Friday, August 29, 2008

Karma Camelia

Perfectly gorgeous on our front garden path!

Buds on the Silver Birch tree behind the camelia - hooray!

Our overgrown Winter garden - I can't wait to get out & do some tidying up once it gets a little warmer!

Looking out our Sitting Room window last Sunday.
If you look hard enough through the mist, you'll be able to just make out the roof of our neighbour Judith's little stone cottage & the puff of smoke coming from her chimney!

Wet, misty & freezing cold - welcome to a Stirling winter!

In amongst the chaos of my week, I found a beautiful moment! Rushing out the door yesterday morning I was greeted by something wonderful - blue skies, warm sun & a blaze of pink on the front garden path!!

It seems all the camelias in Stirling have delayed their colouful arrival this year. It has been the talk of everyone in the village & it appears that our dreadfully dry summer was to blame for their very late appearance. However, I'm very happy to report all is well & when I find a moment to do a wander around the garden over the weekend, I'm sure I'll find all my other favourites about to put on a stunning display.

I was balancing the laptop on my knees in the car yesterday afternoon, the sun was streaming in through the windows & for the first time since March it was just fantastic to have my bones warmed by natural sunlight! It will be short-lived however, as it looks like another cold front is fast approaching, but who cares, for a few hours all was perfect with my world & I'll carry that with me all weekend!

I'm so looking forward to visiting you all & seeing what has gone on in your busy lives this week while I've been otherwise occupied - happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dutton Terrace Diva

Images Genworth Group

One of Adelaide's loveliest suburbs is magical Medindie. Situated just a few minutes from the CBD, Medindie is loved for its large leafy landholdings, generous old Victorian & Edwardian stone villas & beautiful tree-lined shady avenues. Dutton Terrace is one of the most delightful of these boulevards, & Adelaide builder Chris Diamantis through his company Genworth Group, has built this beauty side-by-side with its twin on some rare available land.

While I really like the external appearance, I'm undecided about the interior. I'm going to go out on a limb here & say that the minimalistic look actually doesn't do it much justice. I fact, I'd love to go back to a bare canvas & give it over to the talented & very creative hands of my blogging friends Shawn @ Country French Antiques, Amanda @ Oliveaux, Gina @
Willow Decor & Tracey & Hayley @ Porchlight Interiors. I think a collaborative effort would produce an amazing result! Each have their own individual style, but together I reckon the results would be out of this world!

Then I could add MOTH's & Millie's bit & pieces & move in quite happily!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finns I've known

Images Finnish Design Shop

I must hastily add here - not in the Biblical sense of the word! Nor has this anything to do with those Finn brothers from the Kiwi band Crowded House. Rather I do need to tell you about the only 2 Finns who have crossed my life's path.

The first when at 16 I became madly infatuated with a gorgeous & much older (20!!) Finnish boy who's girlfriend went to my school. He used to pick her up each day & sometimes he would even smile & say hello to me as I just 'happened' to walk by his car after school. I was quickly smitten & thought he was so sophisticated & wordly studying Fine Arts @ Adelaide Uni. 2 years later, when I had left school & was studying, I ran into him at a pretty wild party one night & he remembered me & showed quite some interest - be still my beating heart!! No names here, as Adelaide is like a big country town & Finns are pretty light on the ground here. However, it took me quite some time to get over the gorgeous Scandanavian one.

The other lovely Finn is my dear friend Nina (Ballerina) from Norman Park in Brisbane. We first met 20 years ago when we were both working for the same Company but in different cities. We hit it off immediately & became the best of mates & have always kept in contact. Amazingly, 3 years ago, we ended up working together again but for a different U.S. Company. We had a most 'memorable' trip together to Boston for work in 2006 - but I must hold up the 'what goes on tour stays on tour' card here!! Mainly to do with the amount of shopping I did & her very 'creative' advice about how to explain the shocking state of my Mastercard to MOTH!! Bless you my friend!!

So this post is dedicated to all things Finnish - lovely people who's designs aren't too shabby either!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just like this guy......

Image Sebastien Schoenheit
....I have knitted myself into a corner!! I don't quite know how it happened but I have overcommitted myself to the max at work this week. And as per usual, I didn't leave enough space in my diary to cope with the unexpected & the urgent, & all of those things have happened!!

Silly Millie - let that be a lesson to you girl! The Laurel Hedge may take on the look of frenzied mayhem designed by a Madwoman this week - so I'll apologize in advance!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cottage Charisma

Images Hutker Architects

Oaks Bluff Cottage is a delightful old cottage on Martha's Vineyard. Beautifully simple, it's a home that gives the word 'Weekender' a whole new meaning! I'm particularly taken with the internal shutters used over the bathroom windows & the touch of red via the verandah rocking chairs. The original post & beam construction has moved through the different eras of this home seamlessly, at each reincarnation they just reinvent themselves magically.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Savoy Hotel, Florence

Images Hotel Savoy

After the ultra modern surrounds & remoteness of Rahimoana last weekend, I think a total change of pace is needed. I really crave a weekend of shopping & what better place to do this than gorgeous Firenze! The Hotel Savoy offers luxury & style in the heart of Florence. This is part of the luxurious Rocco Forte Collection & has been styled by the renown designer Olga Polizzi.

Located on the Piazza Repubblica, the hotel is close to the Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery & the Ponte Vecchio. With the days still warm & the nights balmy, lets shop all day in Florence's wonderful fashion houses & boutiques & dine outdoors in the evening watching the world go by!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Please take a seat!

Yes, alright then, I confess - I LOVE CHAIRS!! Chairs are so intertwined with the fabric of our lives. I lovingly remember:

  • the little wooden chair my Grandpa made for me as a toddler (in black & white gloss - so chic!).

  • a beautiful slipper chair covered in Sanderson Linen Cabbage Roses print that was in my bedroom growing up - thanks to my darling Mum!

  • the pine chairs complete with bright Marimekko fabric that came with my first grown-up dining room setting as a new bride.

  • an old Nursery rocking chair I sat in (often exhausted!) feeding all the babies.

  • 8 large, high-back chairs from a Dining Room suite bought 25 yrs ago. So many late nights with dear friends & family around our table. They were incredibly comfortable & no-one ever wanted to get up & go home! A year ago they were 'donated' to Sons 4 & 5 when they were furnishing their share house around the corner. They love them & it's wonderful to visit & still be enjoying their familiar comfort in new surroundings.

The photos I've posted do seem to have a theme. Yes, it's pretty obvious that I like feminine, elegant chairs. Not a great fan of sparse, minimalistic, modernist chairs - & I make no apology for that!

I would love to hear your favourite chair memories - it's been so lovely revisiting mine!

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