Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hello It's Me!

I'm hanging my head in shame dear Hedgies, it's been too, too long between posts. Some of you know that I started a new job in August & that it's been whirlwind. Still sales, but with a big, big clinical support focus. So I'm back to standing in Interventional Radiology suites all day, jostling for the size Medium lead, but most often or not, being left to swim in the XL's! The new knee has taken a while to acclimatize to the hard concrete floors & the additional weight of the lead, but it's a case of 'Suck it up Princess!'

MOTH is still amazed that at 57 I was offered the role & is still coming to grips with the cracking pace I need to set. He's in retirement mode & this job is anything but, so I feel a 'Summit' coming on to clarify a few 'Points of Order'. It was back to the books, lots of study & scary exams in the early days, now I'm out there on my lonesome, trying to stay cool in very challenging situations. Talk about getting out of my comfort zone!

So how are things in your world? I miss you all & will try to be a better blogger once things settle down a bit. The family are all good & baby Gracie, at 16 months, is walking around everywhere. The kids are going through the usual moving house, overseas jaunts, job indecisions/job excitement stuff. They have been very neglected by their Mother, who has plummeted to the bottom of everyone's Christmas card list. It's that time of year when MOTH is fast morphing into the Grumpy Grinch - ba humbug & all that jazz. I did manage to chuck a few Chrissie decorations up last Sunday, so that set him off big time!

Tonight we are having dinner with 2 of my favourite bloggie chums, David & Peter from Willowbrook who are in town for a Conference. It marks the start of the Christmas Party season, so time to roll out the pretty frocks, but sadly not the sky high heels for me this year. Much love to you all, it's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!

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