Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Live The King

'MOTH, MOTH, Dr. Tony from the Medical Clinic here. What's the story, have you been unfaithful to me?'

'Who me Dr. Tony? What would make you think that.'

'Well, I've just got your latest blood test results back & they are too good to be true. I thought you must have got a prescription from another Dr. for statins & you've been gulping those down.'

'Geez Dr. Tony, I'm very offended that you think I'd do that to you. So tell me what the results are before Millie rips the phone from my hand.'

'Well, your Serum Cholesterol is 8.2mmol. down from 10.7mmol. which quite frankly, 3 months ago was incompatible to human life. And your HDL:LDL ratio has halved. What's happened, that's incredible.'

'It's the good lady wife Dr. Tony, she's designed this No Fat Ever Again diet & is making me stick to it & I've lost 11kgs. She reckons that if I keep on it, I might even get levels like normal people but I told her she's dreaming. '

'Well geez MOTH, I'm going straight out to the Waiting Room & ripping down the plaque with your name on it on the Highest Cholesterol Level Leader's Board. Oh & tell Millie to email me her diet regime, I need to drop a few points as well.'


Image: British Pathe


The Aaaahhh Factor

One thing leads to another here at The Hedge. We had the electricians in on Friday to do all the new work in the Bathroom-From-Hell & there was drama. Because of the style of this house with it's 1970's sloping, high pitched ceilings & raked beams there is only 6 inches of roof space. This has caused much gnashing of teeth in our renovation journey & Friday was no exception. The BFH sits between 2 bedrooms, the lovely guest room & the tiny disgusting unrenovated bat cave I described in yesterday's post. Each room is separated by double brick walls, which means power supply needs to be fed through brick channeled wall conduits. The supply to the BFH comes in via the bat cave & that supply has a leak, so can't be used. In normal circumstances, a new supply would be fed down through the roof space, but oh, not here.

So MOTH, after crawling under the house to chase the supply up through the floorboards, will have to get Big Bertha the Brick Cutter out of mothballs. Then she'll be fired into action to drill new channels down the brick wall in the bat cave to feed an alternate power supply into the BFH & we all know what that means - A MASSIVE MESS OF BRICK DUST & RUBBLE!! So Sunday was spent clearing everything out of that room, which has become a bit of a dumping ground for all things I can't decide whether to keep or toss. I was in no mood for this on Sunday arvo & so a normally calm & rational Millie was replaced with the Angry Purging Pixie & most things got tossed. So we have full boxes everywhere in the house - boxes for the Vinnies, boxes for the kids, boxes for the Friday Trader. So in the midst of the mess I need somewhere I can retreat to in my head that's uncluttered & these 2 sublime rooms fill that brief perfectly.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wailing Wardrobes

As of last Sunday I am now sharing my home office with my entire clothes wardrobe + 36 shoe boxes & their contents....the clothes still hanging in the temporary U-Store It cardboard robes that they arrived in 4 years ago. This is because the day after we moved in, I instructed MOTH to tear apart the hideous built-in robe in our bedroom as it's disgusting olive green aluminium frame & smoked glass sliding doors offended every fibre of my being. 'Not to worry' said MOTH at the time, 'I'll have an ensuite Dressing Room built on the side of the house pronto, just like the one I built you in our old house.'

After a few months of staring at the temporary robes at the end of the bed in our newly renovated & very gorgeous bedroom, I'd had enough of their ugliness. I dragged them upstairs into a spare bedroom. Sometime later, as that room was gutted & transformed into the swisho new Guest Room, they were relocated into the next bedroom along the hallway. This tiny original bedroom resembles a dark cave suitable only for a colony of bats. On Sunday afternoon I received notice to move them yet again. To the only room left upstairs, our home office at the end of the corridor. Yes, the good news is that another room has been earmarked for a gut job & reno. The bad news is that I now have to trip over 2 large workstations, 3 computers, 2 printers, a huge book shelf & all my work storage cupboards to find something to wear to work each morning. The joys of day Millie, one day.

