Friday, July 30, 2010

Counting The Seconds

We have a weekend full of family & (for the first time in 4 months) non-diet food ahead of us. As I've had a very average week at home & work, I'm counting the seconds, so bring it on & fast I say! MOTH had a chance to read all the fabulous comments you made about his new found 'celebrity' status last night & wanted me to pass on his thanks. He said he'll be thinking of an appropriate reply while he's out working today, now that's a worry. Happy weekend to you all.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wally World

I do love a good ocean-going yacht, but let's face it, most of them look fab from the outside, but their interiors are generally palaces of kitsch. Think overstuffed buttoned velvet lounges, heavy brocade curtains, dark wood-grain panelling, swirling hideous coloured carpet, mirrored wet bars, gold faucets in 'overcooked' bathrooms - too much is never enough. So when I discovered the wonderful world of Wally, I wanted to catch the next plane to Italy & give Wally's Founder Luca Bassani the biggest smooch ever. His company has created a range of the sexiest sailing yachts on the water, beautiful yachts with an interiors style that just oozes modern, minimalist style. French designer Odile Decq has waved a light hand over the interiors of all the Wally's & gosh has she got it right.

The loft concept in the stunning main salon of the Esense works a treat.

The twin double guest cabins are one to port and one to starboard and both feature two single beds that can be joined together to become a queen size bed.

The slick galley.

The Saudade is slightly larger than the Esense, a true ocean-going mega yacht perfect for round-the-world cruising.

The deck is characterised by the low and aggressive pilothouse, that perfectly matches the sleek lines of the yacht.

The central social cockpit features two identical dining areas with fold down tables, seating up to 12 people.

It features a wide glass sliding door that gives access to the main saloon and floods the interiors with natural light along with the large windows of the deckhouse.

The opening transom with swimming platform. One of the two tenders is stored in the stern garage, that opens up laterally; the tender is launched with a small crane.

The raised saloon has a 360 degree view and features the dining area to starboard and the lounge to port side. Both living areas are framed by sofas.

The lounge area to port seating up to 12 people and featuring a 40’ LCD screen that rises from behind the centre sofa.

The dining area seating eight people is to starboard. Bookshelves flank the wide glass doors, which lead aft to the large cockpit only three steps above the saloon level.

The master suite is aft with the bed to port and the lounge area with a desk to starboard, and includes two large dressing rooms and a companionway for direct access to the aft deck.

The owner’s suite lounge area.

The master’s en-suite bathroom with a free-standing bathtub, a large shower room and two basins is to the starboard side of the owner’s suite.

The owners’ office with sofa and another en-suite bathroom can be accessed both from the master suite and from the corridor and can be converted into an additional guest cabin with two bunks if required.

The two double guest cabins with en-suite bathrooms feature twin beds that easily convert into a double. Both have pulman beds above the portholes.

Dark-stained oak floor planks with textured sea grass carpets, are used for the guest cabins.

The guest en-suite bathrooms.

The galley and pantry are fully equipped for long journeys. Either yacht would be the perfect venue for the next Hedgies blogging 'Convention'. I have no doubt, if I asked nicely, dear Luca would be happy to loan us one. After all, think of all the publicity we could give him!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's New?

After years on the look-out for an old barn to restore in the French countryside, the Henaut family stumbled across 3,000 sq. metres of vacant land just outside the pretty village of Orgeval. Wanting to build a house with soul & one that remained sympathetic to the region, they found Orleans-Eurobat, a Company that specializes in the design & building of regional architecture.

After two years of work building the house & completing the interiors, the Owners were very happy with the result.

The Great Room has oak beams which have been left raw & a nineteenth century mantlepiece. Neutral furnishings give the room a relaxed, informal feel.

Chouquette, the guardian of the house chills out in the Great Room.

A custom-made cabinet, with mesh door inserts, houses books & also doubles as a cocktail cupboard.

The farmhouse is spread over two levels - the Great Room, dining area and kitchen are downstairs & upstairs are the bedrooms and bathrooms.

In the kitchen, the Henry II buffet, a family inheritance, has been covered by a thick oak top & is used as the centre island, surrounded by designer chairs. Raw oak beams have been used again, but this time are white-washed. From the kitchen French doors lead out onto the terrace which is lined with old cobblestones. Herbs, roses, lavender, hydrangeas and boxwood all in large planter boxes, thrive in the sunlight. Then beyond, lies the large garden.

The Master bedroom is nestled in an alcove upstairs & the bed is covered with crips cottons & a sumptious velvet throw.

Two old mirrors & a linen covered storage cupboard complete the pretty upstairs bathroom.

An ancient & somewhat battered oak door has been converted into a closet, complete with fine wire mesh inserts & a delicate half-curtain. The Owners have combined their love of Flemish & Gustavian interiors to create a beautiful home, with all the advantages of a new building, that still reflects the past. This is one of the loveliest new builds I've seen in a long, long time. Do you agree?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

'Millie, Millie it's happening already!!'

