Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Million Things Millie

Hello dear Hedgies, just rushed in to say hi, things are good (my very dodgy L knee being the exception), am still very busy at work, so little time left for my very favourite Things are progressing well for The Grand Botanical Tour 2013 with Ms. Library of Design. If you haven't checked out what's happening, please go & see the plan of action over at The Library. So as you can see by the gorgeous Potting Shed image, in between programming defibrillators I have gardens on my mind.
Baby Gracie is growing rapidly, I'm trying to upload photos of her on The Hedge's Facebook page, it's become the new generation Nonna's bragbook. If you want to keep up with the little cherub's progress do join me on FB. I'm finding running personal, The Hedge & work Facebook pages + The Hedge & work Twitter accounts 'challenging'. But I do love the social media whirl, just get a bit cross-eyed at times ensuring our work Followers don't get pretty Hedge stuff & you mob don't get receive a tweet about the value of adding EtCO2 capnography to your defib parameters!!   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Flowers, Frocks & Botanical Fantasies Tour 2013

Are you constantly embarrassing your nearest & dearest by jumping high on the spot trying to peer over a wall into someone else's gorgeous garden when out walking?

Is tagging along with an fabulous chick who has entree into private properties only seen in glossy mags right up your alley?

Does mooching around in stylish boutique hotel rooms you would NEVER have found on Trip Advisor sound good?

How about dinner each evening with a group of lovely like-minded gals from all points of the globe in chic little bistros in the English country-side?

Are you an independent traveller who can't stand Carleen the Co-Ordinator organizing each second of your waking moments on tour?

Do you have a couple of weeks free next May/June to experience things that will make your friends & family sick with envy! 

If you answered a resounding YES to all of the above, then read on dear Hedgies.

By popular demand, that lovely uber blogger Janelle McCulloch over at The Library of Design has put together her inaugural Flowers, Frocks & Botanical Fantasies Tour 2013. Boy that girl has more contacts in her address book than MOTH has excuses for not picking up a paintbrush!

The initial itinerary looks fantastic & the dates will co-incide with the 100th anniversary celebrations of the much-lauded Chelsea Flower Show. You will not have to take out a 4th mortgage on the house to fund your spot, Janelle has a unique ability to match frugal with fun.

For more information & Expressions Of Interest visit The Library here & here. When I told MOTH last night I'm off to London with the girls he didn't move a muscle. But then again, that may have been a little difficult for him tied up with rope to the chair as he was!


Friday, August 10, 2012

It's 2012 MOTH!

I don't reckon there would be one Hedgie in the whole wide world who would register surprise if told that MOTH has the oldest mobile/cell phone in existence. Now I'm not saying that it's the original device.....oh no, no, no. He's lost his phone too many times to list - at the Adelaide Council Garden Refuse Tip, in a shopping centre car-park, in a client's garden, on a plane, in the Indian Ocean off Broome.....the list goes on & on ad nauseum. And each time it's a huge drama ços he never backs up his Contacts to his SIM card & the whole lots gone. And each time, he replaces it with EXACTLY the same model as the one he's lost. For those of you who are brave enough to follow The Hedge on Twitter, you will know that we had yet another phone drama a couple of weeks ago.

I stumbled in from work one evening to find MOTH screaming down the landline phone.

'I've lost my phone, how many times do I have to tell you, what are youse gunna do about it! Just cancel my old number so some dodgy crim can't run up thousands of bucks of calls on my phone when they find it.' Ed Note: No self-respecting criminal would be seen dead with your grotty filthy old rubber Tradie's phone mate with no internet access or touch screen.

'Mills, I tell you I only took Lulu for a walk, got home & my phone's gone. It must have fallen out of my pocket, so it's somewhere between here & the Bottle Shop.'

'No need to be sarcastic Millie , Lulu needed a walk & the pub just happened to on my well-planned route. So throw us ya keys will ya, I'll have to take your car & go looking. Make sure my dinner's cooked by the time I get back will youse.'

......1 hour later 'MOTH here again Telstra, I've searched high & low all over Stirling in the dark & I still can't find my phone so I need a new one, I'm a successful businessman & need one pronto to conduct urgent negotiations with my clients. And I don't want one of them fancy jobs, just send me the same model I've had for 10 years.'

'What..... they've been discontinued? Bloody hell you mob are hopeless, put me onto the Manager.'

'Well that's it Mills, my life's over, all they'll give me is one of those wanky jobs like youse & the kids have. I don't want access to the internet or my emails or a camera or a video....I just want to make a phone call.'

Óh #@**!! Mills, I just happened to put my hand in the other pocket of my hoodie & guess what I just found. No need to roll all over the sitting room floor laughing, its NOT funny. I never put my phone in that pocket, you must have done it.  I'll have to make a million calls back to Telstra, get them to give me my number back & all that stuff, bloody hell.'

So things went back to 'normal' after that 'til last night. I knew something was up as he'd been scratching around in the recycle bin for ages & voila, he wandered back the sofa. Then complete with some junk mail on mobile phones that Telstra had shoved in the 'Tiser this week in his hot little hand, I heard something I'd never, ever expected.

'You know Mills, I've been thinking, since all that drama with my phone last week, maybe, just maybe, its time for me to have one of them Smart phone jobs.'

Telstra you've been warned.  It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!
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