Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fishy Story

'Mills, are you sure we're at the right place? You promised me after I sat through that long Saturday lunch at the Robin Hood pub with all your cousins we'd go to the Fishing Tackle shop & I could pick out my Chrissie pressie. This joint is pretty ritzy & why would the blokes put big balloons & pretty ribbon on their sign? .......I'm confused.  I've never heard of a bait shop called Brown Button Trading, something's very fishy.'

'Geez Mills, these blokes have got some weird ideas about fishin'......what's the story here, those cushions are a bit OTT. You know all I normally use to plant my bum on is an empty wine cask bladder blow up. Maybe all the fishin' stuff is inside, I'm getting rool worried here'
'Honestly Mills, will youse drag yourself away from all those racks of fishing clothes for the midgets & help me try & find a bloke who knows what's going on here. Oh & some girl has just offered me a glass of champers......crumbs Mills, that's never happened before. Do ya reckon we've stumbled into the wrong place, this is NOT RIGHT!' 

Yep, it took him a while but he eventually twigged that he was an unwitting guest at Kimberlee's Brown Button Trading Christmas Pop-Up Shop! Here he is, looking very confused. Ignoring him, it was a fabulous afternoon of shopping, drinking & laughing with one of my dearest & talented Bloggie chums. Kimberlee's post on her experiences meeting MOTH is here.  And as far as getting him to understand the concept of a Pop-Up Shop, don't even ask!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Courting Spring

I haven't ventured down to MOTH's garden junk area, the Tennis Court since the end of March. A long, cold, miserable, wet Winter put paid to that. So I thought I'd better check on the state of his famous lilies this arvo & this is what I made me very happy. Tubs & tubs of the yellow Orientals with huge flower heads & multiple blooms. It looks like the rubbish Winter didn't worry them a bit. 

Due to the aforesaid miserable, wet Winter we have churned through the firewood like no other year. MOTH was getting worried that stocks were getting low, but the King of Recyling was rejoicing this week 'cos his mates at the Tip had saved him a whole lot of wood the Council had discarded. Free firewood does more for MOTH's spirits than a win by the Demons on a good day.

Son # 5 dropped off all these English Box plants a couple of years ago & 'asked' us to babysit them for him. Well son, just look at them now. If you want to flog these beauties off to a client you had better get up here pronto before we shove them on the verge with a very high price tag attached. Our 'babysitting' Invoice is in the post.

This I'm not too sure about. You may remember MOTH bought home a Yucca to experiment on last year. He removed a whole lot of 'pups' from the Mummy Yucca & planted them up. 12 tubs later they are going like da bomb & he reckons he's seeing $ signs over each of them. Time they went I reckon, so if you live in the Adelaide metro area & want any, drop me an email, you would be doing me a HUGE favour.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rockin' The Rosebery

I would love to have a Hedgies Christmas Party this year. 2012's been a challenging one for many of us & I reckon a big night out is called for. I've found the perfect venue The Rosebery - the ultimate party bus, isn't it a little beauty!  She seats eighteen in considerable comfort on the top deck on dark green leather banquettes and chairs or thirty standing.  Downstairs seats a further six - eight in the bar area. For even more fun, we could shove a marquee onto her side, add a dance floor, a DJ, the obligatory disco ball & off we go for a great night!

Who's in?  Do let us know who you'll be wearing, what cocktail you'd like on boarding & which song you'd like the DJ to crank up. It's Alexander McQueen, a large Margarita & Donna Summer's 'Last Dance' for me. It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!

Images: The Rosebery
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