Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunday Lunch

Care to join me for Sunday lunch here - it's gorgeous isn't it! We could probably give the throw rugs the flicko though, it's way too hot for those. It's been a silly week - an 0330 start on Wednesday morning, a long drive to the Airport, the first plane to Sydney, the train into Central, then a long train trip up to Leura in the grey, misty cool Blue Mountains, just to attend the last session of a Divisional meeting. Then up at sparrows the next morning, a long, long road trip to the Airport, the plane to Adelaide & back at work by lunch time. I couldn't go earlier as there was an elective case to support here on Tuesday, but really, did I need to go for just an hour??!! The things we subject ourselves to.........

It's the Australia Day Long Weekend here but I'm working, as an emergency case has appeared. But gosh Sunday lunch looks appealing, what should we talk about? I'd love to know what you have planned for 2104 - travel, work stuff, new goals. And you know, I always reckon a long comment is a good comment!! It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy! 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

A New Year At The Hedge

It's high time to rid your blog rolls of the Hedge's Merry Christmas post, so just a quick update on what's been happening here.
  • Chrissie came & went in a flash & baby Gracie now has a direct line to Peppa Pig via her new Peppa cell phone.
  • MOTH & I hopped in the car on Boxing Day & drove to Melbourne. It's a long 7 hour drive & by Bordertown we've well & truly run out of things to say to each other. But this year was a breeze thanks to Pinterest & the great 4G network on my phone. I managed to add a further 1,278 pins to my account on the trip over & good is that! 
  • We did Chrissie Mk11 with MOTH's family, caught up with our mob of lovely Melbourne friends, spent quality time with the 3 Melbourne sons & hit the post-Chrissie sales with a vengeance (well at least I did!)
  • Work has been full-on since the 2nd week of the year, lots of nerve-racking, complex cases to welcome me back. I just want it to get easier......
  • We've just lived through one of the worst heat-waves in decades, think 5 days + of unrelenting 110-115F. The poor Hills wild-life really suffers in this weather, this photo of a koala trying to find some shade on the verandah roof of my favourite store Maple, in Stirling's main street sums up how we all felt on Day 6.
  • A shiny new PC has been installed on the desk at home, I'm optimistic that it may provide me with the impetus to post more regularly, although I think I just heard a collective global laugh from Hedgies everywhere!
  • The main bedroom has been totally out of commission for nearly 3 weeks. As usual, what started out as a small 2 hour job, has turned into the full catastrophe. It's too complicated to explain & an explanation to follow soon.
  • The birthday fairy waved her wand at me & added another year to my passport.
  • Sadly, no offers for full-time work in the media have been forthcoming since I dropped that less-than subtle hint in my Chrissie post. MOTH's offered to act as my appointment maker, so Helen McCabe from Bauer Media's PA had better be prepared for the call from His Smoothness. Although I'm not sure his opening line of 'Gidday love, MOTH here, put me through to Hels will ya.' will achieve the desired result!
  • How are things in your world? 

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