Image: Today's Kitchens


Monday, June 28, 2010

My Biggest Loser

Good news from the dodgy bathroom of The Hedge this morning. MOTH hopped onto the scales for the first time in about 10 weeks & happy days, he's 11kgs. (24lbs.) lighter! It looks like the No Fat Ever Again Diet is actually working, so I'm delighted. To be truthful it's been a pain to do, researching no fat recipes, thinking in advance about evening meals, trying to maintain interesting & tasty food, locking up his beer supply etc. etc. However, he did say the other night that he hasn't missed the 'good' stuff as much as he thought he would. Although he did roll his eyes the other night when I introduced him to the 'wonderful' world of quinoa as a side dish!

He wandered off & had some fasting bloods taken early this morning, as I'm desperate to know if all this has achieved some lowering of his explosive Serum Cholesterol levels. He would like to be able to abdicate from his current position as record holder at the Medical Clinic. So we'll continue on our way down the Biggest Loser path & see what eventuates.

And as an aside, while keeping him company on this odyssey I've inadvertently lost 6kgs. (13lbs.) so it's not all bad!
Image: Working For Health


Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Things

Two beautiful things to post about as I head off to the weekend.

I first discovered Rosemary's blog Content In A Cottage even before The Hedge was a twinkle in my blogging eye.

Little vignettes of carefully researched & compiled beauty & wisdom appear each day on CIAC. It's an addiction impossible to break.

Thank you dear Rosemary for your friendship & support & for this delightful Sunshine Award.

Not long after The Hedge was let loose on the unsuspecting Blog world, I received a sweet comment from Trina, who had also just launched her blog. From my very first visit to A Country Farmhouse I was hooked. Trina & her husband Mr. A Country Farmhouse (aka Mike) have almost single-handedly transformed their home from a tired & lack-lustre property on acreage into the most exquisite gem of style & elegance. With Trina's commitment & vision & Mike's skills, they have created a home of great character, warmth & charm.

To complete their journey, they have just announced that there will be one further room to renovate & decorate - a nursery for a precious set of twin babies due just before Christmas. Trina's post on this wonderful news is compulsory reading here. Much love to you both, those babes already have a zillion fairy Blogmothers looking out for them! A happy weekend to you all.

Image: Maxine Brady


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Books

No matter how cute puppy Tazzie is, I must apologize for putting such an ugly piece of hydraulic equipment in the form of the bobcat on your beautiful blog rolls yesterday. If there was a professional Registry of Bloggers I'm sure the Board would have struck me off by noon. So I hope this piece of prettiness gets me reinstated & back in your good books.

Image: Thierry Antablian


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Experienced Operator Required

This sight greeted me on the way to work today. Our second driveway is being redone & Son # 5 arrived with the bobcat & his Assistant. The Assistant also brought along a helper. Our job is in good hands!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Millie & MOTH's Grand Adventure

After much discussion, MOTH & I have decided to use my Travel Voucher on a trip to the U.S. I've been receiving frequent emails from Bloomies & Saks, telling me they're missing me, so I need to do my bit & ensure their balance sheets remain in the black. We are looking at 3-4 weeks in Oct. & instead of the usual Syd-LA route, I reckon we should do Melb-San Fran this time. Then pick up a hire car & amble south along the coast, heading inland to the Napa as MOTH says we need to do some serious research on the current vintage of US Pinots. A couple of days in LA & then a flight to the East coast & a few days in New York, then a leisurely wander up to CT, NH & ME. MOTH is hoping to be in Boston for the Head of the Charles race this year on Oct. 23-24, so that probably means a double back to beautiful Boston, which is not a problem.

So that's the tentative Agenda we're working on. As map reading isn't my strong point, navigating for MOTH with his very short fuse, may mean we end up in New Mexico or Canada, but more likely the Divorce Court! Have a fabulous weekend.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flush With Excitement!

