Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MOTH's New Girl

Jessica Lange

Isabel Allende

Michelle Pfeiffer

Meryl Streep

Renee Zellweger

Lee Remick

Here's MOTH's girls - the women he's long loved & admired. Quite a group of interesting gals by my reckoning. But recently, there has been an interloper, another who has usurped the others for his undivided attention. He has seriously fallen for the gorgeous Justine from the current series of Masterchef Australia. He became totally besotted with her from the first show, so you can imagine how devastated he was when she got the flicko last week.

From the early stages of our romance, as I was trying to get a handle on this rather enigmatic bloke I'd fallen for, I'd ask him who his favourite women were. He always gave very vague, non-committal answers & it was only as our relationship developed, was I able to begin to put together a bit of a mental list.

He reckons his favourite girls are class acts & I do tend to agree with him, although according to my Hollywood sources, the word 'flaky' can be attributed to at least one of them - you guess! I had to break the news to him yesterday, that according to my friend Renee Finberg , his darling Michelle may have had some recent 'assistance' with her appearance, which of course he denied emphatically! But boy, this Justine thing has come out of nowhere, considering there is the slight issue of a 37 year gap in their ages!

I'd love to hear if your Darling (current or previous!) or yourself has a faves list. It would be really interesting to compare notes, or even better, post on it. I'm sure we'd all be high-tailing over for a vicarious squizz!

Justine Schofield

Image 1: Lesser Known Origin Image 2: SF Image 3: Zimbio Image 4: Westplains Image 5: Marie Claire Image 6: Little Review Image 7: Masterchef

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2 Magical Sentences.....

.....the first from Not Dr. McDreamy as I woke up in Recovery on Thursday, 'Millie, I'm cautiously optimistic that I've fixed the problem' & the second from MOTH as I arrived home from hospital today, 'Now don't you worry 'bout a thing Mills, I'll clean the house this week.' Both quite astonishing in their own right!

My theatre date was tougher & far more nerve-wracking then I could ever have imagined. I'm still feeling very tired & fragile, & I just want to stay tucked up by the fire for the next few days. But I did want to pop by & thank you all for the beautiful messages left while I've been away. MOTH & all the boys (near & far) have been fantastic & I've felt very much loved & supported by everyone. So now it's just a waiting game to see if my next blood results continue to show improvement as they've already begun to. Love to you all my dear friends.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ciao for Now

As you can see by the shocked expressions on the faces of Not Dr. McDreamy's colleagues, our theatre date is still on tomorrow. And as I'm trying to cram a couple of weeks work into today, I'll say my goodbyes now. I take with me on our date, the wonderfully warm wishes of support from all of you - there are indeed very precious.

I did however, remind Not Dr. McDreamy yesterday that the last time I had a general anaesthetic was in 1982. I woke up from it to find the big brown eyes of newly-delivered Son # 4 staring intently at me through the clear wall of his isolette. A nurse had kindly wheeled him over to the side of my bed in Recovery for an introduction to the woman who was going to be his mother for the next 60 years or so. However, I do not want that experience this time!!

However, as it's Family Practical Joke month here, I can almost see the boys now, trawling the wards looking for a baby to 'borrow', sneaking in & putting the said baby by my Recovery gurney & waiting for my reaction on waking this time! Interestingly, it is the above baby who was the instigator of MOTH's Russian Bride saga last week. He's all grown now, but is still 'bending' the rules (as seen in the next pic there was a box of McFries being quietly 'donated' to that chookie). He's not in town this week, but I'm sure he's left all the necessary 'instructions' for his siblings. Those boys & MOTH will stop at nothing in their bid to win the FPJ Perpetual Trophy, even if it's at the expense of their poor, indisposed mother & wife!

Patricia from pve was quite right in her comment that I was keeping a stiff upper lip. Well, that lip's quavering just a little bit today. I just want Not Dr. McDreamy to weave his magic & to feel (& look) better again. He's the best & I know he'll do everything he can to return Miss Millie back to centre stage. See you all soon, & I cross my heart & promise, I'll spare you the in-depth details of what transpired on my hot date!
Image 1: Spoiler Junkie Images 2 & 3: Millie

Welcome Baby Finn

Mel, my hairdresser @ Smooth Hair on Unley Road & I have a relationship that is much longer (& at times much stronger!) than the one I have with MOTH. We have been through a lot together, including a dubious decision to go for the world's highest maintenance hair colour, Artic White - geez girl, what were we thinking!!!! I've kept this battererd old passport photo of that time to remind me so if I'm ever tempted again - DON'T!

