my tribute to all your comments. Hedgies rock!! And with this, the 80's is definitely put to rest on The Hedge FOREVER! Have a fabulous, 80's-free weekend.

For Trina & Nate & Amanda...... mullet heaven

For Coty....... dark eyebrows

......and a tiny waist

.......and a packet of B&H
.......and a Rum & Coke

For A-M & her big son & Carolyn........Dire Straits

.......& Huey Lewis & the News

For Judy........brides & bridesmaids

For Julie.......power suits & real ciggies (no whoosie menthols here!)

For Kara.........great 80's movies (hope you approve of my choices !)

For Elizabeth.......scrunchies

For Jac......Dunhill Internationals (how posh!)

For Janine.....Dynasty
For Karen.......the friendly double-dipping fondue

For Vicki (& Miss Millie too).....a packet of Alpine ciggies

For Patricia...... Madonna's big earrings

For Jennifer......the extraganza of Kylie's permed hair

......and Falcon Crest

.....and Carrington Blush

For Jane .........sunburn

.....and grasshoppers

.....and shaggy haircuts (check out the size of that cell phone & those specs!)

.....and Ra Ra skirts

......and Blue Light Discos

......and Duran Duran

.....and white frilly shirts

......and off-the-shoulder T-shirts

For Carol...... giant shoulder pads

.....and spiral perms

Image1:Bella Sugar Image2:2dayFM Image3: Morrissey Image4:Shop Image5:Dave Image6:Multinet Image7:Amazon Image8:Will You Be My Bridesmaid Image9:Elle Image10:Miss Laura Image11:David Dicke Image12:Movie Goods Image13:Cyber Cinema Image14,16,23:Impawards Image15,20,22:Flickr Image19:Freeweb Image21:Movie Poster Image18,24,26:The MovieB Image17:Classic Images Image19:Movie Poster Addict Image25:Wild About Movies Image27:BDG Image28:Shop Image29:The Insider Image 30:Bottom Line Image31:Pedia Image32:Sugarscape Image33:Mirror Image34:Getback Image35:Drinkx Image36:Flickr Image37:Intoxicologist Image38:Red Image39:Lady Pearls Image40:Fish Image41:Ricky Day Image42:Twolia Image43:Fashion Follower Image 44: Last Image 45:Trailer Park Barbie


  1. My teenage years just flashed before my eyes. I love, love, love this post....I can hear The Big Chill soundtrack in my head.
    Although, the Brat Pack of Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore etc was very big in my life also. A good Saturday night out involved a ruffle skirt with wide elastic belt, an off the shoulder shirt and a scrunchie in my hair.....while smoking a B&H extra mild and drinking a rum and coke. Ah, the memories....those were the days before soy decaf lattes and gluten-free friands! I remember them well.

    Thanks for bringing back a bit of 80's magic just in time for the weekend. The kids already despair of my musical taste....I think it's time to introduce them to Foreigner, The Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears and Howard Jones. Love Meredy xo.

  2. Please Millie - have mercy! No more! Leigh

  3. I just can't stop laughing, actually I'm now crying with laughter!

    Millie, my Millie Moo, what did I do for a laugh before meeting you.

    Can we have some more please? more of your crazy sense of humour.

    It makes me want to have a rum and coke tonight, I haven't had one in over 20 years.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    xxxxxxxxx Coty

  4. Oh I too am laughing with tears in my eyes. Thank you for this Millie. It also makes me want to have a grasshopper and to smoke about a pack of Alpines, secretly, in my bedroom, hoping my mother won't smell the smoke. For anyone who is not already addicted, I HIGHLY recommend Ashes to Ashes on Mon night on ABC it is a brilliant 1981 throwback complete with off the shoulder T shirts and the Blitz disco (which Jacqueline probably attended in person!) And Count it all Joy, the Thompson Twins, Howard Jones, I am getting onto ITunes RIGHT NOW.

  5. Oh Mills, that was GREAT... I didn't want it to end !!!!
    Thanks for my posh Dunhill Internationals....think that I was trying to impress when I had those !!!! Well, I did work in the posh London district of Mayfair....OOOoooooo.
    And Jane's right....I sampled them all in my younger years.
    I still love 'Flashdance' and always watch it when it's shown on T.V.... still think that the soundtrack is great.
    Can you give us another decade next month 'cos I can't tell you what fun I got out of all of those pictures. XXXX

  6. ANd we thought Michael Bolton was so hot with that hair! Great and very funny walk down memory lane!

  7. Haha, too funny. I was so glad Michael Bolton made the thumbnail on my blog roll...I used to croon his tunes to my son when he was a bub, hubby thinks PTSD was inevitable.
    I still have a thing for white frilly tops (shhhh)

  8. Fantastic Millie - my teenage years also flashed before my eyes! I was a bridesmaid in one of those lovely multi coloured weddings, I attempted to be Madonna on many an occasion. Ahh the 80's - it is as though it was yesterday!! Have a great weekend.