I'm skipping around with joy this morning, as today's the day in the Bathroom-From-Hell! Yes, thanks to Russell the Plumber, by the time I come home from work tonight we will be a 2 loo family again - HOORAY! As it's a rather delicate subject I won't labour the point, but having spent the past 18 months sharing just the one 'facility' with everyone, I'm so, so ready to unshare. The situation has not been helped by the fact that anyone wanting to use the said busy 'facility', has had to traipse through our bedroom to get to it in the En-Suite. This is a momentous day in the journey of renovations here at The Hedge & appropriate celebrations are in order!

LATE ADDENDUM: Despite promising on scout's honour he wouldn't before I had the chance to see it in all it's pristine white porcelain beauty tonight, MOTH's just rang me at work to gleefully announce he couldn't wait & he's 'christened' the new loo. They just never grow up do they, he really is 61 going on 6.

Image: Great Interior Design


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wok's Happening

MOTH & I have a combined love of Asian food. Our poor old wok is on its last legs, & we've been talking about replacing it. It was a cheap & cheerful job from the Market, but over the years it has produced some fantastic nosh. I would love to hear any recommendations along the wok line, what works for you, what doesn't....there are so many choices available my head's spinning! Oh & if you're reading this Son #3 in Melbourne, are you still ordering your famous ' Lemon Chicken thanks, but hold the Lemon' at your local Chinese takeaway!!

Image of the late Danny Kaye's amazing kitchen: Architectural Digest

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Things Happen To Nice People

I've just heard that an interstate Sales Rep. from one of my competitors won $5m. in Lotto last week. She's been in the job for years, has worked really hard & isn't far from retirement, so this is wonderful news! As my industry is small & everyone knows everyone, we're all really delighted for her. I've had this little gem of an image tucked away in my file for ages, so I reckon this post is made for it. Just in case she wants to install a Home Theatre this simple little number will be perfect!

Big celebrations in our lane yesterday, as our lovely neighbour John was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. He's a builder, so as you can imagine MOTH's confidence in receiving a gong has sky-rocketed! 'Arise Sir MOTH' - yeah sure!
Along with his sweet wife, we couldn't ask for nicer, kinder neighbours. Congratulations dear John!

Images: 1 David Marlow 2. Heritage Medals


Monday, June 14, 2010

Whistle Blower

MOTH's on notice today that the building site he's currently working on upstairs has failed inspection. I'm so over unnecessary junk everywhere, & if I trip over one more extension cord that's snaking its way up the stairs, then doing a couple of lazy laps along the hallway before making its way into the bathroom I'll SCREAM!!! So I'll be using this Public Holiday Monday not only to celebrate our Gracious Majesty's birthday, but also to enact the big clean-up not only for workplace safety, but my sanity.
Image: Donna Griffith


Friday, June 11, 2010

Go Red!

Today is Go Red For Women Day and the Heart Foundation’s campaign is to raise awareness of heart disease as a critical women’s health issue. Heart disease is the number one killer of Australian women, it kills four times as many women as breast cancer & the rate soars to over 75% in indigenous women. Over 11,000 women will die of heart disease this year. While you can't change your genetic predisposition, you can make positive life enhancing choices. Here's 5 simple things that could reduce your risk & have a significant effect on your heart health later in life.

  • Regular check-ups with your health care practitioner.
  • Know your blood picture & blood pressure numbers.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Enjoy healthy eating.
  • Be physically active for at least 1/2 hour every day.

So today please include a touch of red in your life - wear something red, paint your nails Fire Engine Red, include a little red in a room, convince the Salesperson to let you take a red Ferrari for a spin....whatever it takes to spread the word & unite with women everywhere to raise awareness of this important health issue.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ice Queen

MOTH has a total aversion to pale blue paint. He will not, under any circumstances entertain the colour. When queried by his pyschotherapist Dr. Millie, he mutters something about it being cold, icy, unforgiving & unwelcoming (whatever that means!). So today I'm just going to have to fly under MOTH's radar with this scrumptious image.