Mel's a regular reader of The Hedge & on Monday she & Brad delivered a new baby boy Finn Edward & a much awaited brother for the boy wonder Max. Mel's mother was the late Janine Haines, the long-time National leader of the Democrats. So sweetie, love & hugs to you, I know your beautiful Mum is smiling down & looking at Finn with much tenderness & love.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kiddie Couture

Local Adelaide Hills girl Merrin Stacey has really come the full circle. Brought up on a property near the pretty Hills town of Strathalbyn, she moved to Melbourne to study & graduated in fashion design. She stayed another 15 years working as a pattern maker & designer for many well known Australian companies including Teena Varigos. She & her husband moved back to South Australia & now live back on the same property Merrin was raised on with their children son Declan 4 & daughter Arabella 2. It was with Arabella's arrival that Merrin decided to produce a range of stylish & practical clothes for girls aged 6 months to 7 years.

Each piece is hand-made to order & customers can order the style they want in the fabric of their choice from Merrin's seasonal range books. She ships locally & is also happy to accept International orders. I'm enamoured with her work (as the mother of 5 boys & a total hopeless klutz with a needle & thread that makes perfect sense!) & am thrilled that I can feature her fabulous designs here at The Hedge. Please pop over & visit Merrin's website, you'll be really glad you did.

Merrin Stacey Design

Monday, June 22, 2009

Playing Hookey

Working for yourself is no fun - MOTH works longer & harder hours than he ever did working for a boss. However he's thrown caution to the wind this morning & told himself he's not coming into work today! I don't work Monday's, so today we are going out together to purchase the last of the new bathroom fittings & he's asked me out to lunch. How could I resist that invitation, so on this icy cold, bracing winter's day, we're off to sit by the fire & enjoy a great meal, at the wonderful Lane's Vineyard Bistro just up the road from us here in the Hills. Sadly though, I'll need to stick to the mineral water, rather than enjoying a glass or 2 of John & Helen's lovely wine. Hopefully after Thursday, my wine-less (although not whine-less!) days will be a thing of the past.

The colour of today's post is green because I want to express solidarity with those who yearn for freedom in Iran. The people of Iran deserved a free, open & transparent election process recently, & I have a niggling suspicion that it did not occur. Lisa over at one of my favourite blogs Coastal Nest has asked fellow bloggers to consider temporarily changing the background or font of their blog to green to show support for our Iranian friends. If you have a blog or website of your own, will you consider doing the same?

If you live in Australia or any free country, where you are allowed to say what you want, do what you want, elect the leaders you want, read the blogs you want and march in the streets if you want, then take a couple of minutes and show your support for these brave Iranians. They want nothing more or less than to enjoy the same freedoms we take for granted every single day. It won’t take much. Put a green font or background on your blog or website for one post or the whole week. It’s a small gesture, but it would mean a lot. Just do it. And be thankful that you can.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Heartfelt Thank You

Thank you to everyone for your incredibly kind & warm wishes of support for my 'date with 'Not Dr. McDreamy' on Thursday. Each of you deserve a bunch of my favourite yellow roses - yellow for friendship, perfect. Consider them given.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Hot Date

Not Dr. McDreamy called today & insisted that I agree to accompany him on a date. He & I are going to the theatre on Thursday. The show he's planning to take me to is a somewhat experimental production set in a hospital Operating Suite. As part of this experience it appears that I'll be fast asleep, he says I'll enjoy it a whole lot more. However, he's fairly certain that our date will not be successful, & we've both been avoiding the discussion about the next stage in our relationship should this happen. Oh & he did mention something about not wearing any make-up or jewellery & to bring my cheque book, as I'll be paying for the tickets. A very odd request for a first date don't you think!
Image: Cleveland

Friday, June 19, 2009

Let The Sunshine In

Welcome to the weekend, please pick up your flip-flops!

And curl up on these comfortable cotton slip-covered chairs. Oh & there's a wonderful long kitchen bench to sit & eat breakfast & read the morning papers.

And then wander over to the big communal sofa bed! Reading, sleeping, talking, coast-watching - it's your choice.

If the nights get chilly, there's the fire to warm by.

Images KAA Design Group

And to one of the loveliest of all bloggers, Debra over @ Lifescapes-Luccag ....thinking of you, come back soon sweet friend, I miss you lots.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grey Men

Click to enlarge - it's really worth it!

