Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well dear Hedgies what would you do with an old run-down abandoned historic theatre turned bank in Monza, just outside of Milan.

Yep you got it......drop a whole heap of Euros into a architect's bank account & let him transform it into a pretty awesome home!

Yes it's super white on white, jolly hard to clean & quite austere & minimalistic. But check out the way the daylight dances through a huge glass atrium that stretches up to meet a vaulted ceiling.

And yes, heating & cooling would be a challenge & require an income akin to a Russian oligarch.

But I LOVE it! Gorgeous Boffi kitchen & all. And masses of cupboards for stashing away all the detritus of everyday life.

12 metre high ceilings - hooley dooley.

An indoor garden to drool over from the dining table.

Bedrooms up on what would have been the old theatre's gallery level.

More Boffi influence in the bathrooms.

So there it is, a home not for everyone, but I'd be quite happy for architect Piero Lissoni & his mates to design me something when I come into some spare Euros. 

It's been another hectic week at my happy place of work, & I've been el slacko out in bloggie Wonderland. I miss you all & hope to drop by soon. I've tried cruising on my iPad sitting by the fire at night, but it's having some 'technical' difficulties leaving comments. This has only happened since dear old Blogger changed its format recently, & it's too cold to head upstairs to the office to use the PC ...sorry! The dodgy left knee is giving me grief & wasn't helped on Thursday when I stepped on a toy of puppy Lulu's that I hadn't seen lurking & went for a dive knee first onto the hard floor boards in my high heels. To say the pain was similar to childbirth would be an apt description! We are all OK here & Son #4 promises me his Guest Post is almost complete. And MOTH's half way through painting the big home office, which is last room to complete upstairs....hooray!


Friday, May 18, 2012

A Game Changer

Blogging for these past 4 years has been a game-changing experience. Through a hard-core bunch of bloggie chums (yep, you know who you are) I have learnt so much. (Note to self - & ain't that a whole new blog post!) But one stand-out is that I've now been able to ditch running the gauntlet of that fearful of all places......the make-up counters at DJ's. No more slinking through the myriad of choices & getting up the courage to launch a tentative attack on one. Only then to be looked at through a set of piercing, disapproving eyes full of disdain at my woeful attempts to improve my appearance. 

The woman in the image above is now my own personal Make-Up Advisor, all of DJ's formidable make-up consultants rolled into one knowledgeable, sweet package. And unlike the DJ ladies (& the occasional boy), this one has not been to Mrs. Slocum's School of Customer Service.  She's our Vicki, who from the other side of the world & without ever setting eyes on moi, has delved into my dodgy make-up bag & done the best clean-out & refit ever. After receiving her sage advice I just jumped onto the computer & ordered everything online (sorry DJ's), yippee!!!

If you haven't had the chance to avail yourself of Vicki's advice, get yourself over to French Essence pronto & get your consultation. You'll find heaps of advice on her beautiful new website. 

There's only one more trick I'm hoping I can master to make my transformation complete. How do you I get the old liquid eyeliner to behave & give me a pair of eyes like this? Geez I've tried & tried & just can't get that flick at the end to give me the most smoldering pair of eyes in Stirling. Any advice gratefully received. It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

What's Up Ma?

'Hey Ma what's up - you haven't put a new post up on The Hedge for ages.'
'Yep Son # 3 I know, but I've been flat out like a lizard drinking with everything else, you know how it goes.'
'Sure do Ma, got to keep up my image as a partee animal & now that I'm 32 I'm finding it tough, but I'm still giving it a good nudge. Anyways Ma, checking into The Hedge everyday when I get to work keeps me in the loop if ya get my drift, living away from home & all. Can you get ya act together & start posting again.'
'Sure mate, I think I'll have a few minutes each day between 2.20a.m. & 3.10a.m. I'll do my best to meet your request. Love you too.' 

'Hey Ma what's up - you've been slacking off at The Hedge, we thought you might be crook or something.'
'Well Son # 5 if you recall mate I did start a new job 6 weeks ago that's requiring me to be out the door at 8.15a.m. & I'm not pulling the trusty Subi into the driveway 'til after 6p.m. Then I need to start dinner straight up 'cos MOTH's screeching like a wounded banchee that he's starving, then there's puppy Lulu to attend to, then a load of washing to chuck in, phone calls to all you boys & my neglected friends to try & catch up on, an hours worth of work emails to plough through now that the blokes at work in the U.S. are awake & wanting stuff answered & so it goes.'
'OK well sort yourself out will ya Ma, 'cos you've set a certain standard over the years & at present ya not meeting it at all.'
'Sorry mate, I'll make amends immediately, things will change I promise.'

'Hey Ma, I've been thinking about a way I could help ya out with The Hedge, seein' as I've noticed things have gone rool quiet on that front.'
'And dear Son #4 how might that be?'
'I've got a guest post almost done & ready for your censoring  perusal. It's taken me a while but it's a ripper, you'll love it!'
'BINGO!!!!! If it's any good you've just inherited your other brothers share in the Will.'

So there you have it dear Hedgies, a quick run-down on why things at The Hedge have gone VERRRRRY quiet. But it looks like Son #4 is about to turn things afraid, be very afraid!!!! 

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