Saturday, January 28, 2012

Date Night

It's a hot Summer's day here in the Hills with the temperature soaring. I couldn't believe my ears this morning when I heard MOTH down at his woodpiles chopping, chopping with his trusty axe. For those of us with a wood fire it's a constant battle to keep ahead ready for the sudden onset of Winter's icy breath. He's now barrowing his work up to the wood shed in the courtyard & it's hot, hot work. He's just hit me up for a cold drink & a date tonight. So it's out to dinner & then a movie. I want to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy but I reckon a tired MOTH would be snoring before the opening credits rolled, so it may have to be something a little less demanding. So George C.'s new flick is looking good. It's the weekend, so go enjoy!

Image: Michael Graydon Do youself a favour & visit Michael's site, his photography is just awesome!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Courting Relaxation

I have a rare day off to myself today & have decided to have a Millie day. A trip to the Dog Park with puppy Lulu is the only definite on the agenda & then the day is mine. If I feel enthused I may do some remedial gardening work in our courtyard, but I reckon whatever I do, it won't look as gorgeous as the one in the featured image. Thanks to everyone who commented on the Perez post & to the lovely gals over at Adelaide Hills Magazine for featuring it on their Twitter daily yesterday. But can I tell you categorically that MOTH will NOT be getting his own blog, no way, no how, NEVER!!

Can I recommend a quick visit to Felicity here. She's commenced a fabulous new initiative A Year Of Books-A Challenge to get us on track to hit our reading targets this year. I dropped behind woefully last year due to all the changes at work, but this year I have promised myself nothing will get in the way of sticking my nose in the pile of books sitting forlornly on my bedside table. She's encouraging us to join in & share our current read via a 'Vive Le Livre' linky on her blog. A cute little button is available to paste on your blog to share. The first linky is due soon, so I'd better get cracking. The Stirling Dog Park has some lovely old trees to sit under, so I'm going to prop there soon with my current read while Lulu does her meet & greet thing with her puppy friends. Whatever you're doing today dear Hedgies, enjoy it.
Image: Benecki Homes


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

On this our National day may you enjoy strawberries on your pav

.......& bling on your flip flops!

Image: Gourmet Traveller


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perez Should Worry

Some of you close to The Hedge know that since MOTH's brush with his own longevity in the workforce last year with his crook back, he's been contemplating an alternate career. He's looked at all sorts of things that don't involve lifting heavy things. I've 'overheard' some ripper phone conversations as he susses out potential new offerings with his adviser mates from the Rowing Club. They include Boutique Beer Salesman, Jam/Preserve Maker (sorry Michelle), French Tour Guide (I know, I know - I still find it hard to believe that his French language skills are awesome, thanks in no small part to the hots he had for his French teacher at high school!!) & even a Thermomix Demonstrator........yep you read that right.

He ducked down to the village last night to grab some bread & waltzed in the door looking very smug. 'Mills, Mills, guess what I found out!' He then proceeded to tell me the following: A & B have split up, C is having it off with D & everyone knows, E's business is in deep do-do & the ACCC are involved, B is already seeing someone else before A has had a chance to change the locks & A is absolutely spewing & to top it all off E's husband F has left her for a bloke! And he'd gleaned all this juicy info from his 'informants' in a brief 5 minutes outside Woolies!

So dear Hedgies there's nothing for it really, MOTH has found his new calling - Gossip Columnist Extraordinairre. I have no doubt after this post goes live his phone will run hot with offers. Were does he sign Messrs. Murdoch & Hearst? Or failing that, if Norm from the Mt. Barker Courier happens to read this, please give him a contract - the Hills would be positively alive with defamation threats, but you'd have a winner on your hands!

Image: Popcrunch


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blanc de Blanc

Phew that was a huge week! Another year, another Kick-Off Meeting - overblown, undercooked, a cast of thousands & too many Chiefs & not enough Indians, enough said. All this was tempered however by the surroundings where all the 'stuff' was presented, The Observatory Hotel in The Rocks. Over the years I've been fortunate to travel to a lot of countries & stay in some pretty amazing places for work, so I can't believe this little gem has alluded me up to now. It's the only Orient Express hotel in Australia & so is indicative of all that goes with that unique brand. However for me, my stay was made extra special by the hotel staff. Warm, welcoming, generous, utterly professional yet without a sniff of pomposity or snobbishness, each & every one of those gorgeous people are at the top of their game. Thank you, thank you all from the bottom of my grateful heart, I need to return, I will & soon.

I noticed as I was flipping through their Collections portfolio in my room, that our friend at Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, Raymond Blanc has designed & opened 4 new Suites. Here's Ray spruiking the new digs, very nice mate. I have thought before that this should be the venue for my long dreamt about Hedgies Bloggers Retreat & seeing Raymondo waxing lyrical, I've locked it in. It's the weekend, so go enjoy!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello & Goodbye

This post has taken me ages to do, I've had 3 glorious weeks of vacation & I'd almost forgotten how to collect my thoughts, dig out some pics & compose something! Anyhoo dear Hedgies WELCOME BACK!! I've had the best time 'cos I've nested. I really needed to veg out & relax at home with nothing particular on the Agenda, & its done me a power of good.

I managed to do Chrissie with a last minute sprint & it was lovely. MOTH refused to remove his hat & apron for the pressie opening ceremony. And Son #5's size 16 feet in all their glory sans shoes appeared out of nowhere. Each year I ask the kids to observe a little decorum & wear shoes to Christmas lunch & each year they ignore me.

Puppy Lulu experienced her first Christmas & loved it!

It has been birthday month, with 2 close girlfriends celebrating their special days, my beautiful Aunt clicking over 88, Son #2 turning 32, Son #4 marking his big 30 & moi having to write 56 in the sand as of last Monday. So lots of fizz wizz has been enjoyed, but it was the brandy bottle I needed to turn to after my visit to the Orthopaedic Surgeon on my birthday.

After chucking my scans up on the viewing box he informed me that I need a knee replacement. No cartilage, bone on bone, a meniscal tear & ACL damage were his observations. Unbelievable really, as while it's been annoying the 'you-know-whatsies' out of me, I'm yet to take any analgesia. To say I was dumb-founded would not be gilding the lily. Anyhoo, cutting to the chase at 56 he needs to buy me some time before heading down Replacement Highway. I'm going to have an Arthroscopy next month & he's going to try & do some urgent remedial work. Oh joy, there goes my Footy season.

The leaning tower of books on the bedside table has been replenished BIG TIME, & I get little thrills of excitement each time I see them......especially the names Giannetti & McCulloch, hugs & kisses to you both.

However I've saved the best book 'til last. I'm absolutely thrilled to tell you that I'm going to be a Glamorous Grandmother or Glammie for short! Son #4 & his delightful girl Miss K. will be welcoming their little cherub mid-year, so I'm in Glammie overdrive. On hearing the news, MOTH took immediate steps & blocked the Baby Burberry Online Store from our PC. But I have ways & means!!

I'm off to Sydney on Sunday for the week as it's the Company's 2012 Kick-Off Meeting. A huge week with a full-on Agenda, so deep breaths Miss Millie & I'll be back next weekend. I'll tweet while I'm away, although I'll have to keep things tidy to protect the guilty. It's the weekend, so go enjoy!

Images: Notonthehighstreet & Welcome

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