It's high time the Oxford Dictionary folk updated their definition for bedroom which currently reads as: a room for sleeping in (sometimes w. ref. to sexual intimacy). Come on guys - take a good, long look at this divine space & get with the programme. Even your description for boudoir is pretty tame: woman's small private room or sulking place (from the French word bouder:to sulk).........oh pleeeeease!

There is so much you can do in a bedroom other than sleep. Try dress, undress, twirl, cavort, preen, pamper, read, write, relax, plan, drink, love, talk, snuggle, argue, admire, caress, purr, kiss, dream, snooze, sing, sob & laugh for starters. So come on, use your imagination & creativity - I dare you!

What word/s would you like to throw at the grey men at Oxford University Press to assist them in their new description of bedroom? If you submit, I'll compile & send. In the early days of our marriage MOTH referred to it as the MPP (Marital Passion Pit) - aaah, those were the days! My word's sanctuary, what's yours?

Image Emma Dinverno

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome Gorgeous Girls!

Look at what my clever cousin Sally has done! She & her husband Peter have just delivered triplets in Darwin. Lucy Kate (2.1kg.), Charlotte Alice (1.9kg.) & Heidi Madeline (1.7kg.) arrived 6 weeks early, but are doing very well. Sal says Heidi is the most energetic, the most active & the cheekiest, despite being the smallest (mmmm, we might just know another Heidi that fits that description!). Charlotte is a wriggler & Lucy just sleeps. The girls are Pete & Sal's first babies, so all the relatives from down South are planning a travel roster to help out when the babies come home. I'm planning a Northern Territory trip to see clients & the babies, once Not Dr. McDreamy has done his magic on my 'innards', which from a couple of conversations I had with him yesterday after my latest blood results will be very soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Russian Bride Follow-Up

Yep, following last night's post, & judging by MOTH's steely look of revenge today, there are 5 boys who should be very afraid right now! Despite the fact that they're all scattered across Australia, MOTH managed to identify the culprit & he's first on MOTH's targeted list!

The boys well executed plan stemmed from Son # 4, who despite his remote work location still managed to get the ball rolling with this other brothers & all done via a satellite phone with incredibly dodgy reception. That certain son is due to fly back into Adelaide tonight for his rostered week off, & he'd better watch out, MOTH's hatching a plan that involves a tow truck, a certain much-loved wreck of a Project Car & a secret 'storage' location. You've been warned my boy! You all know by past experiences in these 'games' you can never win, MOTH's knows you too well & always triumphs in the end.

Oh, & BTW you didn't do yourselves any favours, when MOTH's mobile phone went ballistic on his bedside table late last night with automated messages from certain salubrious establishments such as The Stag Hotel & The Crown & Sceptre inviting him to get down there ASAP for a Dance Party with 1/2 price beers & gorgeous girls! The fact that he was fast asleep at the time has not helped your cause!

Image: The Guardian

Naming Rights

Son # 5 arrived over the weekend with his new little four-legged 'baby' for a visit. She was still without a name, so he asked 'Mum, could I have a look at the Baby Book.' So we pulled it from the bookshelf & plonked down together in front of the fire to do some serious name research. The book was originally my Grannie's, then my Mum's & is now mine. I used it to choose all of the boy's names & when they were little, they always loved reading it on cold, rainy days & fighting over who could find the silliest name in the 'Choosing A Name' chapter. As this book comes from the 1950's, they always ended up finding something outrageous! How about Arnoldine or Lyonelle, Quintina or Xylia for a girl? Or Chauncey, Hanford, Lysander or Warford for a boy? Quaint to say the least!

Looking through it again on Sunday, I got to thinking about the meaning of names. Mine means 'A Pearl' & MOTH's 'Given by God'. With the boys we've got a 'Leader of Men', one 'A Crooked Nose', a 'Beloved', another 'Warlike' & a 'Dove' - no further comment from their Mother is required here!

The author of the book 'World of Babies' was Mrs. Betty Paterson & while her illustrations would be considered a little 'twee' these days, I couldn't resist including her interpretation of my star sign Capricorn - with my love for music her illustration is spot on, but the bit about being cautious & reserved puzzles me!

Do you know what your name means? Let me know & we can all have a giggle.

Oh & BTW - our little furry girl now has a name - Sascha (Warrior/Defender of Men). And it suits her perfectly as Son # 5 says even at just 10 weeks, her Border Collie instinct is well advanced & she uses every opportunity to try & round both him & his sweet girlfriend up & pen them into a corner!