Image: Trent Bell


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back To The Future

'Millie, Millie, come quick!'
'Where are you MOTH?'
'In the bathroom, hurry up!'
'So what's the problem?'
'Son #5 told me last week that he reckons I've shrunk, so I've just measured myself & I HAVE!!'
'Well, it was bound to happen MOTH after all you are 61 & in decline.'
'Geez, no need to be so brutal Millie.'

I actually loved hearing this statement from MOTH. At 6'5" (195cms.) he's 13" (33cms.) taller than me & I've struggled immensely with the height difference over the years. So I'm delighted that I'll be beginning my journey to the Nursing Home with MOTH minus that permanent crick in my neck, just like the lovely couple pictured above. However looking at them, I was immediately transported to our future, as I think MOTH & I are a younger version of them, the resemblance is spooky isn't it. What do you think??!!

Image1: Page 2


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Worm

Today is the last day of my 5 day weekend. It's been busy with lots of things ticked off the To Do list, but I do feel wonderfully relaxed. Other than the morning papers, I haven't caught up with any reading, so today I plan a few indulgent Millie hours in front of the fire with Andrew Davidson's fascinating book The Gargoyle. I took a gigantic leap right out of my genre comfort zone a couple of weks ago when I purchased this on someone else's recommendation. The leap has been well worth it. This is a story of redemptive love, an historical epic with a Gothic twist & a tale of addiction all rolled into one. At times, sexually explicit & violent, this read may not be for everyone, but it certainly has me turning each page with anticipation. I've had to surrender to Davidson's narrative & just trust him to take me into a world very foreign to me. So far it's been a challenging & intense journey, the word pictures he's painted in my head have taken a lot of energy to process. But gosh, I'm looking forward to seeing where he takes me today.

Image: William Waldron


Monday, June 7, 2010

Divine Intervention

It's been noted here previously that MOTH is a long-lapsed Presbyterian. He may have been a better church member if he & his brother hadn't skived off from attending Blackburn Presbyterian Church's Sunday School most weeks & gone hunting for snakes down at the Blackburn Lake. The church was founded on the tenets of temperance (no card playing, no dancing), piety & thriftiness, although much to MOTH's relief, a wee dram on high days was allowed. And not being able to shake his early religious roots completely, he did front up to Scot's Church in Collins Street Melbourne to whizz the first Mrs. MOTH down the aisle!

However, the old Presbyterians knew a thing or two about building church manses, as this original Gothic Revival building from the late 1880's shows. John Knox House sits within The Golden Mile in the salubrious beachside suburb of Brighton in Melbourne. It was built not long after the John Knox Presbyterian Church was completed next door & named after the Founder of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

A major renovation project has seen its rare Gothic originality restored & a new glass pavilion constructed & linked to the Manse via an indoor-outdoor terrace. Rooms in the original building are of grand proportions, & here the dining room has been opened up & enlarged.

An extensive alfresco entertaining area complete with outdoor kitchen overlooks the solar & gas-heated pool.

A large kitchen with luxurious fittings & finishes adjoins spacious family living & dining areas. A full Butler's pantry adjacent to the kitchen leads out to a heirloom kitchen garden.

The large ground-floor master bedroom suite leads from the family room. The Carrara marble en-suite has a free-standing bath with picture window which looks across the pool (Image 1). A bespoke fitted dressing room adjoins the bedroom.

The climate controlled 3,000 bottle custom-designed cellar is reached by an original staircase.

The glass windows of the new pavilion are angled to frame the original Manse building & adjacent Church Spire. A 50,000 litre underground water tank, extensive grey water system, full C-Bus automation, underfloor hydronic heating & fully-landscaped gardens with more than 100 roses complete this unique family residence. Should I get MOTH to go into a trance & channel John Knox to see what he thinks of the Manse now??!!
Images: Kay and Burton

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