Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Agenda

So many things to write about, so little time! So dear Hedgies, excuse the formal format but it's Catch-Up day & the only way I'll be able to remember everything is by setting the Agenda & sticking to it!

  • First & foremost, I've been slack! So apologies that I haven't visited you all as I've wanted to over the past couple of weeks, but life has just gone ballistic at work & home of late & I was caught unprepared! But I do sneak in a look as best I can & top marks everyone, there is so much fun, beauty & creativity out in Blogland at the moment that my heart could burst!

  • After 4 days of driving, I am absolutely smitten with the new Millie-Mobile. My much-loved old car went to a very happy new Owner, so once I'd said my sad good-byes, I was able to give the new car my undivided attention. For those rev heads interested in the Tech. Specs., it's a Subaru Outback MY10 3.6R Premium S/Shift - phew! To say I'm delighted would be an understatement, which of course pleases Son # 3 who was involved in the deal.

  • Don't forget it's the Manor Ball this Tuesday Oct. 13th (U.S. time). If you haven't had the chance to make Willow's acquaintance over @ Willow Manor please do. You'll receive a very warm welcome from one of the loveliest gals in Blogland, who's posts continue to inspire, touch, enlighten & humour me every day. I have found the most beautiful gown so I'll be linking a post to The Manor for the occasion.

  • One of the sweetest Bloggers & one of my very first Bloggie friends is Kimberlee over @ Brown Button. She lives just down the Freeway in Adelaide & last year Miss K. took an enormous leap of faith & opened her on-line store Brown Button Trading. She's been juggling the demands of her full-time job with running her burgeoning empire & last week received 2 fantastic accolades in the local media. Way to go girl - I'm so proud of you!

  • Thank you to my dear Bloggie chum Lisa over @ The Lisa Porter Collection for the Honest Scrap Award. It's all about honesty & gratitude, so I've got a lot to live up to! You want me to spill the beans on 10 Honest Things about myself, a great big ask I reckon, so here goes:

1. I love my bangs (fringe) 'cos it gives me something to hide under.
2. I love my job so much that I'd still do it even if they didn't pay me.
3. I'd go barefoot all year round if I could.
4. I loathe circuses & refused to ever take the kids to one. They now tell me they have suffered hugely because of this.
5. Sometimes I just need a whole day to myself without uttering a single word. Although MOTH would find this impossible to believe.
6. I vacuum with the CD player volume up really, really loud & dance around channelling Tina Turner.
7. Although I'm very grateful for my sight, I absolutely loath & detest wearing specs.
8. I love being 53, it doesn't worry me in the slightest.
9. I adore my all my boys & can honestly say I wasn't at all disappointed not to have had a daughter.
10. I daydream about having a business card that reads 'Millie - Freelance Travel & Lifestyle Writer'.

  • Thank you so much to dear Meredith at Count It All Joy for giving me a lovely shout-out on the occasion of her Blog-iversary

  • Sweet Simone over at the wonderful The Bottom of the Ironing Basket recently did a lovely tribute to her Down Under blogging mates. I was thrilled & very humbled to be included - thank you from one of your many fans.

  • To the gorgeous Jac @ Home thanks for your very kind Award. I so enjoyed the derelict Bathroom scene, just perfect for The Hedge's endless bathroom renovation!

Son #4 with the new kitten Missie

MOTH & Son #4 with Tazzie & her favourite toy

Son #5 with his much-loved puppy Tazzie

  • Sons 4 & 5, along with #5's sweet girlfriend A. invited MOTH & I over to their new house for Dinner last night, while #4 was home on his week off. It's a long story, but this house actually belonged to my Grannie's dear friend & I used to visit her there with my Mum & Grannie as a little girl. Now 2 of the boys are renting it via family members who recently asked the boys if they like to become the new Tenants, talk about life coming the full circle. Puppy Tazzie is growing in leaps & bounds & is still a whirlwind, but an absolute delight! They also have a new addition to the family, a 17 week old Burman kitten called Missie (short for Mischief!). She & Tazzie are good mates already, but Missie can only take Tazzie's exuberance for so long before calling it quits & heading off under a bed for some peace & quiet.