'What's happening MOTH? Why are you so excited?'

'It's this celebrity thing Mills. I knew as soon as I put my mind to it, I'd be one.'

'How's that MOTH darling?'

'Well I got a call from those TV blokes, you know those 2 guys who's show we never watch.'

'Gosh MOTH, you'll have to give me a few more hints than that - is it the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy boys or maybe the Renovation Rescue dudes or even Jordan & Trina from Tool Academy?'

'No Millie, get a grip, it's Nev & Trev from The Garden Gurus!'

'Oh............ good.'

'Yep they want to film me today at that customer's place I did at Crafers last year. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy am I excited!!! So Mills can you go & iron my good work shorts pronto, & make sure you get all the creases out........ got to be looking my best now for the cameras. This is the start of big things for me in the media, I'll be contagious viral before you know it!'

There's nothing else I can really say except - OH MY LORD!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Wanna Be A Celebrity!

I was tucked up by the fire on Friday night watching the footy on the telly, quietly minding my own business. Then out of nowhere with a look of very serious intent on his face, MOTH turned to me & announced 'Millie, I'm fed up with being a non-celebrity, I want to be famous for being famous......I want to be a CELEBRITY & by my 62nd birthday on Sept. 3rd!'

'I've done a bit of research Mills & according to that chick Raina Kelley at Newsweek, there's a few things I'll need to do & fast.'

  • Act as if every second of my life is newsworthy - no detail is too small or too private to release to the media.

  • Twitter (whatever that means).

  • Have an affair with the ex-or current wife of a bloke more famous than me.

  • Get arrested, although nothing too serious mind. However if I do screw up & commit something big, I'll need to get a recreational party drug habit real quick, so I can present mitigating circumstances & get a heap of publicity by Twittering (whatever that is) from my prison cell.

  • Have at least 1 million friends on my Facebook (whatever that is) page.

  • Add a Publicist, a Stylist, a Driver & a Plastic Surgeon to my entourage.
  • Sleep around with as many beautiful & talented women as I can. (Better add a Pharmacist to the entourage)
  • Never take off my sunnies - not even in a Nightclub.

  • Go viral (whatever that means) & release a sex tape. That will get Perez Hilton's attention (whoever he is). Apparently if I'm not prepared to let millions of people watch me get down & dirty, then I'll always be just an anonymous Landscaper.

'I reckon there's a few other things I probably should do as well, so could you ask the Hedgies what else would help me on my road to fame & notoriety. I've got just under 6 weeks, so I need to get cracking.'

So over to you dear Hedgies, I get the feeling I haven't heard the last of this!!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

The July Garden

We're in the depths of Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, the wind is cold & biting & the skies grey & leaden......a day in the garden is the last thing on our minds, but there is soooo much to do. So rug up, tuck the iPod into your pocket, pull out the gardening gloves & let's go. It's time to prune the roses (if you live in a heavy frost zone however, you should wait until next month). July is the best time for planting those bare-rooted roses you've been drooling over in the catalogues, so get to it, just making sure your new beauties have a really sunny, well-drained spot to thrive in!

Now is a great time to plant the fruit trees you meant to last year, but never got around to. A peach or nectarine likes a warm, sunny sheltered spot away from the wind - just do it.

Give those big, woody fucshias are pretty severe cut-back & feed them up lightly.

The English Box in tub & planters will love you if you give them a light trim & tidy up now.

The same applies to any of their relatives you've hedged in the garden.

Hydrangeas desperately need your attention now so a good prune, cutting out the dead canes & opening up the centre of the plant is the go here. If you want blue flowers, you need to start adding the bluing powder every couple weeks until the Spring buds appear.

Plant your strawberry runners (from the Nursery or from last year's plants) & treat them to a light feed.

Dig up your Dahlia clumps. Carefully remove them from the garden, wash off the dirt & cut the tubers away with a sharp knife ensuring the eye remains in the tuber. Store them away in a box, making sure you've covered them well with damp sand or sawdust.

Cut back Summer & Autumn flowering perennials like your Daisies.

Feed your Spring bulbs......the Daffodils

.......and Hyacinths

.......and Ranuculus

.......and Freesias.

Divide those scrappy looking Agapanthus & replant - they may be the only colour you have in the garden at the height of the long, hot Summer!

If you've got a little energy left & it's still light, start thinking about your Summer vegie garden. Make sure your beds get a minimum of 6-7 hours of full sun each day. Weed out the beds & dig some organic matter/compost into the soil to begin your prep. Wander inside, put the kettle on, warm yourself by the fire - you've earnt it!! Happy gardening & if I've given you a bit of encouragement, please leave a comment & let us all know what you got up to in your garden this weekend.

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