Monday, April 7, 2014

Winter Sun

Max Pritchard is a living legend - one of South Australia's best architects, I would sell MOTH, all five kids + puppy Lulu in a heartbeat to live in one of his houses. A neighbour around the corner had a devastating fire a couple of years ago, which destroyed a 2-storey section of their house. In rebuilding they opted for a modern addition, rather than the safer option of a heritage rebuild.

To quote Max: 

" A steel & glass addition to a grand heritage home provides light, winter sun, modern comfort & beautiful garden views." 

Here a courtyard separates heritage from the modern, linked by a glazed walkway. 

Precise detailing with black framing & dark grey fibre cement & iron allow the addition to complement the original heritage house but present as a crisp, timeless structure in a lush garden setting.

A portion of stone wall from the fire-damaged section of the house has been retained & restored completing the enclosure of the courtyard.

I love it, but what do you think? And before you ask, things are still crazy here at The Hedge. Work is still occupying 50+ hours of my time each week & leaves me exhausted & cranky. I'm just keeping my head above water. Gracie is going to a big sister in August with another baby on the way for her surprised Mum & Dad. We are excited!! 
 A  separates heritage from the modern, linked by a glazed walkway. A portion of s
Photovoltaic cells on the north facing roof of the addition provide much of the power needs.Photobucket

Images: Sam Noonan
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