Image 1:Real Simple


  1. Millie~ I love your new car! I've had three Subaru Outbacks and they all treated me very well. I now drive a Honda-and I like it-I know you'll love your Outback. You deserve so many awards- I love that every evening at this time, I can find something charming from you. You always inspire and keep me in stitches. You are too precious for words darlin'.

  2. Busy as you are, you still manage a brilliant newsy post. Thats why the awards keep coming to you. Congrats. I'm so envious of you having your lovely boys around. Oh for some of those big hugs sons & daughters dish out. The virtual ones across the miles just don't cut it.

  3. I feel like I've just had a lovely long catchup with a friend and I'm all up to date again - which is how I think of your lovely blog! Congratulations on your awards. You deserve every one of them! How you do all that you do and write such a great daily read I will never know!

  4. Oh nice car Millie!

    Just adore the pets, love love them.

    Big congrat's on your awards, and I did like reading your list. Yeah I have a fringe that I hide behind too!


  5. that's me! again! You are the sweetest and one of my favourite reasons for blogging and one of my 'best finds'. Thank you so much for the mention. Ok, must dash - at 'day job work' until 8pm tonight at least, and then to the 'night job' packing and posting goodies, no rest for the wicked..... xx

  6. Thanks for all the news - we love hearing what is happening in your world. What a very smart new car! I don't take my kids to circuses either so thanks for the heads up that I am scarring them for life!!! You would make a fantastic Freelance Travel and Lifestyle Writer - you have a whole legion of fans already. Hope you manage to sneak a few quiet moments for yourself in your busy week.
    Clare x

  7. I loved reading this post Millie but I am sorry you and I can never go to the circus see, I love it! Congrats on all your awards, xv.

  8. Busy Millie!
    Well congrats on your awards and mentions.. all great gals.. and love your list too! Have a great week Millie. x Julie

  9. Millie - Congratulations on your awards and new car! And thanks for sharing a bit of your world. Always fun to Catch-Up.

  10. What a classy little car!! So fun to see the steering wheel on the "other" side. I can imagine zipping around in that cutey is amazing.

    Always nice to see pics of your lovely family.

    See you at the ball, dear friend!

    (ps, I turn 53 next week and am not bothered, either)

  11. Hi Millie :)

    I loved reading this post - so much news LOL! Loved your 10 things.....I hate circuses too and like you, would quite happily go a whole day without your "dream" business too!

    And thank you so much for the mention....very kind of you.

    Those boys of yours and their pets are very lovely....Tazzie is gorgeous!!

    Have a great week,
    Simone :)

    PS Glad you are loving the new car, good for you :)

  12. Love the new car, but hey- they put the steering wheel on the wrong side!!!;);)
    Congrats on your awards, and loved your ten honest things! And if that Tazzie was closer, I just might have to steal her!!
    Happy Week to you Miss Millie & MOTH!

  13. Great new car, Mills...I bet you will have fun driving that little beauty !!!!
    Will try and make the Manor Ball, but I think with the time difference, I might be on the land of nod.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous Nos. 4 & 5 sons.You must be very proud of your brood.
    ....and finally, many thanks for the thanks, Mills.Yours is one of my favourite blogs and you have the greatest , spontanious wit and I laugh so much at the goings on at The Laurel Hedge. I haven't told you but my Victorian house is called The Laurels...named in 1895 !!!!
    Enjoy your week in the knowledge that we all love ya, Mills. XXXX

  14. I loved this post so much. Love your car and your son's cat, OMG, she is beautiful. Congrats on all of your awards. Heidi

  15. Goodness, you have a lot going on! The new Millie Mobile is excellent and you know, you would fit in very well here in Seattle - that's what everyone here drives! :)

  16. Great list Millie! And he new car looks fab!!

    Loved seeing pics of the family! What a good looking group!

    I don't worry about my age either. I have earned every year and I think that's something to celebrate.


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