Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Days Are Diamonds....

and today is one of those! In actual fact the whole week has been a gem because

.......this gorgeous girl released her new book

.......this chick is in the pink 'cos just when she thought she'd scaled the dizzy heights of record sales in Aug., Sept. sales blitzed even those. Amazing what can be achieved working part-time 3 days a week! I'm still shaking my head. My lovely clients are the best.

.......the pink chick's brand new 'baby is on her way from Melbourne, arriving today! Son # 3 captured the moment on his cell phone yesterday. Accompanying the pic was 'Hey Mum, you'll love it! It's totally awesome!' That's good Darling because I've bought it sight unseen & undriven on your recommendation!

So I 'no whinge' today, life's great!

Image 1: World Wide Diamonds Image 2: Paris Expat


  1. Lucky you Millie! Certainly does sound like a gem of a day for you. Well done. :)

  2. Congratulations to you Millie.....and can I say how gorgeous you are......just as I imagined actually xo

  3. So happy for you. I'd say some sort of celebration is in order. :)

  4. Ooooo, Mills. All of your Christmas's arriving in the same week.
    Happy reading...I think that we'll all be reading 'Ambience, Beauty and Style by Vicki Archer, congrats on your sales, you clever clogs, you, and drive like the wind (without breaking the speed limit, of course!!). ENJOY !!XXXX

  5. congratulations millie! have fun with your new ride. pam

  6. Looks like a Nissan Mirano, that is what is on my wish list at least. Right now I drive a van, a flower delivery van. I keep telling myself that my car makes me money. It dosn't help much though. I am so happy for you Mills, you so deserve it. Congratulations, bring on the champers. Heidi

  7. Hi Millie,

    Congratulations to you, my friend.
    I am so happy for you and it was lovely to see the beautiful Millie.
    Well done for the sales and hope you have lots of fun in your new car.


  8. Millie,

    NICE RIDE Girlfriend!!!

    you will look just smashing behind the wheel.

  9. Well done you, time to break out the bubbly, but not until after the test drive. Then you can settle down for a great read too. xx

  10. I love those happy shiny days. What kind of car is that? And don't they sell cars in Adelaide (only joking). Happy driving. And what great news re your sales. I can't sell anything to anyone. I get too impatient!

  11. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!!! enjoy everything!! life is made of these kind of small moments!!
    B happy,

  12. I want to be pink too Millie......

    Thank you for the mention and congratulations to you. I have no doubt of you will continue to blitz sales and do enjoy your new baby..xv

  13. Congrats to the beautiful pink lady ... and enjoy baby #6!!

  14. Awh Millie, I'm so happy for you! Love the pink lit photo, really cool. Good on you for the bonza sales.

  15. Kudos to you, and Vicki, too!!! ~xo

  16. A beautiful day for a beautiful Millie!

  17. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm how nice, looks gorgeous Millie,

    Have fun this "long weekend" driving around.

    It's lucky for you that your kids have all grown up and there's no more kid mess or travel sickness.

    xx Coty


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