  9. Thanks Millie....I can taste those fiords as I imagine a long 'refreshing' drag on an Alpine ;) xv

  10. Did anyone give VOGUE cigarettes a go they made you extra COOL
    Kind Regards
    Thanks Millie it's my birthday today so that was a hoot

  11. OMG Mills
    I don't know how you do it.. but all of those pics are spot on! Now that image of the power suit even has the right hair.. and if you just add the HUGE glasses from the HUGE cell phone image.. then you have my passport photo!! haha OMG I am cringing and laughing at the same time!..thank god passports expire after 10 years!

    Also LOVE all your movie choices.. Cinema Paridiso is still a favourite. OH NO.. i just noticed the bridal gown... poor Judy. haha

    Well I think everyone has had a good dose of humour and a big belly laugh.. I can hear the sigh of stress relieving around the blogging world tonight. So thanks for the fun and reminding us all to have a good giggle. You made my day!! xx Julie

    [Good to see Jacqueline was a non whoosie smoker too!! i'm just off to burn the passport photo.. haha]

  12. Oh gosh Millie Im pretty sure I saw every movie you posted in this post. What memories. Im from Michigan before moving to Holland so Madonna was a big deal back then. She was from a couple cities over from where I lived. I think my 3 fav movies out of those would be, The Color Purple, Out of Africa, and Cinema Paradiso. All great.Tears for Fears were a fav also.Those PERMS! haha .. Well have a great weekend thanks for the 2 great posts...... :) Im off to Germany for the weekend with my other half for a half work half fun weekend. Julie in HOlland :)

  13. Hey, like Karen,(happy birthday Karen)I did the Vogue ciggies,VERY cool! This has all been great, cringe making, but great memories. Now Millie, re your comments on my post. I reckon its the occasional dork in our lives that makes us appreciate the gems. You're certainly not the only one to say 'silly me' and we shouldn't beat ourselves up over these issues.xx

  14. Stop, stop.....enough!!!!

    Oh Millie, I am shrieking with laughter here.....this must be the Post of the Week in Blogland.....brilliant!!!!

    Michael Bolton's hair......noooooooooo!!!! So wrong in every way! Grasshoppers.....eek!!!

    Love the spiral perm pic, I could not stop laughing at that!!!

    Rum and coke....oh yes....that and Malibu and pineapple.....really classy ;)

    Some great movies though...thank goodness!

    "Dynasty".....LOVED that!!

    We must do this again....can we have an 80's day every's been too much fun not to!

    Finally, in today's London Daily Mail I just spotted this....

    Right, off to look at this post all over again....think I've run out of exclamation marks!!!!! ;)

  15. You are too much Millie-this was fabulous...but wait! I still like Dire Straits and watch Out of Africa at least once a year.... Have a great weekend darlin'.

  16. Very funny Millie!!! I always cringe at the very high waisted jeans...camel toe heaven!
    I was in Primary School and just into High School in the 80's and my most vivid memories of fashion was the ra ra skirt and a huge hunking kidney belt! Do you remember Spaghetti bags? and those Ice sandles? They were kind of see through...loved mine! Great post
    Ness xx

  17. Ok - secretly, I think you're loving this, and may I just say, that your wedding was spectacular (that is your wedding photo isn't it!!!!)

    And, The Big Chill has the best sound track - still!
    Happy weekend Millie! Thanks for the memories.

  18. I thinks its all covered! there was the white rimmed sunglasses & the cocktail cigarettes (all different colours) and yes, I still love white frilly shirts. So funny..thanks so much.

  19. Oh Millie, please stop!!!! It's just all soooooooo painful!;);)

    Loved the movies, but the rest of it... not so much!

    happy weeknd to you and MOTH!

  20. Hubby's defense to his mullet..."business in the front, party in the back baby." This defense comes up at least once a year due to a childhood Christmas tree ornament of his. The ornament is a photo of, and his mullet. I hang it every year, right in front, so we can admire it. I call it, "The Hunk of Love" ornament. xoTrina

  21. Oh Millie - you were spot on with your movie choices! Out of Africa still a favorite of mine.

    While looking through my old photos the other day I saw one of me at my first teaching job... with the BIGGEST glasses known to man. And my spiral permed hair! UGH!

  22. Lovely memories!
    Happy wk,

  23. WOW!!! EVEN more memories here!!!
    I was in a wedding in 1982 and it looked just like the rainbow wedding you posted... I wore pink... LOLOLOL... oh my gawd... not pretty!

  24. Millie how we love you, how gorgeous are those bridesmaids, frills, perms and pastels they were great years, no fashion sense but gee we thought we looked hot! hot! hot!

  25. still cant stop laughing..............xxxxxxx

  26. Oh what fun Millie!
    Loved all of these flashbacks except the mullet, that had to be the worst look ever.
    I had a spiral perm, ... yuck! that was so hard to keep looking neat.
    Oh and by the way, big specs are on the way back.
    It was great to have a laugh at the 80's, thanks.

    Happy week.


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