All images from Betty Paterson's World of Babies (Thomas Nelson Australia Ltd.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

From Russia With.....??!!

Memo to: Sons 1,2,3,4, & 5.
From: Your Mother.
Date: 15.6.09
Subject: The Joke's Over!

Ok boys, you might have thought it was funny at the time, but let me tell you, THE JOKE'S OVER! You might have all laughed when each of you in turn registered your father's name & email address on at least 20 Russian Mail Order Bride Dating Sites. But let me tell you, this morning when he was sitting at the Computer screeching like a banshee & evoking the wrath of God on each of you, I couldn't think of one vaguely humorous thing.

So, my advice to all of you is - get onto your computers & unsubscribe him - PRONTO. You know how your father is not exactly computer literate, well I worry that in one incorrect choice of a drop-down menu, he'll unknowingly order one (a bride that is) & then where would we be. And believe me boys, even though they say he'd get the one in the above picture, I reckon she'd be more like this.

So my strong advice to you is that if you still want to be in the Last Will & Testament of your parents, do as I've asked & do it now.

Image 1: Natasha Image 2: Tinou

Not Dr. McDreamy

Image: thank you beautiful Lucyina for this perfect pic.

.....just a middle-aged, balding, slightly overweight Professor of GI Surgery who I could have planted the biggest smooch ever on! After 2 weeks of being given a mixture of blank & worried looks by all manner of 'Eggsperts' as MOTH calls them, in just 10 minutes on Friday 'Not Dr. McDreamy' threw all the puzzle pieces up in the air & bingo..... they dropped down on his desk as a perfect picture. Finally I have a diagnosis, not one I wanted to hear, but nonetheless, something I can move on with. So please give 'Not Dr. McDreamy' a big hand for his excellent detective work & diagnostic skills.

It appears that the emergency surgery I had to 'evict' a very angry gall bladder & the 90-odd stones that had taken up residence in it when I was 24 & my first baby was just 2 weeks old, has come back to haunt me. It was well before laparscopy was commonly used, so it was an open procedure. Apparently, the Surgeon who performed the original procedure used a new whizz-bang intraoperative anastomotic technique that was soon found to be less than optimal & quickly abandoned. 'Not Dr. McDreamy' said he has only ever seen one other patient presenting with the same issue & the resultant severe complications. Oh, joy!

So the result is that I require surgery to try & reverse what was done originally - big cross sighs & stamping of foot from me! I still feel decidedly unwell & am an 'interesting' shade of mellow yellow, but at least I've got a plan of action to work with.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for your sweet messages of care & support, they have been overwhelming. And in my darkest moments, when the 'Eggsperts' were thinking but not speaking about worst case scenario stuff, your concern lifted my spirits immensely.

I need to give myself some much needed TLC, sit down at the dressing table & plan something which will replenish my soul & strengthen my reserves for what lies ahead. And that means nothing changes here, except that certain Guest Blogger who's been quietly plotting & scheming a takeover, had better think again!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Avalon Calling

As part of an on-going series of essays over @ French Essence this week, our good mate & fellow traveller Vicki A. posted on 'Confidence'. What it means, who's got it (& why) & how to either develop or enhance it on a personal level. It was a really fabulous read, but I found these words mid-way through her discussion particularly powerful - 'As women we have the greatest resource to build self-confidence at our disposal - each other. We must be caring of each other, encourage each other, share with each other and not be threatened or jealous of each other.' Amen to that girl!

The post has resonated with me all week, & in thinking about it, I realized that I haven't done a Virtual Weekend for ages, so let's go! This weekend it's the dramatic & rugged East coast of Tasmania, to Great Oyster Bay near Swansea on the Freycinet Pennisula & the sublime Avalon Coastal Retreat for a Confidence Building Weekend! A fabulous house with spectacular views over the Bay & Maria Island (where MOTH's dived for abalone hundreds of times), warm fires, a secluded beach, soft & comfy Tassie Oak beds & a gourmet kitchen. Ticks all the boxes for moi. (For those new to The Hedge, every now & then I ask you to come with me somewhere exotic for the weekend, but all within the confines of my somewhat vivid imagination!)

So please join me (virtually) & tell us what you'd bring along to share. Knowledge, power, music, books, wise words, food, alcohol & yes, even confidence - I'd love to hear from you!

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