Sunday, May 29, 2011

Close Your Eyes Kate

Thanks everyone for your very warm Welcome Back messages, I've now emerged from hours spent doing a mountain of laundry & clearing all the paths around the house from the mass of wet Autumn leaves that threatened to engulf us! Jac asked to see my HK purchases, & while they're many & varied, this one is the stand-out, I am now the proud Owner of my very own Kate Spade handbag.

And Kate, if you happen to be reading this, I suggest you close your eyes now dear, as the model for this shoot isn't exactly one of your normal gorgeous girls. That's MOTH's hairy arm it's hanging from & believe me, he wasn't doing the thumbs up sign as I passed over the VISA card in the store to pay for this beauty.

I just love the spotted fabric lining, as Model MOTH's displaying so well. It had it's first run out at the Pub last night, where we met Son #5 & his fiancee the gorgeous Miss A. for an Engagement Party planning session. I could hardly bear to put it down on the Pub floor while I ate, sorry Kate.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

How Good Was That!

Just a quick post to let you know MOTH & I are now back home after our 10 glorious days in Hong Kong. I can hear the chain saw screaming as he's down cutting up wood for the fire - we've returned to a bitterly cold snap here in Southern Australia & it's freezing!

HK exceeded my expectations a zillion times over - what a truly vibrant, frantic, diverse city it is. I loved, loved, loved, loved it. MOTH & I bought an Octopus card as soon as we arrived & then caught the Mass Transit Rail (MTR) everywhere. The MTR moves 2.6m. people a day around HK, so it is a highly organized & easy to use system of transportation. It also meant that we walked kilometres & kilometres every day, which was fab as it meant that we could eat as much as we liked & then walk it off! I've actually come home lighter than I was prior to leaving, which is VERY good thing!

Hazardous MOTH appeared twice during the 10 days & one episode involved an 'interesting' experience up in a little village close to the Chinese border. I won't bore you with the details but it required me stepping in very quickly & using every diplomatic negotiation skill I possess to diffuse a situation with a overly bureaucratic local authority. If I hadn't MOTH would probably be languishing in a cell somewhere in rural China driving his fellow in-mates crazy with his bad jokes.

And then there's the shopping - hooley dooley I was in Heaven! I hired a smart phone when we arrived which was loaded with interactive details of all the shopping meccas, restaurants, interesting walking tours + all the MTR maps & it was invaluable. It also meant I could Facebook the kids & let them know what they were missing (& what MOTH was up to!). Lots more to tell you, but I'll save that for another day. I'm looking forward to finding an hour or so to catch up with all your news, but need to get going & do a heap of domestic chores before I can indulge that luxury.

Image: Travelpod


Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Vacation O'Clock!

OK, things have been a bit quiet on the posting side, sorry.......but things behind The Hedge have been out of control! There's been a current job I'm trying to wind up & leave in tip-top nick for my replacement, a farewell round of teary goodbyes to all my gorgeous clients, an engagement to celebrate & subsequent party to plan, a new job to get my head around & as of this morning, a big bag to pack. I've cashed in my Travel Voucher prize & first thing tomorrow morning MOTH & I are heading off to Hong Kong!!

We have 10 glorious days & I have so much planned. We want to be out & about as much as the hot, humid weather allows us & then back to the beautiful Langham Place each night to recover in luxury. MOTH's major focus will be on the food & mine will be on the cultural & historical aspects of the city (just joshing, of course it will be the shopping!!)

As some of you may recall, MOTH & I don't travel well together. In fact his name changes immediately he's left the shores of Australia from MOTH to Hazardous MOTH. I've pre-selected separate seats at other ends of the aircraft on all the flights, so that's a good start. 11 hours sitting next to him each way is going above & beyond my wifely duties. I've also notified the Chinese Govt. that Hazard's on his way & they have dusted off their Disaster Plan ready for action.

And if you want to keep up with all the domestic argy-bargy & MOTH's adventures & international incidents (something tells me there'll be a few!) I will be tweeting. So if you aren't already a Follower, do join me via the link further down this page. It will be 'Millie & MOTH Do Hong Kong In Ten Adventure Filled Days!' The House Sitter is comfortably ensconced by the warm fire here at The Hedge, so it's love to you all & see you at the end of May.

Image: Aparteque


Thursday, May 5, 2011

E Is For...........

Just had to share the news - Son # 5 & his girl, the gorgeous Miss A have just announced their engagement tonight!!! She's been in Sydney all week at a conference & he flew up from Adelaide today so they could spend the weekend together. Out at dinner tonight at Circular Quay, he caught her totally unawares & pulled out the ring that's been burning a hole in his pocket for the past couple of months. They've just phoned & there has been much squealing, screeching & jumping up & down here at The Hedge.

We couldn't be happier - Miss A is an absolute delight & we couldn't ask for a better girl for our Bub. Oh gosh, what an end to quite an extraordinary week. I got very teary at one of my favourite clients this afternoon after I told them I was leaving & now this! Pass the Kleenex, I'm about to start again. I'm going to be a Mother-In-Law - YIPPEE!!

Image: Notonthehighstreet


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Winds Of Change

Four weeks ago I pulled my metaphorical drawbridge up around me. I had to do some big-time soul searching & as is my way, had to do it alone. Today I've let it down again, & since early this morning, a lot of lovely people have been pounding across it for hugs & kisses!!

I received an approach by another Company when I was least expecting it. At first I wasn't interested, but they persisted. There were many things to consider:

  • It was not with my traditional client base, a beautiful group of loyal & wonderful people who I have 21 years history with.

  • It was not in the area of Interventional Radiology/Cardiology that I have an enduring & all encompassing passion for.

  • It was back to full-time work after a glorious 4 years of part-time (read as 'How was MOTH going to cope with having to wield the vacuum cleaner again on weekends?!')

  • At 55 did I want to subject myself to enormous change?

  • Could I say goodbye to the best group of colleagues I've ever worked with?

So I've paced the floor many times at 3a.m. this past month, I've done my due diligence on the Company, I've researched the client group & the products & I've chewed my top lip to shreds.

Then over the Easter weekend I plonked down in front of the computer to enjoy a leisurely read of Janell's wonderful new ezine House Of Fifty. And there it was staring right at me on the 50 Ideas page - 'It is rarely too late to start something new.' It was about as close to an epiphany as I'll ever have.

So as the beautiful Catherine was walking down the aisle to meet her Prince on Friday evening, I was sitting in front of the fire at home fielding a zillion calls & negotiating my future. As the 'I do's' were said, the last offer came through. It was as they say, too good to refuse. I accepted & immediately summoned MOTH home from the Pub.

I resigned yesterday & it was just the hardest thing to do. I've spent all morning on the phone with my surprised colleagues. I've got time to finalize the things I need to, & time to say my goodbyes to my clients properly. MOTH & I then head off on our Big Vacation & I start my new job when we get back. I'm going to work in the field of Oncology cytotoxics & their associated therapeutic devices.

So there it is, all out in the open & I feel great relief. The impact of still being wanted so desperately in the work place at 55 is not lost on me & I'm grateful. I'm so glad I can now share it with you dear Hedgies.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Lords & Ladies

Thanks everyone for your fab contributions - Friday's post produced some truly hilarious comments & Royal signatures! Off to get the Millie-mobile serviced & to prepare for a very big week ahead.

Image: etsy - Sapling Press

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